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Frank Solutions for Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 Laws of Motion - PDF

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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Frank Solutions for Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 Laws of Motion - Download Free PDF with Solution

Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 Laws of Motion is a very crucial chapter that develops the early foundation of motion and mechanics in young minds. Once you are done with the board textbook, you can proceed to solve Frank’s exercises and check your preparation level.

To make it easier for you, refer to the Frank Solutions for Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 Laws of Motion Solutions prepared by the subject matter experts of Vedantu. Find out how the experts have used the basic concepts of motion to solve the problems.

Class 9 Physics Frank Solutions PDF

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Importance of Frank ICSE Solutions for Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 Laws of Motion

Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 is an important chapter for developing the basic concepts related to motion and mechanics. This chapter will introduce you to the Laws of Motion. There are three laws. Each law depicts the universal characteristics of the physical quantities involved.

These laws of motion are designed and theorised by Sir Isaac Newton. You will learn about the different types of forces from this chapter. On progressing further, every law will be explained using specific mathematical expressions.

You will find out how to establish the definitions of various physical quantities from these laws such as mass, inertia, velocity, acceleration, displacement, etc. The mathematical expressions of all these physical quantities along with their units will also be explained. In fact, you will also learn how these physical quantities and their units are interrelated.

You will also find the description of various examples to help you understand the basics of motion. Such fundamental concepts will be discussed elaborately. You will use them later in learning the advanced concepts of motion and mechanics in the higher classes.

Benefits of Frank Solutions for Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 Laws of Motion

  • These Frank ICSE Solutions for Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 Laws of Motion Solutions are ideal for preparing this chapter. You can refer to the solutions compiled by the experts while practising the exercise questions. It will help you to become better at answering fundamental questions related to this crucial chapter.

  • Clarify doubts related to mass, inertia, velocity, acceleration, etc. and the laws of motion using these solutions on your own. Speed up your preparation for this chapter by referring to Frank’s Solutions for laws of motion.

  • Compare your answers with these solutions. You can recognise and rectify the issues. Identify the sections of this chapter you need to study more and prepare well.

  • Frank Solutions for Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 Laws of Motion are designed to help you develop better answering skills. You will also learn how to solve problems faster and score well in the exams.

Download Frank Physics Solutions Chapter 3 Law of Motion for Class 9 PDF

Get the free PDF version of Frank Chapter 3 Law of Motion Class 9 Frank Physics solutions and make your practice sessions more productive. Learn from the answering methods developed by the experts by following the latest ICSE Class 9 standards. In this way, develop your conceptual foundation for this chapter and score more in the exams.

FAQs on Frank Solutions for Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 Laws of Motion - PDF

1. Why do we lean forward when a vehicle applies brakes?

Our lower body remains in contact with the vehicle and comes to rest immediately. The upper portion still remains in motion due to inertia. This is why we lean forward.

2. What is momentum?

The property of a moving body by virtue of its motion and mass is called momentum.

3. What is inertia?

The tendency of a body to continue its state of rest or motion is called inertia.

4. What is friction?

The force opposite to a body’s motion applied by the contact medium is called friction.

5. What is acceleration?

The rate of change of velocity of a body with respect to time is called acceleration.