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ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Syllabus 2024-25 For Semester 1 & 2

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Syllabus 2024-25 - Download PDF

Expertly designed and CISCE certified chemistry syllabus, Class 10, contains structured detailing of the units, involved important topics, and their subtopics. The chemistry syllabus for Class 10 is essential for the students to provide them with a head start for the subject’s preparation and access to the required study materials according to the involved topics. Vedantu provides the entire syllabus for the ICSE students to help them score well in their examinations. 

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ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Syllabus 2024-25 Examinations

ICSE class 10 is regarded as a student's initial step in their educational path. Many schools, as well as colleges and institutions, use the results of the ICSE exam in class 10 to determine entrance. The grades also indicate a student's academic excellence and fundamental academic skills.

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) administers the ICSE exam, and the resources offered here follow the most recent syllabus.

When preparing for chemistry in Class 10 ICSE, never overlook numerical difficulties. The majority of the time, the questions answered are numerical in nature. Remember that if you are a pro at doing numerical problems, you can expect to do well on the exam. Chemistry is the subject on which you should focus your writing and practice. You must solve the equations on your own. Once you've learned equations, chemistry becomes a lot easier.

Vedantu provides a detailed ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Syllabus. The syllabus gives students an outline of the topics they will be studying throughout the academic year. It also aids ICSE Class 10 students in the organization of their academics. The council prepares the syllabus, which includes every information about the course structure and subtopics in the Chemistry discipline. The ICSE board's syllabus will aid in the development of concepts for subsequent classes as well as engineering and medical entrance tests.

FAQs on ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Syllabus 2024-25 For Semester 1 & 2

1. How should you study for the ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Exams in 2024-25?

We have offered some study ideas for kids in order to assist them in achieving good results in the ICSE 10th result. Check out the tips and tactics listed below for a better understanding of how to arrange your Chemistry study schedule.

  • Complete the ICSE Class 10 Chemistry reduced syllabus at least one month prior to the exam date. This will assist students in clearing all of their doubts in a timely manner.

  • Keep track of your time and prepare for the exam on a regular basis. Students must create goals for themselves and strive to meet them at the end of the day.

  • Students must solve the previous year's exam papers in addition to finishing the condensed syllabus of Class 10 Chemistry ICSE 2024-25 on time. They will be able to determine the exam's difficulty level and pattern by consulting these papers.

  • Before the date sheet is released, students should prepare a study plan and go over all of the topics completely. So that, once the ICSE 10th-time table is out, they can devote as much time as possible to revising the topic that is scheduled first.

2. What is the exam pattern for ICSE Class 10 Chemistry 2024-25 Examinations according to the syllabus?

The grading scheme for major subjects in the ICSE Chemistry Class 10th exam pattern is 80 % external marks and 20% internal marks. The sum of both external and internal marks will determine a subject's final grade.

The exam will be conducted in an offline format, and students will be required to take seven topics. These subjects are grouped into three groups according to the ICSE 10th test format 2024-25:

  • Group I comprises of 4 compulsory subjects

  • Group II will have 2 optional subjects

  • Group III will have 1 optional subject.

3. What are important points to keep in mind while preparing for the Class 10 exam according to the syllabus?

While registering for the ICSE 10th Chemistry exam in 2024-25, students should keep the following considerations in mind.

  • Students must select their optional subjects only during the registration process for class IX. In class X, it is not possible to change subjects again.

  • Students can take one additional course from Group II in addition to the two optional subjects.

  • If they have already chosen Hindi as one of their second languages, students are allowed to choose one additional secondary language.

  • Read the entire curriculum and the ICSE 10th exam pattern 2024-25 thoroughly before beginning your preparation.

  • Complete the syllabus at least one or two months before the exam's start date.

  • Examine the ICSE 10th timetable for the year 2024-25 and plan your study schedule accordingly.

4. What is ICSE Class 10, Reduced Chemistry Syllabus 2024-25?

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) board has announced the ICSE Reduced Syllabus, which would cut the syllabus of class 10 ICSE by up to 25% for the Academic Year 2024-25, and students can verify the notification at Students can get a direct link to the ICSE Reduced Syllabus Subject and Section-wise PDF from this page on Vedantu.

The exam is given in a paper-and-pencil style and is divided into three classes, each covering a distinct topic. Some subjects are assessed on an 80 %+ 20 %scale, while others are graded on a 50 %+ 50 %scale. Given the academic loss till July 2023, which is approximately 45 days, the ICSE syllabus 2024-25 for students enrolled in Class 10 has been decreased.

5. What are the benefits of following ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Syllabus for 2024-25 Examinations?

Every subject taught in ICSE is thoroughly addressed, ensuring that students have a sufficient understanding of the subject to properly grasp it.

  • The ICSE board's credential is recognized globally, so your child can enroll at a foreign college if they desire to continue their education there.

  • Students taking ICSE to acquire a solid education in English because the board covers the topic extensively.

  • Your child's management skills will improve as a result of studying in an ICSE program, and they will do well in management classes.

  • The ICSE board's syllabus is designed to improve students' analytical skills by providing them with a practical understanding of the subjects they are studying.

  • Your child can attend scholarship exams to study abroad if they have an ICSE background because the syllabus is ideally adapted to demonstrate their ability in this field.

  • Students who study under the ICSE board have a better chance of passing the TOEFL exam since they have a strong command of the English language.