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Musical Instrument Name

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Introduction of Musical Instrument

We all like to listen to music. Music helps us to stay happy, we enjoy different songs, and we dance to different songs but have you ever thought about what makes a song enjoyable? It is Music which makes us dance. But how is this music played? With help of what we are able to add music? The answer to all questions is Musical instruments.

Kids Enjoying Musical Instruments

Kids Enjoying Musical Instruments 

A musical instrument is defined as a device for producing a musical sound. Objects such as piano, guitar or drum that we use for playing music are known as musical instruments. Musical instruments are often simply called instruments, every musical instrument has its own sound and is different, there are more than 1500 musical instruments. So we can say that a musical instrument is a device which is used to make musical sounds. Let's study in detail about different musical instruments.

Different musical instruments are as follows:

1. Flute:



Playing the flute is very relaxing and it improves coordination as well as concentration.A flute is made up of metal or even wood.

2. Guitar



Guitar has different strings on it which help to produce sound, the strings of the guitar can be vibrated and with help of this vibration, the sound is produced.

3.  Violin



Playing the violin improves physical strength. It is the smallest instrument among all the other instruments but it has the highest pitch compared to other instruments.

4. Piano 



The piano has the broadest range of any instrument and is used in classical jazz pop and many other styles of music.

5. Trumpet



A trumpet is a brass musical instrument which produces a different tone. The trumpet is one of the oldest instruments known.

6. Drums



A drum is an instrument that produces a sharp sound. To produce the sound with this instrument the drum is hit on its surface with sticks which further produces the sound.

7. Saxophone 



This is a woodwind instrument,It has a conical tube and is mostly used to play jazz music.

8. Xylophone 



A xylophone is a musical instrument played by striking a row of wooden bars with one or more small wooden plastic beaters.

9. Tambourine 



A small drum is known as a tambourine and is a very creative instrument. One needs to hold it in hand to play this instrument.

10. Cello



Cello is a member of a violent family and it looks more like a violin but is a different instrument. It has long and thicker strings as compared to the violin and is very heavy.

Other musical instruments are:

  • Tabla

  • Clarinet 

  • Harp

  • Harmonica

  • Bugle

  • Accordion

  • Recorder

  • Trombone

  • Gong

  • Piccolo

  • Oboe

  • Cymbal

  • Keyboard 

  • Microphone

  • Sitar

  • Triangle 

  • Zither

  • Timpani

Interesting Facts

  1. The oldest known flute is about 35,000 years old.

  2. Rod Stewart hosted the largest ever free concert which was the musical concert.

  3. Hurrian Hymn No.6 Is considered the world’s earliest melody.

  4. Piano is the most popular instrument

  5. Christian Frederick Martin Invented the guitar.

Christian Frederick martin

 Christian Frederick martin 


In the early 50s saxophone and piano were the leading instruments but now with the passage of time, all instruments are quite popular. Songs with musical instruments help us to enjoy the good times as people love to listen to the songs and they love to dance. This is all because of musical instruments as musical instruments complete a song by adding good rhythm. Kids should learn how to play different instruments as they should start learning at an early age.

FAQs on Musical Instrument Name

1. What’s the best age to start learning an instrument?

A child should Start learning to play different instruments at a  very early age.  I believe that when a child has good physical strength and is able to hold and operate the instrument at that time he or she should start playing instruments as starting at an early age will help them to practise more. Moreover, till a child grows up he or she has a lot of knowledge about playing that instrument so one should start at an early age. To generalise When a child is around 3 to 4 years old at that time parents should find a suitable trainer for the children and children should start learning instruments but it depends upon the child according to the interest of the child the age may vary from child to child.

2. Define musical instruments?

Musical instruments are defined as the objects which produce sound, there are different instruments present in the world one should have immense knowledge about how to play an instrument. Each and every instrument has its own sound so every instrument is unique and different . Some instruments are wooden, some instruments are made up of brass, every instrument has its own shape and every instrument plays a different sound. Some instruments play a sharp sound, some play a sweet voice so it is different. Apart from this, some instruments play jazz music, some instruments support pop music, some instruments are suitable for traditional music so for every kind of music there is a different kind of instrument. So something that produces sounds and helps us to enjoy the song is known as musical instruments.