CBSE Board Papers Class 10 - 2011 - Chemistry - Question 30

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Question - A cleaned aluminium foil was placed in an aqueous solution of zinc sulphate. When the aluminium foil was taken out of the zinc sulphate solution after 15 minutes, its surface was found to be coated with a silvery grey deposit. From the above observation it can be concluded that: A. Aluminium is more reactive than zinc B. Zinc is more reactive than aluminium. C. Zinc and aluminium both are equally reactive. D. Zinc and aluminium both are non-reactive Vedantu - Your Personal Teacher Online - Get an clear edge over other students by constant revision of important topics with an awesome teacher. - Get your doubts and questions resolved instantly by booking an instant live session - Prepare for competitive exams with our exam courses and achieve your goal - Skipped a topic in tuitions? Learn it on Vedantu by taking our topic courses


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Any Queries? Don't hesitate to call us @