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Sandeep Garg Solutions for Class 11 Economics Chapter 4

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Free PDF Available For Download of Sandeep Garg On Vedantu

  • The in-depth analysis of the chapter provides conceptual knowledge and helps any commerce student grasp the key points of the subject. Sandeep Garg Class 11 Economics Chapter 4 provides answers to mastering the graphical concepts, pictorial representations of data points, and various methods to use in graphical demonstration and analysis. 

  • Downloading the Solutions for Class 11 Economics Chapter 4 Graphical Presentation PDF is the best decision and resource for any student to utilize. Each chapter has been curated individually to establish an overall base of all the topics covered. Our subject-matter experts provide in-depth analysis and a simplified understanding of the basic terminology used. 

  • Sandeep Garg Class 11 Economics Chapter 4 comes with important points, key terminology, visual cues on tackling the interpretation of graphs, and examples that can be used for simplified revision before exams.

  • Class 11 Economics Chapter 4 Graphical Presentation is prepared by a team of subject-matter experts who make learning easy to master.

  • These solutions are composed of key information, graphs, tables, discussion forums, and analyses on specific topics.

  • Scoring high marks has never been easier as Class 11 Sandeep Garg Chapter 4 provides exquisite access to all the fundamentals of the topic.

  • Whether a student is testing the waters in this subject or is an advanced learner, Sandeep Garg Class 11 Economics Solutions Chapter 4 is the best in the market to guide and nurture your interest in the subject. Students are advised to utilize this resource to its fullest potential. 

    Preparation Tips for Sandeep Garg Economics Class 11

    • Sandeep Garg Class 11 Economics Graphic Presentation PDF provides value-based questions along with the answer scheme ensures any student can develop their knowledge base on this subject and enhance their scores during their exams.

    • Students can attempt the numerous objective-based questions and multiple-choice questions provided at the end of the book. 

    • To have a competitive edge, students may opt to solve various practical and numerical problems given at the end of the chapter. 

    • There should be a clear understanding of definitions, including the logic and reasoning behind them. By doing this, you can answer the questions for economics class 11 more effectively.

    • As an economics class 11 student, it is imperative to learn the basis for differences. For better preparation, try to attempt Class 11 Economics Important Questions chapter-wise.

    • It is very important that you practice graphs regularly so that you can draw correct diagrams of various curves as asked in the questions. For this purpose, you should use a sharpened pencil as it will help keep the graph neat.

    • Instead of memorizing formulas, you should understand how a formula is derived and why it is made. Take notes on the formulas as chapter-by-chapter sheets and review them regularly once you understand them.

    • Take notes based on the chapters to make your economics class 11 studying easier and to improve your grades. Note important points by using highlighters, colored pens, pencils, and stickers.

    How to Prepare Chapter-4 Graphic Representation

    • First thing first, always read the chapter thoroughly from Sandeep Garg’s textbook. The textbook explains the concept, types of graphs, and approach to every question in detail. 

    • Make sure you grasp each and every concept given in the book.

    • You should know the concept of every type of graph and why & when they are used, i.e, line frequency graph, histogram, frequency polygon, frequency curve, ogive, and cumulative frequency curve, 

    • You can learn more about the chapter from Vedantu short notes on graphic representation and practice the chapter from the worksheets.

    • Since the chapter is all about understanding the graphs make sure you practice all the questions by solving with pen and paper. Do not solve them orally or in mind. 

    • In class 11 Economics, the graphical representation is the only practical chapter thus it requires a lot of practice. To prepare for this chapter, solve as many questions as you can. 

    • Graphical representation is all about showing the data in an attractive and impressive way, so you need to make sure you are making the graphs neatly. Always make graphs with a pencil and avoid rewriting on graphs. 

    • While preparing the chapter, always keep the extra graphs, sample scale, pencil, eraser, and other stuff handy. 

    • Make sure you label the graph every time you practice them. This is because making graphs without labeling can be your greatest reason for marks deduction in the exam.


    The subject of Economics is vast and ever-changing. Graphic Presentation Class 11 Economics Sandeep Garg aids the student to keep up-to-date with the plethora of information and technological skills.

    FAQs on Sandeep Garg Solutions for Class 11 Economics Chapter 4

    1. Why should we solve class 11 economics sample papers?

    Exam practice with sample papers is an important part of preparing for any examination. Whether it is a school-based term-end examination or the 11th-grade final examination, students should make sure they practice sample papers once they have completed the syllabus, this will help students in the following ways. 

    • By solving sample papers, you can keep track of how well you are preparing by finding out what topics you lack and what areas of preparation you need to focus on.

    • Practicing with sample papers helps students improve their rate of accuracy in solving questions since they are able to identify mistakes they are making, especially while solving equations and graphs. The more you practice from Vedantu sample papers, the less likely you will commit errors in the actual exam.

    • Based on the actual exam pattern and marking scheme, sample papers provide students with a brief insight into the exam pattern and marks scheme which can help them in their preparation for the exam and identify the topics carrying the most weightage to focus on for good results.

    2. Which is the best book for the preparation of the class 11 economics syllabus?

    11th standard economics includes Indian Economic Development(IED) and Business Statistics. With a variety of books available out there for each subject, it makes it difficult for students to decide which book to trust on. Here is the list of the books you can refer to:

    • IED book- We would recommend looking for the IED book published by Saraswati publications and Dhanpat Rai publications (Sandeep Garg).

    • Statistics- For statistics, it is better to go with Tr Jain and Vk Ohri since it contains various questions with descriptive answers of each. You can also refer to Sandeep Garg as it has a huge set of diverse questions, so you can take a look at that one as well. 

    3. How can i better prepare for the class 11th economics syllabus?

    Start your preparation right from the beginning. Start preparing from the NCERT books, Sandeep Garg, and Vk Ohri.

    • Since Economics requires hard work and practice, make sure you solve at least one sample paper or mock test each day. 

    • Make sure to prepare short notes of the definitions, differentiation, formulas and try to go through them daily

    • Since the syllabus of economics is all interrelated so before starting the new unit, always revise the chapters you have completed earlier from the short notes

    • Class 11th economics contains a lot of numerical-based questions, so make sure you practice the maximum questions daily. 

    4. What is the syllabus of class 11 economics?

    The syllabus of Economics is divided into Term-1 and Term-2. The syllabus of which are as follows:

                                  Term-1 ( Objective Question Paper)

                                 Part-A ( Statistics for Economics) 

        Unit-1                                 Introduction

        Unit-2                 Collection, Organization, and Presentation of Data

        Unit-3                     Statistical Tools and Interpretation

                      Part- B ( Introductory Microeconomics )

      Unit-1                                    Introduction

      Unit-2                     Consumer’s Equilibrium and Demand

      Unit-3                           Producer Behavior and Supply

      Unit-4                     Forms of Market and Price Determination


                                         Subjective Question Paper

    Part- A Statistics for Economics ( Measure of Dispersion, Correlation, Index Numbers) 

    Part- B Introductory Microeconomics ( Producer Behavior & supply, Forms of Market and Price Determination under perfect competition) 

    5. How many hours should an 11th class student study economics?

    Syllabus of 11th class Economics is vast so you need to prepare the syllabus daily to complete it before the exam

    • A number of hours you should devote to economics depends upon your capability and speed of learning concepts and solving questions. 

    • You should devote at least 1 hour a day in which you should read the chapter and then solve the numerical given at the end of the chapter.

    • More than concentrating on hours of studying you should focus on how much you are understanding even if you are studying economics for 1 hour daily and understanding the concepts, you will be able to score well.