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Structure Of Chromosomes, Cell Cycle And Division Solutions for ICSE Board Class 10 Science

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Structure Of Chromosomes, Cell Cycle And Division Solutions for Class 10 Science ICSE Board (Concise - Selina Publishers)

The Chapter of Structure Of Chromosomes, Cell Cycle And Division Solutions is the basic biology for class 10. The concept of this topic lays the foundation for advanced biology for medicine and biology-related higher studies. The topic is also the foundation for the different advanced researches in science even in cancer research. This topic may be a bit difficult for the students since they have to memorize a lot in this chapter. A good book and proper approach in studying with mnemonics can help them.

Selina Publishers have been designing books and solutions for ICSE students for the last four decades. Practicing this chapter is extremely necessary to remember the important points for all other biology chapters. Free PDF download of step-by-step solutions for class 10 Science (Biology) Chapter 2 - Structure Of Chromosomes, Cell Cycle And Division of ICSE Board (Concise - Selina Publishers) is available on the Vedantu site. The Exercise Questions with Solutions solved by Expert Biology teachers are available on Vedantu helps the students to revise and revise the complete Syllabus of Biology in less time. The questions and solutions prepared according to the ICSE guidelines help them to practice in a way that they can score high in their exams.

FAQs on Structure Of Chromosomes, Cell Cycle And Division Solutions for ICSE Board Class 10 Science

1. Why is the study of chromosomes important?

Chromosome is the basic blueprint of human protein synthesis and hence life. It is involved in cell division, protein synthesis, and the process of copying DNA. It contains the units of inheritance with its genes. It is the carrier of DNA that is needed for the body to grow, survive and reproduce. So it forms the foundation of all lives in the living world. The study of chromosomes is so important because without this no other topics of biology can be understood. Biological science revolves around the concept of cells and chromosomes.

2. What is the role of chromosomes in cell division?

The cell cycle is basically the process of cell division. It may be of the meiotic type or mitotic type. Equal division of cellular material as in the parent cell is mitosis but in meiosis, the daughter cells have half of the cellular material of the original parent cell. There needs to be an equal division of chromosomes. Chromosomes should be able to replicate, move to the opposite poles and be able to divide in order to have a complete cell cycle. Chromosomes participate in their own division by the process of cell division and thereby allow continuity.

3. What is the significance of cell division in cancer and chemotherapy?

Cell division is a normal controlled process to grow, develop and reproduce. However, at times this process is no more under control. An uncontrolled division of cells is usually what happens in Cancer. Cancer cells keep on dividing without basically getting any direction to do so. This results in daughter cells having abnormal numbers of chromosomes and DNA. Basically, infinite mitosis occurs and the process cannot be controlled. Normal cells also stop dividing when they come in contact with these uncontrolled dividing cells with the spread of cancer. The role of chemotherapy in cancer is basically to control this uncontrolled cell division

4. What happens when the cell cycle gets disarranged?

When the cell cycle gets deranged, there might be either excessive uncontrolled division or no division at all. In the previous case, there are chances of malignancy, hypersensitivity, and autoimmunity. Cell division being an exhaustive procedure, excessive cellular division leads to loss of stored forms of energy causing severe loss of weight (medically known as cachexia). If excess cell division involves the immune system there are chances that there is the production of faulty immune cells which are unable to differentiate between self and foreign cells and antigens, thereby causing autoimmunity. In the case of reduced cell division, problems like reduced growth, infertility, and reduced immunity may occur.

5. How important is Selina Publishers for ICSE?

Selina publishers is the trusted name for publishing maths and science books for ICSE. The authors of these books are renowned teachers and subject experts from reputed ICSE schools. They make a conceptual reading for the ICSE students. These books are equally good for practicing because they provide both easy and difficult questions as per the ICSE syllabus. Vedantu provides freely downloadable PDF versions of Selina’s publication books including biology books. The Biology expert in Vedantu prepares the solutions of each and every chapter to support the students in their practice.