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ICSE Class 10 Science Concise Selina Publishers Solutions Absorption By Roots

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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Absorption By Roots Solutions for Class 10 Science ICSE Board- Free PDF Download

Vedantu has provided free downloadable solutions for the chapter - Absorption By Roots Class 10 Science ICSE Board (Concise - Selina Publishers). Vedantu experts have answered all the questions provided in the textbook. These solutions will help students do better in their board exams. Students who are aiming to score well in their board exams must refer to the Selina Solutions Class 10 Science ICSE Board. This book is considered to be one of the top study material books for students attempting to write the Class 10 board exams. 

Students can download for free the step by step solutions for class 10 Science (Biology) Chapter 4 - Absorption By Roots of ICSE Board (Concise - Selina Publishers). All exercise questions are solved and explained by expert teachers and as per ICSE board guidelines.

Absorption By Roots Solutions for ICSE Board Class 10 Science, is available in a PDF format that students can access at any given period. Given below is the link to download a free PDF version of this chapter. 

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Absorption by Roots - The Process Involved: Important Concepts

There are many important topics in this chapter that students need to learn and understand. Some of these important topics include turgidity in plants, absorption by roots, characteristics of roots for absorbing water, the need for water and minerals, absorption and conduction of water and minerals, and experiments related to conduction and absorption of water in plants. By using the Solutions provided by Selina Publishers, students will be able to understand these topics easily and score well in this subject. 

The list of subtopics that are a part of this chapter is given below:

Serial Number



Absorption by Roots


Need for Water and Minerals for Plants


Characteristics of Root Absorption for Water


Absorption and Conduction of Minerals and Water


Root Pressure


Importance of Root Hairs & the Upward Movement of Absorbed Minerals and Water


Experiments on Conduction & Absorption of Water in Plants


Forces Contributing to the Ascent of Sap 

Total Exercises Available in Absorption By Roots - The Process Involved Class 10 ICSE Board

Exercise Name

Number of Questions

Type of Questions

Page Number

Review Questions




Review Questions


Very Short

51 & 52

Review Questions




Review Questions




Review Questions



53 & 54

Features of Selina Solutions

  • It provides students with a detailed step by step explanation of all the solutions.

  • There are real-life and related examples mentioned to help students understand all the topics and concepts better.

  • Solutions are provided according to the syllabus provided by the school.

  • Illustrations, figures, diagrams, and tables are used for certain topics to help students understand them better.

  • Students will be able to clear their doubts while preparing for their board exams simultaneously. 


Absorption By Roots Solutions for ICSE Board Class 10 Science will help students to get a firm grasp of the fundamentals of the topic. This will give them the confidence to tackle any question related to the topic and help them to score well in the board examination.

FAQs on ICSE Class 10 Science Concise Selina Publishers Solutions Absorption By Roots

1. What is the mechanism of opening and closing of the Stomata?

The turgidity of guard cells helps in the opening and closing of the Stomata. Each guard cell has a thick wall on its side that faces the Stoma and a thin wall on the opposite side. These guard cells consist of chloroplast, which helps in the synthesis of glucose during the process of photosynthesis. Due to this process, the osmotic pressure applied by the contents in the guard cells keeps on increasing leading to more absorption of water from their neighbouring cells and makes them turgid in nature. The guard cells become more arched outwards as a result of turgor, and an aperture between them widens, opening the stomata. 

2. Why do soaked seeds swell up and burst?

When seeds are soaked in water,  they swell up and burst out of their seed coats. This happens because of a process known as Imbibition. Plant cells contain certain pressures known as Turgor. Due to this, hydrostatic pressure occurs on the walls of the cells absorbing the water, which leads to Endosmosis. Hence, due to Imbibition and Endosmosis, the seeds start to soak up water. There is a force that is generated when these seeds soak up water, which is strong enough to burst the seed coats. Therefore, when the seeds are soaked they swell up and burst.

3. What is Transpiration pull and how is it formed?

Due to the process of transpiration, water gets lost from the leaf surface in the form of water vapour. This leads to water molecules being pulled up due to cohesion. This continuous process of water molecules being pulled up through the stem is known as Transpiration pull. This is an important force as it enables the ascent of sap. The transpiration pull is caused by a negative pressure being produced in the Xylem of the plant. This then pulls the water from the soil to the roots. 

4. Where can I find Selina Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 4?

Class 10 Science, Chapter 4 is titled Absorption By Roots. This is an important chapter for all ICSE Board students. Students can access the Selina Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 4 through Vedantu. Students can even download the solutions PDF for absolutely free through the Vedantu mobile app. These solutions will help students to prepare for their exams thoroughly. It covers various types of questions and answers that students can solve to understand Chapter 4: Absorption By Roots better. 

5. What are the basics of the chapter Absorption By Roots for Class 10?

Absorption By Roots is a part of the class 10 Science ICSE Syllabus. It is the fourth chapter in the ICSE Science textbook. The basics of the Absorption By Roots chapter include topics related to plants and the requirement of water and minerals. There are many important terms, diagrams, topics, and concepts that students need to learn and understand. With the help of Vedantu, students will be able to understand the basics of this chapter and score well in their final exam.