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Facts About Mouse

Last updated date: 01st Mar 2024
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The mouse is a small mammalian animal. They have four legs, two ears, two eyes and a tail. They live in houses by making burrows in fields and barns. They eat grains, fruits, vegetables, pieces of meat, etc. They are always wandering here and there in search of food. They can find their way through small cracks and holes. They have a sharp memory; once they walk on a path, they never forget it. Mice also have weak eyesight; they use ultrasonic sounds to talk to each other.



About Mouse

A mouse is a small rodent, a mammal in the animal kingdom. Mice have a pointed nose, rounded body, large ears and a long, often hairless, tail.  

  • Behaviour: They are nocturnal; they like to sleep during the day. This is why house mice can be heard playing or grazing at night. Most wild mice are timid toward humans and other animals but are very friendly with other mice. House mice are friendly towards humans and can make good pets for older children and adults.

  • Eating Habits: If you believe what you see in cartoons, you would think that mice eat cheese. But they also like to eat fruits, seeds and grains. They are omnivores, meaning mice eat both plants and meat, and the common house mouse can eat almost anything.  

  • Habitat: Mice are found in almost every country and region. They can easily live in forests, grasslands and man-made structures.

Facts About Mouse

Few interesting facts about mice are given below.

  • If a mouse is given plain and drug-containing water, it will always choose drug-containing water.

  • The mouse can swim in water for 3 days in a row, hold its breath for three minutes, and survive even after flushing the toilet.

  • The mouse is one of those animals which were first sent to space. France sent the first mouse into space in 1961.

  • You will be surprised to know that the reproduction rate of mice is so fast that they can produce more than 2 lakh offspring in 18 months.  

  • In the 19th century, the game 'Rat Baiting' was famous in London. In this, a man or a dog was used to kill hundreds of rats behind them.  In this game, a man named 'Jacko' made a record in 1862 by hitting 100 rats in 5 minutes 28 seconds.

  • It can live longer than a camel without water.

Different Types of Mouse 

There are different types of mice in the world. Some common names are

  1. Cotton Mouse

  2. Deer Mouse

  3. Western Harvest Mouse

  4. House Mouse

  5. White-footed Mouse

Different Types of Mouse

Different Types of Mouse.

Solved Questions 

1. Write a few lines about mouse.

Ans:  A few lines about the mouse are:

  • The mouse is a small mammalian animal.

  • They are found in different colours like black, brown, white, etc.

  • They are omnivores and eat fruits, seeds, vegetables, pieces of meat, etc.

  • Mice have four legs, two ears, two eyes, and a tail.

  • They make burrows in the ground and roam around for food.

2. What happens if we kill all the mice in the world?

Ans: It's impossible to kill all the mice at the same time from the world. They have a high fertility rate. The multiplication of mice is so fast that they can produce more than 2 lakh offspring in 18 months.  

Learning by Doing

Write True or False.

1. Mouse plural word is Mouses

Ans: False, the plural word for mouse is mice. 

2. The first mouse in space was sent by America.

Ans: True.

3. In the 19th century, the game 'Rat Baiting' was very famous in London.  

Ans: True. 


So, in this article, you learned all the mouse information. A mouse is a small mammalian animal. They are omnivorous animals; that is, they can eat meat and vegetarian food. They are found in almost every country. Mice like to live in the ground by making burrows. They have four legs, a tail, two ears and a nose. They also have moustaches around their nose and have a great sense of smell. They control their body temperature with its tail. The memory power of a mouse is very strong, they never forget their way.

FAQs on Facts About Mouse

1. Why do mice gnaw on everything?

Mice teeth continue to grow throughout life, almost 4-5 inches every year. To control them, rats keep grinding their teeth and gnawing on things. They can gnaw on the wire, cement, wood, cloth, glass and even aluminium. If they do not do this, their teeth will go outside their jaws, and then they will not be able to close their mouth or eat anything and then they will die. 

2. What is the difference between mouse and rat?

There is no scientific or genetic difference between a mouse and a rat.  Just their form and symptoms are different. For example: - rats are very careful, they do any work with great care, while the mouse is very curious, they have the desire to do new things. The ears of rats are small, and they have thick hair on their ears, while those of a mouse are large and erect (like a rabbit) and have light hair on their ears. Rats weigh more than a mouse. Also, a mouse runs faster than a rat.

3. Why do scientists always do experiments on rats?

The reason for using them more in research is that they adapt very quickly according to any place and the structure of their brain and the way of working is exactly like that of humans. Therefore, whenever we see the effect of any drug or medicine, it is seen in rats before humans.