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Interesting Facts About Zoology

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Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Zoology and Some Interesting Facts About It

Biology, or life sciences, can be divided into two parts: zoology and botany. While zoology focuses on studying animals, botany is the study of plants. In this study, every animal is studied and researched, and the range starts from tiny amoebae to giant whales.

Zoologists are the ones who work in the field dealing with animals. Let us learn more about zoology and some interesting facts about zoology, zoologists, and their work.

What is Zoology?



Zoology is defined as the scientific study of the behaviour, physiology, classification, and distribution of animals. Zoology deals with the animal kingdom and animal life. The history of zoology can be traced back to ancient and modern times. People started studying the animals in that period so that they could exploit them and survive better. 

Although animal research and exploitation continued, Aristotle, in the fourth century, began to view animals differently. He started looking at them like something that had life and started studying them, their activities, and other important phenomena. Therefore, Aristotle is called the father of zoology.

What is the Work of a Zoologist?



The scientists who study animals and phenomena related to them are called zoologists. You may wonder Does a zoologist only study animals and nothing else? What else do zoologists do besides studying animals? Zoologists not only study the animals but also observe and research the habitat and ecosystem in which they live, their behaviour, and how their bodies work. 

Zoologists also study the evolution of animals. Charles Darwin, who developed the theory of evolution, is one of history's greatest zoologists. He studied and researched the changes in animals concerning their environment, time, and requirements. 

Some zoologists even study animals that are extinct or no longer seen on earth and come up with research studies that suggest these extinct animals can be brought back. Such zoologists usually deal with fossils and study animals that are closely related to extinct animals. Zoologists usually work in places like laboratories, wildlife, and outdoor areas. 

Interesting Facts about Zoology

Zoologists are trying their best to study the animal kingdom, but the world of animals is huge. Here are some fascinating facts about zoology and the world of animals.

  • The mosquitoes that bite and suck our blood are females, as they need the energy to lay eggs, while males feed on nectar and do not bite us.

  • The fastest animal on Earth is the cheetah.

  • The largest animal on Earth is the blue whale found in Antarctica.

  • The only bird that can fly in a backward direction is the hummingbird.

  • The skin of a polar bear is black.

  • The bat is the only mammal capable of flying.

  • The only mammal that lays eggs is the duck-billed platypus. 

  • Elysia chlorotica is a type of sea slug that can produce its food with the help of sunlight and chlorophyll.

  • Many animals exist without a brain, oysters, sponges, sea anemones, and jellyfish are a few of them.


In this article, you have learned all about zoology and zoologists. You have learned that the study of animals is known as zoology, and the people who conduct studies or research on the animals are called zoologists. 

We have also learned about the history of zoology, the father of zoology, Charles Darwin, evolution, and many other facts from the world of zoology, such as that the duck-billed platypus is the only egg-laying mammal and mosquitoes that bite are always female. In the higher classes, you will learn more about zoology and the animal kingdom.

FAQs on Interesting Facts About Zoology

1. What is the animal kingdom?

The group that includes all living and extinct animals is called the animal kingdom. Since every living being is unique and has special features, animals are separated from all other living organisms, such as plants, keeping these features in mind. The animal kingdom is further divided into groups, with animals in each group sharing some characteristics. 

2. What is animal classification?

In the animal kingdom, animals with the same characteristics are classified into certain groups. These groups are known as phyla in the language of zoologists. There are 11 phyla, and some phyla are again divided into groups called classes.

3. What is evolution?

Evolution is synonymous with change. The theory of evolution was given by Charles Darwin, who conducted many experiments and observations to study the changes in animals. He said that animals constantly evolve or change according to their environment, requirements, and survival over a long period of time. Charles Darwin is considered one of the greatest zoologists.