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Sea Water Uses

Last updated date: 23rd Feb 2024
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Sea Water: An Overview

The water of the oceans, which is called seawater, is salt water. It is a complex mixture of 96.5% water, 2.5 per cent salts, and small amounts of other substances.  Salts, primarily the chemical compound sodium chloride (NaCl), dissolve in water (The salt that people eat is sodium chloride in crystal form.)

Sunrise at Seaside

Sunrise at Seaside

Do you know we use seawater in our daily activities? Seawater is a major source of food, minerals, and other raw materials.  We get salt, fish and other marine products, seaweed, mineral oil, and other minerals from the oceans. Medicines and beauty products are also sourced from the oceans. We also get aquaculture supplements to increase food production. These show how we use seawater in daily life. There are various uses of Seawater that we don't know. In this article, we are gonna discuss the unimaginable healing powers of Seawater.

What is the Importance of Sea Water?

  • The water that covers much of our planet helps to make up the air we breathe.  The millions of tiny plants that live in the Seawater produce the precious oxygen we breathe.

  • Oceans connect the continents, providing a cheap and easy option for transportation.

  • Seawater plays an important role in controlling the weather and climate.  Apart from precipitation, the atmosphere receives most of its heat from the oceans. The Sun heats the seawater, and they, in turn, transfer the heat to the atmosphere.  The atmosphere then distributes the heat around the world.

  • Seawater in the Gulf is used in Canada and France to generate electricity using tidal energy.

  • Beaches around the seawater are also means of refreshment.

  • Coastal winds are full of moisture, so areas near the sea receive a lot of rainfall while those located far away generally receive less rainfall.

Sea Beaches

Sea Beaches

Uses of Sea Water

Despite being produced for drinking water, it is also used for a variety of purposes such as food products, cosmetics, aquaculture, and agriculture. Thus, due to the availability of many minerals, much research has been done about seawater to discover its benefits for health. There are many healing benefits of Ocean or Seawater. Some health benefits are listed below:

  • Ulcers, lupus, acne, and psoriasis are diseases that can be easily cured with seawater.

  • Sea water is great medicine for people with a weak immune system, anaemia, and high blood sugar levels.

  • The number of red blood cells increases between 5 and 20 per cent after swimming or bathing in the sea.

  • Sea water cleans the large intestine. Ingesting small amounts of seawater facilitates colon cleansing, detoxifies the body, and renews the body's energy, especially in children.

  • Sea water helps to fight liver and kidney problems. Seawater accelerates the process of cell regeneration, especially for people damaged by diseases like cirrhosis.

  • It also helps in eliminating excess water accumulated in the stomach due to illness.

  • People who lead a stressful life are advised to visit the beach for the relaxing atmosphere of the sea and because of the soothing medicinal properties of the seawater.



Solved Questions

1. Write two facts about seawater.

Ans: Facts about seawater are listed below:

  • The most important element of Seawater is Sodium Chloride.

  • It is a complex mixture of 96.5% water, 2.5 per cent salts, and small amounts of other substances.

2. Write two uses of seawater.

Ans: Two uses of Seawater are as follows:

  • Medicines and beauty products are formed from the Seawater.

  • We get aquaculture supplements to increase food production.

Learning by Doing

Write True or False.

  1. Sea water is salty.

  2. Seawater does not contain Sodium Chloride.

  3. Seawater detoxifies the body.

  4. Seawater can damage the skin.


Seawater has many properties that can help us in various ways. It can cure skin diseases and mental health problems as well as improve our immune system. We have studied many facts about seawater. We know what seawater is made of and why it is important for our life. It has various uses that we have already discussed in this article.

FAQs on Sea Water Uses

1. Which is the largest ocean in the World?

The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest of the world's oceans.  Comparative geographical study shows that in this ocean, the land area is less than the water area.

2. Which is the smallest ocean in the World?

The Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean in the World.

3. How many oceans are in the World?

There are five oceans in the World. These are as follows:

  • Pacific Ocean

  • Atlantic Ocean

  • Arctic Ocean

  • Indian Ocean 

  • Southern Ocean