Fun Colouring of Basic Shapes

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An Introduction to Basic Shapes Colouring Pages

We can introduce basic shapes of geometry to our kids by playing some colouring activities with them. We can draw any shape and can give our kids colourful shades of colours to fill that shape with colours. This is how we can tell them the name of shapes and their features. You can also discuss with your kids some examples of daily uses that resemble the geometry shapes. In this article, you will do some colouring activities which will help you to teach your children basic shapes of geometry. Some basic shapes are given below.


Basic Shapes of Geometry

Colour the Shapes

Some shapes are given below. You can draw them on your copy and paint them.

1. Colour the following shapes of Polygons with your favourite colours.


Different shapes of Polygons

For your reference, some coloured shapes of the above polygons are given below.


Coloured Polygon

2. Colour the following shapes which you see in your daily life. You can see the shape of a butterfly, a fish, a flower, a leaf, an apple, and a cat. You can fill them with the colours that these shapes usually have. You know that the leaf has the colour of green and the apple has the colour of red.


Shapes of Daily Life

3. Now some more interesting shapes such as star, heart, cross, arrow, etc. are given below. You can also colour them and have fun.


Fun Shapes


The above article provides some shapes colouring pages which kids can draw in their copy and colour. It will help them to learn about shapes. The article is also helpful for parents and teachers.

FAQs on Fun Colouring of Basic Shapes

1. What games parents can play with kids to teach them basic shapes?

Kids like to learn while playing. Hence, parents and teachers can teach them shapes by playing some fun activities with their kids. For example, If you have a group of children, you can show them an object and ask them the name of the shape and the one who will reply fast will be the winner. Similarly, you can create your games to play with your child and teach them shape.

2. Why do kids need to colour shapes on colouring pages?

When kids are very young, they know what a shape looks like but they do not know the name and features of a particular shape. Directly teaching them the name of the shape will not be remembered for a long time in memory of a child. So when you play some games of colouring shapes, they easily remember the names and properties of a shape.