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Fun Facts About Electricity

Last updated date: 01st Mar 2024
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Overview to Electricity

Have you ever seen a lightning shock coming from the sky? What is that called? Lightening is a phenomenon naturally occurring around us every time we experience turbulence in air movement. Lightning happens due to an astonishing phenomenon of electricity. Electricity is a form of energy that is created by tiny atomic particles present in our surroundings. Electricity is found everywhere around us from the fan under which we are sitting to the phone we are using. It is a type of energy that allows various objects the ability to perform work and move. So in this article, we will learn about this amazing phenomenon of electricity and know various aspects like the definition of electricity, sources of electricity for kids, and much more. So let's start learning. 



What is Electricity? 

Electricity is generally referred to as the movement of tiny particles like electrons and protons. Electricity is a type of energy that we use when these charges move from here to there. Electricity can be seen around us in nature for example a thunderbolt or a bolt of lightning which is nothing but a very large number of tiny particles of electrons and protons flowing around in the air all at once and simultaneously releasing a huge amount of energy creating visible lightning.

When was Electricity Invented? 

Electricity was extensively discovered and worked upon by various scientists but the credit for the Discovery of electricity is solely given to Benjamin Franklin. In the year 1732, the credit was given to Benjamin Franklin and thus electricity was invented. During this, he performed an experiment wherein he used a kite and a key on a rainy day to demonstrate a connection between lightning and electricity he concluded that lightning is a form of electricity that is transferred through the key and he got the shock.

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Benjamin Franklin 

Types of Electricity 

Broadly it is identified that electricity is of two types one is static electricity and the second is generating electricity. 

Static Electricity 

  • Scientifically all the objects around us have a balance of both types of charges that is positive and negative and hence become neutral in nature electrically. 

  • Two such neutral objects can form a pull or push on each other and no longer remain neutral; this type of attraction or repulsion of extra electrons between the two objects is called static electricity. Static electricity has various interesting effects related to it. 

  • For example, when we rub a comb in our hair and put it against some pieces of paper the paper gets attracted to the comb and sticks to it. This is due to extra electrons and charge created on the com to which the pieces of paper get attracted and hence perform an experiment to provide evidence for static electricity. 

Generating Electricity 

  • Whereas generating electricity is the electricity that is used through wires and is supplied from a power plant to our houses to run appliances on it carries a large electric current and can easily make devices work on it.

  • Generating electricity is one that is created by using large setups like thermal water plants, windmills, etc. 

  • Generating electricity is made by using natural resources and harnessing it for regular uses in households. 

Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices 

History of Electricity 

The history of electricity tells that Electricity was first worked upon by ancient Greeks before 1700. After that Benjamin Franklin proved that the natural phenomenon of lightning is a form of electricity. In the far future scientists later learned that electricity is also related to the phenomenon of magnetism. For example when electrons and protons inside an object revolve they create a magnetic field around them due to attraction and repulsion between them which in turn create a flow of electrons and protons to create electricity. And now we have reached a point where we also know how to generate electricity using various kinds of magnets, for example, a horseshoe magnet is used to generate electricity in large generators and inverters.

Electricity Fun Facts 

Following are some electricity fun facts:-

  • Electricity can travel nearly at a speed of 3 lakh kilometers per second.

  • A lightning bolt can be as hot as about 30000 degree Celsius and can have a voltage of as high as 30 lakh volts which makes it 5 times hotter than that of the surface of the sun.

  • A lightning or thunder shock can damage the human heart and can cause a decrease in blood pumping efficiency.

  • The human body is a very good conductor of electricity and can carry currents to different parts of our bodies.

  • There are various ways to generate electricity on daily basis for example we can use sustainable ways like wind hydro and solar power plants to produce electricity


To conclude all the learnings in one place we can say that electricity is a form of energy and is used for varied purposes in human life. In this article, we saw varied differing things and phenomena related to electricity. First, we got to know that Benjamin Franklin was the one who discovered electricity. Then we learned that there can be various kinds of electricity that are used by us for various purposes, for example generating electricity is used in household appliances. With time humans have grown their knowledge about electricity and also have started to create electricity by their own selves using varied different mechanisms like hydro water plants, thermal power plants etc. And also we got to appreciate the fact how important electricity is as a resource to us. With this, we would like to end this article with the hope that we were easy and understandable.

FAQs on Fun Facts About Electricity

1. Can lightning strike a place more than twice?

Yes, lightning can strike the same place twice. Lightning usually strikes an object that is high and pointy because the electric current is attracted to these easiest parts. There are various parts of the world that get struck by lightning about 100 times a year.

2. Why do we need electricity?

Electricity is used in our day-to-day life for various purposes. It is used for generating and supplying power to various devices like bulbs, washing machines, dishwashers etc. Without electricity, we cannot imagine our life nowadays. If we do not get electricity supply for even an hour we feel very furious and get frustrated, therefore, electricity has become an important part of our life 

3. What are the various sources of electricity for kids ?

The various sources of electricity for kids can be light water, wind etc. Most sources of electricity are renewable and natural and can be used for a longer period of time. Whereas, there are also examples of sources that are man-made for example Biomass and geothermal electrical sources