CBSE Board Papers Class 12 - 2014 - Mathematics - Question 27

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Question - Two schools A and B want to award their selected students on the values of sincerity, truthfulness and helpfulness. T-he school A wants to award x each, y each and z each for the three respective values to 3, 2 and 1 students respectively with a total award money of 1,600. School B wants to spend 2,300 to award its 4, 1 and 3 students on the respective values (by giving the same award money to the three values as before). If the total amount for one prize on each value is 900, using matrices, find the award money for each value. Apart from these three values, suggest one more value which should be considered for award. Vedantu - Your Personal Teacher Online - Get an clear edge over other students by constant revision of important topics with an awesome teacher. - Get your doubts and questions resolved instantly by booking an instant live session - Prepare for competitive exams with our exam courses and achieve your goal - Skipped a topic in tuitions? Learn it on Vedantu by taking our topic courses
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Any Queries? Don't hesitate to call us @