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The Patterns In The Sky

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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Visualise Patterns In The Sky

Have you ever seen a star and a cloud that looks like something similar to what you have seen in real life? For example, sometimes a rabbit is formed by the skies or candy or your toy or any of your favourite cartoon characters. But is that a pattern natural or is that all made up by our own imaginations? 

Well in this case the rabbit is our imagination that could be a by-chance thing happening a day. But there are various patterns in nature and in the skies that we can see and observe regularly. Like the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun and many more. In this article, we will learn about such phenomena that have some patterns.

Cloud Forming a Rabbit

Cloud Forming a Rabbit

What is Meant by Patterns?

A pattern is anything that repeats itself over a span of time. It can happen the same way more than once in a day or at fixed times. Patterns can be made of any numbers, shapes, or even events that take place in nature. By studying various patterns we can estimate what is going to happen next.

Patterns in the Sky 

Every natural phenomenon that occurs in nature has a certain pattern which means they repeat itself and can be predicted.  In the case of skies we can see a pattern in the sky based on the appearance and position of the stars, sun, and moon; they all appear from a particular direction, follow the same route and set down the other side from which they appeared. These all are examples of patterns in the sky.

The Pattern in Sun and Moon 

We can notice every day that the sun appears from the east and sets down in the west and similarly the moon follows a predictable path that is it appears from the east when the sun is setting in the west and then sets down in the west when the sun is appearing from the east. This is termed a pattern in the sun

Patterns in the Sun

Patterns in the Sun

These patterns in the sun are due to the rotation of the earth on its axis. When the earth while rotating faces the sun the area on that side of the earth starts experiencing the day or appearance of the sun whereas the opposite area on earth experiences the setting of the sun.

By all this we can conclude that the sun and the moon are always there, they are always shining. It's due to the earth's rotation we experience day and night.

This is called the pattern in the sun and moon. This is a natural pattern and can be seen every day. It brings about predictable changes like day and night and can also help us predict the timing on earth.

Sun and Moon

Sun And Moon 

Star Pattern in The Sky

Patterns formed and followed by the stars are usually called constellations. In these patterns, we can see various stars coming together forming distinctive shapes that are easily recognizable. These constellation patterns or star patterns in the sky are also used by sailors to look at the sky and know the direction of the route they have to take. For example, the most common constellations that can be easily seen by everyone is the Ursa major or the great bear which has been used as a start clock throughout history.




In the above article, we learned about all the patterns that occur naturally in our surroundings along with their significance and importance in our daily lives. Now to sum up all the learnings in short we can say, Patterns are really good to study as they help one see and understand the changes happening around them. Patterns in the sky can help in predicting direction, weather, climatic changes, time, and much more. Naturally occurring phenomenal patterns are the easiest and most wonderful way to study all the changes and make predictable circumstances. Sometimes these patterns are also used by the weather department to predict the weather of a particular area or even the whole country.

FAQs on The Patterns In The Sky

1. What happens to our shadows throughout the day as the sun moves?

As the sun moves from east to west our shadows also show a pattern and change their directions. When the sub is at east and we are standing facing the sun our shadows are formed on our back in the westward direction. When the sun is somewhere in the east-western direction the shadow is formed under or feet and is shorter in size whereas when the sun moves towards the west direction the shadow is formed in the eastward direction. These are patterns that our shadows follow with the motion of the sun in the sky.

2. What can we observe about the size of objects in the sky and why is a telescope used?

We observe that there are many objects in the sky having different sizes this is due to their apparent distance from the earth the closer they are the bigger they appear and the farther they are the smaller they appear by this we can say that the star is the farthest from the sun as they appear so small in the sky. Whereas the planets are far away as we have to use a telescope to look for them from the earth. A telescope is used to magnify far-away objects. It is used to see far planets and stars and study them from the earth.

3. What are the most ancient used patterns of the sky used in a human lifetime?

The most ancient pattern used in human times is the setting and rising of the sun and the formation of shadows to predict the time. This method has been used for 1000s of years back when there were no watches.