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Family Members Names - Fun Learning for Kids

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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How Important are Family Members in Our Life?

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family members” - this quote is absolutely true when it comes to our family. Family members are those who will ride with you till the end without any judgments. We must value them and be grateful to them.

In this context, we will be talking about the common structure of a family and the family members' names. The article especially attempted to guide the students to identify the different family members who are generally there in a family. 

Nuclear Family and Extended Family

Our own family members can also be called relatives. Depending on the size of the family, we have a nuclear family and an extended family. The nuclear family or immediate family consists of your mother, father, and your loving siblings. An extended family consists of the people of your father’s or mother’s family. 

Coined Family Terms

Do you know who your siblings are? Siblings are your sisters and brothers born of your own parents. The term parent denotes father or mother. A child is the daughter or son of the parents. And, spouse means a husband or wife. 

Related by Marriage and Related by Blood

Your mother and father are related by marriage, this is so because they are tied with the vows of marriage. While you and your father or you and your mother or even your siblings are related by blood. This is so because your father and mother gave birth to you or your siblings, thus sharing the same blood. 

Generation in Family

In a family, generation is a term that is used to identify all those people who are at one level of the family. Like your grandparents belong to the older generation, your parents come in the mid-generation, while you and your siblings come in the younger generation and so on.

Generation is a collective term that is used for the people who are born and surviving at the same time, roughly. 

Who is Who? 

Family Members

Family Members

My Relatives

Relationship to Me

What I Usually Call Them


Of whom I am the child

Dad, Daddy, Baba, Papa, Father


Of whom I am the child

Mom, Mamma, Maa, Mummy, Mother


We share the same Parents

Bhaiya, Bhai, Dada, Bro, Brother (with their own name)


We share the same parents

Behen, Didi, Di, Sis, )with their own name)


Male sibling of my parents

Uncle, Tauji, Mama


Female sibling of my parents

Aunty, Taiji, Mausi

Grand Parents 

Father and mother of our father and mother

Dadaji, Dadiji, Nana, Naniji, Granny, Grandpa

Cousins (Male)

Son of aunt or uncle


Cousins (Female)

Daughter of aunt or uncle


Male and Female Genders in Our Family

Let us sum up, the male members and female members of a family.

Family Members Name























Families share a great bond. They live together, have ups and downs together and also enjoy themselves together. Kids must be able to identify their family, as it is a vital part of their upbringing. The content was very much focused on that cause. If you want your kid to know more about your family and different family members' names, engage them frequently in social gatherings and ask them to acknowledge all the relatives. 

FAQs on Family Members Names - Fun Learning for Kids

1. Name the types of families.

The types of families are as follows.

  • Nuclear Families.

  • Single Parent Families.

  • Extended Families.

  • Childless Families.

  • Step Families.

  • Grandparent Families.

  • Unconventional Family.

2. What is a family tree?

A family tree is a diagrammatic presentation of the family chart. The tree shows different relationships and their children who are represented in the form of the tree branches. You can also make one family tree for your open family. Take a big colourful chart paper, gather information about the family members, and then draw or paste the drawing of a tree with its branches and leaves.