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DK Goel Solutions Class 11 Accountancy Chapter 15

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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DK Goel Solutions Free PDF Download on Vedantu

Accountancy is an excellent subject to study, as it bears many benefits. The student's skill and knowledge during the course give him an edge, enabling him to find a job in various industries. As long as there is a business transaction, an account is always required. DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 Solutions Chapter 15 provides the student with the basic concept and knowledge of accounting. A degree in accounting helps the student to find an entry-level job in various industries. DK Goel Solutions Class 11 Chapter 15 -  Bank reconciliation statement is a ready reference for commerce students.

The author DK Goel has with great ease and pace effectively tried to explain the concept of reconciliation statement to students with the strong support of examples. The book tries to teach students the importance of bank reconciliation statements and how important it is to tally each transaction. In this chapter, students learn about the methods by which accounting errors or fraud can be detected. The DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 book not only prepares the students for their exams but also gives a deeper understanding of how our system actually works and how to effectively run a business successfully.

DK Goel Solutions Class 11 Accountancy Chapter 15 - Bank Reconciliation Statement

Overview of Chapter 15 - Bank Reconciliation Statement

In this chapter, the author gives numerous examples so that the student understands how the bank reconciliation statement works. The accountant compares the internal financial records with the record provided by the banker of the company. Bank Reconciliation Statement Class 11 Solutions DK Goel, teaches the student how to compare and verify each transaction, making sure they both tally. DK Goel imparts knowledge to students on detecting an accounting error or fraud in Bank Reconciliation Statement.

The process of bank reconciliation can be formal or informal. The chapter explains the importance of bank reconciliation statements, which can be performed monthly, quarterly, or daily. The internal accounting system must contain all financial transactions. The bank statement should be downloaded regularly to compare and verify. The closing balance of the bank statement must tally with the ending balance of the internal record. If there is a mismatch, a note should be provided explaining the difference.

The bank reconciliation statements are prepared periodically to record all the transactions of the bank. These statements are mainly kept to record the transactions and to determine the exact bank balance. 


Minor differences between the bank statement and internal record are not unusual, as the instrument has not yet been debited or credited in the current account. The company may have issued a check in favor of a supplier, which is already deducted in internal accounts, but the bank closing balance is higher. When the check hits the bank, the amount is debited from the concerned account and both accounts matches. These checks are referred to as an outstanding check. When the discrepancies are easily explainable, the issue is not of any significant concern. But when these mismatches need more time to solve, it needs to be addressed immediately.  DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 Solutions Bank Reconciliation Statement addresses all these matters lucidly. 

How Class 11 DK Goel Solutions Gives Better Understanding For Scoring HIGH Marks ?

The author explains the importance of reconciliation in the Class 11 Accountancy Bank Reconciliation Statement. A periodic review helps the account to detect any problems and address them as soon as possible. Class 11 DK Goel Solutions Bank Reconciliation Statement explains the subject lucidly, profoundly and with examples. Accountancy Class 11 Chapter 15 DK Goel solutions Bank Reconciliation Statement helps the student to prepare for the exam and to score better marks.


Class 11 Chapter 15 DK Goel Solutions  Bank Reconciliation Statement curated by various experienced teachers and professionals, clarifies the subject. The student will benefit from the numerous examples in the chapter and prepare for the exam by solving them.

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FAQs on DK Goel Solutions Class 11 Accountancy Chapter 15

1. Why is proper guidance needed while studying Accountancy in Class 11?

To excel in business and for better career opportunities the student's fundamentals must be clear in the subject of accountancy. To be able to perform well in the subject, the student must be fundamentally strong and should have good knowledge of accountancy. The CBSE and ISC board ensure that the students get a glimpse of accountancy in Class 11 to make them aware of the importance of the subject. Many students get puzzled by the subject since a lot of theory and conceptual knowledge is involved so it's essential to develop a grip on accountancy from the basics. The DK Goel Solutions on the Vedantu website can help the student understand the concept of Accountancy and help them overcome the fear of the subject. 

2. How to prepare for the Class 11 Accountancy paper?

Though accountancy is a tricky subject and can be difficult for the student to grasp, it is one of the most scoring subjects in the syllabus of Class 11. To excel in accountancy one needs to understand the subject, concept and logic and how these theories can be used to solve any problem in practical life. With that said, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of the subject and the topics that come under it. It can be challenging at first to ace the subject but through proper guidance, a student can excel in the subject. DK Goel Solution book can be really helpful for preparation. The solutions are available for free in PDF format on the Vedantu website, students can easily download these materials and prepare themselves to understand Accountancy. 

3. What are the things that should be kept in mind while preparing for Class 11 Accountancy?

Accountancy is a subject of concepts and theory and it's important to understand them to use them to solve real-life problems. For effective preparation, the students must ensure to follow certain tricks which can help them score those extra brownie points. The first is finding the right material for the preparation. The DK Goel Solution available on the Vedantu website is the best source for accountancy preparation. The next is hard work and dedication towards the subject, no student can excel without this. Focus on understanding the concept rather than just jotting down the points and trying to rote learn. Solve as many questions as you can to test your knowledge on the subject. Follow the DK Solutions on the Vedantu website for free to understand the straightforward explanation.

4. How can DK Goel Accountancy Solutions help the students?

DK Goel is one of the most vital books for accountancy, the first reason is that the book has been curated by the subject expert DK Goel and the second is the way it explains the concept and theory of accountancy. The book is one of the best books that can teach a student about accountancy properly and comprehensively. The DK Goel solution is available for free and anyone can access them easily by visiting the Vedantu website. The questions and the solutions are crafted keeping the previous year’s paper in mind. The solution in the book breaks down complex concepts and theories which are made easy for the student to grasp. 

5. Why should a student consider learning from Vedantu?

Searching notes and material for exam preparation can be a tedious job. Vedantu has well-crafted notes and study material that are available for free and easily. The sample papers are available in PDF format and are prepared by subject experts who ensure that the content is well received and understood by the students. The objective behind Vedantu is to help the students study and learn at their own pace by providing them with materials online for free. Since these materials are available in PDF format, the students can refer to them later when needed.