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ICSE Class 10 History and Civics Question Paper - 2019 Board Examinations

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Previous Year History and Civics Question Paper for ICSE Class 10 Board - 2019 - Free PDF Download

Free PDF Download of ICSE Class 10 History and Civics previous year question paper with solution solved by an expert teacher on By practicing Class 10 History and Civics question paper with solutions to score more marks in your ICSE Board examinations.


Previous year's question paper for ICSE class 10 is available for free download, here at Vedantu for the subject of History and Civics.

History and Civics for the Class 10 ICSE board is a rather lengthy subject and a very important subject of the Curriculum. Hence, students should prepare well for this subject to score a great number of marks in the exam. Also, these subjects add so much value to the life of the students and provide so much knowledge to the students as well. Civics teaches about the civic body of our country, and the subject of History provides valuable information on History.

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ICSE History and Civics Question Paper 2019- Free PDF Download

Syllabus for the Civics Subject for the ICSE Class 10

History and Civics may seem like two separate subjects, but in reality, they are just one whole subject for the ICSE class 10 students. That means it is one subject divided into two sections.

The first section, that is, Section A is Civics, many important topics of Civics are discussed in this section. Such as The Union Legislature, The Union Executive, The Judiciary, each of these main topics discussed so many more things. For example, the topics of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha which discuss the composition and qualification of the membership of the same are included in the first unit which is The Union Legislature. While the information regarding the courts of India, which is to say, The supreme court, The High Court, and the Subordinate court, is discussed under the “Judiciary '' Unit.

Syllabus for the Subject of History for the ICSE Board Class 10

The second section of the book is History, and just like the first section it to consists of three units, which are

  • “The Indian National Movement (1857 – 1917)” this unit discusses the first war of independence, which was in 1857. Then, the factors such as Economic exploitation, repressive colonial policies, and socio-religious reform movements, led to the spirit of nationalism, and also the phases of nationalism The foundation of the Indian national congress is also discussed here.

  • The second unit is Mass Phase of National Movement, this unit discusses the movements led by Mahatma Gandhi, movements such as the non – cooperation movement, and it also discusses the causes of the same. This unit also includes the objectives of the Forward Bloc and the independence and partition of India.

  • The final unit is of the Contemporary world, this unit discusses world history. Historical episodes such as the First World war are discussed here. It also explains to the students the causes behind the first world war. Then it covers the topic of the Rise of Dictatorship, with the rise of Fascism and Nazism. The third section of this unit is “The second world war”, which explains the causes that led to the second world war, and also the historical episodes of attacks like that of Pearl harbor. Then there is a chapter on the United Nations, which discusses its objectives and major agencies. And lastly, there are the Non-Aligned Movements.

Previous Year Question Paper for the Class 10 Subject History and Civics (ICSE Board)

In such a manner the book is divided and the students are required to study all the topics to score well in the exam. For scoring well, students should solve the previous year's question papers. And the previous year's question paper for the ICSE class 10 subject History and Civics is available for a free download, here at Vedantu. The question paper can be accessed anytime and anywhere, because it is in the PDF file format, and since the PDF format is the most famous of all the file formats, there will not be any hassle for the students to view it on their devices.

FAQs on ICSE Class 10 History and Civics Question Paper - 2019 Board Examinations

1. Why is Rajya Sabha Known as the Permanent House, and How are the Members Represented?

Rajya Sabha is a permanent House. Hence it cannot be dissolved, and each member is elected for a term of six years. One-third of its total members retire at the end of every two years, and the equal number of members fill the vacancy spot. 


The members of Rajya Sabha are the representatives from each State and are elected by the current members of the Legislative Assembly, that is, the Lower House of that State. The election process is done through proportional representation which is done through the Single Transferable Vote System.

2. Who are Assertive Nationalists and What are their Goals?

The Assertive Nationalists support and follow revolutionary methods and approaches through the launch of vigorous political agitations. These customs aim to make people self-reliant and bring about a national awakening in the country.


The Assertive Nationalists believe in non-cooperation against the British and adopt various programs to boycott against foreign goods, and adopt the propagation of Swadeshi, adopt a system of national education, and more. These people believe that non-cooperation is a necessary step to extend the scope of the boycott.


The Assertive Nationalists demanded "Puma Swaraj or self-government" in India as it existed in the United Kingdom.

3. Why should we have to study Civics?

The subject of Civics is very much important for the students, and also in our life as well. It teaches us about the topics such as the Union legislature, Lok Sabha, and Rajya Sabha. If the student is aiming for pursuing a job in civil service, like that of Indian administration service (IAS) the subject of civics will be the most beneficial. Therefore, to ace in this paper download the previous year's paper from the Vedantu, and it is available to you completely free.

4. Why are the students required to study History?

Every student or rather every individual must know the history because to put it simply, history gives us knowledge of our roots, it shows us from where we have come and many more important things. The subject of History for the ICSE class 10 includes many important topics that will help the students understand the importance of freedom and the sacrifices made by our people, and at the same time, it will also teach the students about World History.

5. What is the need of solving the previous year's question paper for ICSE Class 10 History and Civics?

Solving the previous year's question paper is the only way to find out what has been asked by the ICSE board in the Class 10 exams previously. Knowing this will prepare the mind of the students in many ways, firstly, it will let the student know the difficulty level of the exam, secondly, it will help the students understand how to tackle the exam, and it will give the student the overall feel and the atmosphere of the exam. Hence, download the previous year question papers of the ICSE class 10 History and Civics, provided by the Vedantu for a free download.