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English Practice Questions for Kids

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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English Practice Questions and Answers

Have you ever stammered while speaking confidently in English? Or, while you are having a conversation with a waiter or an audience have you ever been at a  loss of words?

This might be the problem with everyone around. With a view to ease the problem, we are presenting a set of questions with multiple answers in English which you might want to study. 

General Questions and Related Answers in English

In this section, we are providing general questions and related multiple answers to help you converse in English more fluently and in a better style.

We also present below a bunch of daily questions which will make you ponder your own answers.

Bunch of General Questions

Bunch of General Questions 

1. What do you do?

This question is asking about the job or profession you are pursuing currently. To this you might have these answers:

  • I am a student.

  • I am a bank manager.

  • I am unemployed.

  • I have my own business.

  • I am retired.

2. Where do/did you study/work?

  • I study in Nirmala Convent School.

  • I worked in Bakersfield for the past 2 years.

  • I work in the Southern Belle - Downtown.

  • I did my schooling at a Prestigious Convent School.

  • I study at home, guided by a home tutor.

3. Why are you studying French/English?

  • I am studying French as next year I am relocating to France.

  • I am studying English because I want to speak like the English people.

  • I get to travel around the world a lot, thus choosing the common language, English.

  • I am planning to settle in England.

4. What do you do in your leisure time?

  • I love doing art and craft in my leisure time.

  • I listen to songs in my free time.

  • I study Spanish in my free time. 

  • I pay a visit to my grandparents in my free time. 

  • I pet my dog in my leisure time. 


5. How is the weather currently?

  • The weather is pleasant out here. 

  • The weather is quite humid. 

  • It is pouring all day.

  • It is cold here.

  • The weather is gorgeous here, perfect for a picnic!

6. What time is it?

  • The time is half-past 10.

  • It is 4 o’clock.

  • Let me check my watch.

  • Sorry, I do not have a phone or watch to check the time.

7. Do you need my help?

  • No, thanks for asking.

  • Yes, where do I find the wet napkins?

  • Yes, some help will be good.

  • No, but thanks!

  • Yeah, can you give me a discount on this? 

8. How was your day?

  • My day was pretty good.

  • It was fine, anyway.

  • It was great!

  • It was not good.

9. How are you feeling?

  • I am in total anxiety!

  • I am feeling lost.

  • I am feeling good.

  • I need a holiday!

10. How was the party last weekend?

  • The party was good.

  • The party was lively.

  • It was a great one!

  • The party was crowded. 

These are 10 general English questions that can be asked in everyday life. Further, another way to have a fluent conversation in English is to converse confidently with people regardless of the mistakes. Then try to spot and rectify the mistakes. 

FAQs on English Practice Questions for Kids

1. How do I practice questions in English?

The basic ‘question terms’ which can be used in forming the questions in English are as follows: 

  • Who

  • What

  • Which

Try to put some related questions to your own, and answer yourself. Listen to your answer carefully or write it separately, and later try to find grammatical errors. Repeat this activity to practice the questions.

2. How can I practice English on my own?

Some of the best ways to practice English are as follows:

  • Practice English with the mobile apps anytime and anywhere.

  • You can connect with other pro-English speakers.

  • Connect with the English learners community.

  • Follow the educational websites in the English language. 

  • Listen to English songs and watch videos of movies in English.

  • Read English newspapers and magazines or story books.