CBSE Board Papers Class 10 - 2014 - Chemistry - Question 8

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Question - Study the following table in which positions of six elements A, B, C, D, E and F are shown as they are in the modern periodic table: ---------------- On the basis of the above table, answer the following questions: (i) Name the element which forms only covalent compounds. (ii) Name the element which is a metal with valency three. (iii) Name the element which is a non-metal with valency three. (iv) Out of D and E, which is bigger in size and why? (v) Write the common name for the family to which the elements C and F belong. Vedantu - Your Personal Teacher Online - Get an clear edge over other students by constant revision of important topics with an awesome teacher. - Get your doubts and questions resolved instantly by booking an instant live session - Prepare for competitive exams with our exam courses and achieve your goal - Skipped a topic in tuitions? Learn it on Vedantu by taking our topic courses


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Any Queries? Don't hesitate to call us @