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Why do Animals Need Shelter?

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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What is Animal Shelter?

A shelter is a place where animals stay and protect themselves. All the animals make their own homes in the jungles. Carnivorous animals like lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, etc live in caves. Herbivore animals like cows, buffaloes, sheep, and rabbits are generally domestic animals. 

The shelter of these animals is being provided by their owners. People are giving importance to animal welfare as well by giving these animals a place to live. Omnivorous animals like crows, dogs, bears, cats, etc., make their own place for shelter as well.

Animals and their houses

Animals and their Shelters 

Aquatic animals like fish, whales, sharks, etc. stay in the water bodies for protection and breathing purposes. Amphibians like frogs, crocodiles, and turtles, also make their own place of shelter to live. All of these animals try to find the most suitable shelter for themselves as well as their babies and eggs.

Importance of Animal Shelters

This can also be an answer to the question why do animals need shelters?


Reproduction is one of the reasons animals find shelter. The eggs and small babies need a roof for protection from other wild and weather conditions. As the babies and eggs are in a vulnerable state, the mother ensures the proper protection of their kids. Every animal ensures the full safety of its babies before giving birth. They make a safe shelter for their kids and eggs to protect them from everything. The babies being small cannot bear the outside environment so the animals need shelter so that their babies can stay alive. 

Weather Conditions 

As India has three extreme seasons, named: Summer Season, Winter Season, and Rainy Season. These weather conditions make it difficult for the animals to adjust to the dense forests. This becomes the main reason behind them finding a place to live and hide during these conditions.

In the winter season, the animals need protection from extreme weather conditions. Cold winds, snow, and ice might be harmful to some kinds of animals as well as their babies. That's why the animals need shelter and make their own place to live. 

In the summer season, the animals need protection from the scorching sun. Heat waves, sweat, and extreme heat can be dangerous for a lot of animals. Animals need shelter to protect themselves from the summer season.

The rainy season offers heavy rains, lightning, and storms. Animals need shelter in the rainy season as well. They need protection from heavy rainfall and storms.

Animals and their shelters

Animals and their Shelters


Animals keep extra food in their shelter for future purposes. Sometimes while having food, some extra food remains so they keep that food safe in their shelter and prevent them from being rotten.

Protection From Other Wild Animals

Animals also need shelter to protect themselves from other wild animals. As wild animals are always on the hunt, the shelter protects them from getting killed. All the animals keep their babies as well as food safe from other wild animals

Shelter of Animals Chart

Shelter of Animals Chart


There are various reasons why animals need their own shelter like protection, reproduction, etc. There are some animals who build their own houses to live in. Some animals just find caves and rocks living under them in order to get protected.  Some of the places are called dens, sheds, stables, nests, burrows, etc. These shelters of the animal charts are their protectors from extreme weather conditions and wild animals. In this article, we learned about what is animal shelter and why they need them in this article. We also discussed different types of animals and their shelters.

FAQs on Why do Animals Need Shelter?

1. Name some of the shelters for animals?

All the animals have their own shelter or place to live. There are various types of animal shelters. Lions live in a den, dogs live in a kennel, horses live in a stable, cows live in a shed, sheep live in a fold, birds live in nests and rabbits live in burrows. Like all these animals, every animal has their own place to live. Domestic animals get shelter from their owners as well. They get their shelter from the owners also so they get extra safety and food.

2. How are bird nests constructed?

Birds typically build a base for their nests by stacking sticks or twigs in the desired location. They then weave a substance through with their beaks and feet to hold the sticks in place. They are able to weave like a rug by pulling material strips with their beaks over and beneath. even be able to tie knots! Nests are frequently repeated since they require a lot of time to construct.

3. State a few qualities of an excellent shelter for milch animals.

A good milch animal shelter should have the following qualities: 

  • It should be highly clean, well-ventilated, and well-lit.

  • Cattle should have suitable shelters to protect them from the elements (rain, cold, and heat).

  • The floor should be properly sloped to allow for the easy removal of urine and excrement.

  • Animals need to have adequate feeding and drinking facilities.

  • There shouldn't be any overcrowding and the animal shelter should be large.

  • Shelters should be placed distant from populated areas and landfills.

4. How does animal shelters lead to animal welfare?

Animal shelters are crucial for the well-being of non-human animals as they provide them with all the basic necessary things for them since they cannot get them on their own. Those voiceless animals are unfortunate to roam on streets in search of left-over food and shelter in adverse weather conditions. For the well-being of these unfortunate animals, animal shelters have been created so that humans can look after their basic necessities. Nowadays the government has been constantly working on building these animal welfare centers where animals can get shelter and they and their babies can be protected from the heat, cold, and rain.