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Sandeep Garg Economics Class 11 Solutions for Chapter 3

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Class 11 Economics Sandeep Garg Solutions Chapter 3 – Diagrammatic Presentation

Sandeep Garg Class 11 Economics Solutions Chapter 3 is an illustration curated by professional economic educators for students to comprehend the concepts and procure good scores. The Sandeep Garg Solution is a credible source of reference that provides fundamentals and a comprehensive understanding of solved exercises for economic students. The Solutions offer an enhanced preparation process, and students can download the chapter-wise solutions from here for free and prepare accordingly.

The professional economic educator illustrated the diagrammatic presentation from Sandeep Garg Economics Class 11 textbook solutions chapter 2 from the contemporary edition of the textbook. Students can learn more about the subject through Sandeep Garg Economics Class 11 Solutions. As students complete their homework or study for their exams, these insights will be a valuable asset. Economics is a subject with numerous concepts, but here we present the solution from our Tabular Presentation, which will be quite helpful to the students who are preparing for their exam.

Sandeep Garg Economics Class 11 Solutions for Chapter 3 – Diagrammatic Presentation

Introduction to Class 11 Economics Sandeep Garg Solution Chapter 3 PDF

The Sandeep Garg Class 11 Economics Solutions Chapter 3 is an easy and scoring chapter that presents how to show data efficiently through the use of diagrammatic presentations like bar charts, histograms, pie charts, and so on. 

The Sandeep Garg Class 11 Economics Solutions Chapter 3 is the study of data in a simple and presentable manner through the representation of diagrams. 

There are Two Basic Types of Diagrammatic Presentations

1. Geometric Form: The Geometric type of diagrammatic presentation includes presentations like- Pie Diagram and Bar Diagram

Circular or Pie Chart

There are radii at each corner of the circle to divide the area into sectors, so a pie chart consists of a circle. Further, the sector values are proportional to those of the items that are under investigation. Additionally, the circle comprises the entire data set under consideration.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Pie Charts

  1. Provide a percentage breakdown of the components of the data given

  2. In the center of the circle, the angle is 360 degrees, so divide each percentage component by 3.6.

  3. Make a circle.

  4. Divide the circle into sectors according to the central angles of each percent component.

  5. Use different shades for each sector.

2. Frequency Diagram: The Frequency type of diagrammatic presentation includes presentations like- Histogram, Frequency Polygon, Frequency Curve, and Ogive curve. Line charts or polygons showing frequency distributions are called frequency diagrams. Below is a frequency chart showing the corresponding table results. The midpoint of each group represents the frequency polygon of grouped data.

Histograms are bar graphs that show frequency distributions. Follow the below mentioned important steps on how to create a histogram:

  1. Place frequencies are displayed vertically. The frequency axis in this place would be labeled as the term "Frequency.".

  2. Place each interval's lower value on the horizontal axis. Provide a label for this axis explaining what data are shown (the price of birthday cards, etc.).

  3. In each interval, make a line extending from the smallest value to the smallest value of the next interval. It is recommended that each bar have the same height as the frequency of the interval it represents.

Advantages of Diagrammatic Presentation

The use of diagrammatic presentation in a chapter helps in a better understanding of the concept. Given below are some of the advantages of it:

  • The Class 11 Economics Diagrammatic Presentation Sandeep Garg chapter presents data in the form of a simple and colorful manner appealing and at the same time in a comprehensive manner.

  • The Diagrammatic Presentation in a chapter saves a lot of time as it presents complex data in a simplified manner.

  • Diagrammatic Presentation Class 11 Economics Sandeep Garg chapters are more informative as they not only depict data characteristics but also reveal other hidden relations and facts which remain unsolvable from the classified and tabulated data.

  • The Diagrammatic Presentations are super easy to comprehend as they give a great memorizing effect.

  • Class 11 Economics Sandeep Garg Solution Chapter 3 Pdf helps students present a huge mass of complex data in an intelligible, simplified, and understandable form

  • The Diagrammatic Presentation chapter presents two sets of data in a visually pleasing and easily comparable manner.

  • The diagrammatic representation of data is easy to understand by a common man. Diagrams are really too attractive and they are also impressive, with many newspapers and magazines using them often so that they can describe certain phenomena. Advertisement campaigns also utilize diagrams heavily nowadays.

  • Simplified Presentation-You can easily present large volumes of complex data in a simplified and understandable way by using diagrams.

  • A hidden fact is revealed when data is sorted and tabulated - some facts are not revealed during this process. Data visualization helps reveal these concealed facts as well as their relations.

  • Diagrams help people to grasp the data easily when it is presented in a graphical form.

  • Compare with ease - Diagrams make it easy for people to compare data.

  • This is universal - almost all fields of study such as business, economics, social institutions, administrative work, etc. make use of diagrams. Consequently, they are universally accepted.

A General Principle of Diagrammatic Presentation of Data

In order to best communicate the information contained in statistical data, a diagrammatic presentation is the best method. In order to make diagrammatic presentations more effective tools for understanding data, you should follow the following general principles:

  • The title should give a clear, concise, and unambiguous explanation of the topic. In the footnote below the diagram, you can provide more information about the title.

  • Diagrams must be constructed so that the viewer is immediately engaged. Your drawing should be drawn neatly, with an appropriate balance between its length and breadth. Also, you have to make sure about the fact that the diagram is neither too large nor too small. Colors, shades, and sizes can also be used to emphasize different aspects of a problem.

  • Ensure that the drawing is accurate by using the proper measurements and colors. Always put accuracy above attractiveness in your drawings.

  • Consider the nature of the data and the purpose of the investigation when selecting the design of the diagram.

  • The diagram should be indexed if you use different shades or colors to illustrate different characteristics.

  • Please specify where the data comes from if you are using a secondary source.

  • Your diagram should be as simple as possible.

Preparation Tips

  • The Class 11 Economics presents theories in Tabular or Graphical or Diagramatic presentation along with the necessary formula for students to comprehend readily. 

  • Students should ensure to practice the problems that involve diagrammatic presentations regularly.

  • The most effective preparation approach is to understand the working and application of a formula over memorizing. A thorough understanding and regular practice of all the important formulas chapter-wise helps better comprehension of the chapter.

  • Students must comprehend and analyze the logic and reasoning of all the important topics and give special focus to the various graphical presentations.


The Sandeep Garg Class 11 Solutions for Economics Chapter 3- Diagrammatic Presentation is a chapter that presents a comprehensive view of all the important concepts and problems important for students during preparation or revision for the exam. The Class 11 Sandeep Garg Solution Diagrammatic Presentation helps students enhance and better their preparation and change their score game.

FAQs on Sandeep Garg Economics Class 11 Solutions for Chapter 3

1. How does diagrammatic data presentation differ from other methods?

Diagrams are geometrical figures such as lines, bars, circles, squares, etc., which help present data in a manner that is more intuitive. A diagrammatic presentation of data offers the following advantages:

  • Easy to understand- Graphs facilitate the understanding of data because they are attractive, impressive, and they are used frequently in newspapers and magazines to illustrate certain facts or phenomena. Modern advertising campaigns also use diagrams.

  • Simplified Presentation- Using diagrams, you can represent large amounts of complex data in a simple and understandable way.

  • Reveals Hidden Facts- During the classification and tabulation of data, some facts are hidden. Visualizing data using diagrams helps reveal these facts, as well as their relationships.

2. How to prepare for Class 11 Economics Chapter 3 – Diagrammatic Presentation?

You can prepare for Class 11 Economics Chapter 3- Diagrammatic presentation in the following ways-

  1. Understanding the detailed topic that was explained should be the first and most important if you are preparing for a Diagrammatic presentation.

  2. Diagrams tend to be easy if you search for the relevant information given in the question only. Different study pie charts and other histograms as well give you a detailed version of the answer.

  3. Always make notes of the important topics with their graphical presentation only as it will help you in learning those concepts in an easier way.

  4. After completing your syllabus, test your preparation by solving sample papers. You can download a free PDF of sample papers and solutions from Vedantu’s website or mobile app.

3. How pie charts can be helpful for a diagrammatic presentation?

Pie charts can be helpful for a diagrammatic presentation in the following ways.

  1. The pie chart gives you a chart view of the numbers and other important topics which are mentioned in the questions.

  2. Pie chart provides you with a circle representation of your answer about how much percentage that topics hold and how the answer is divided with the diagrammatic view.

  3. A pie chart is best used when trying to work out the composition of something. If you have categorical data then using a pie chart would work really well as each slice can represent a different category.

4. What are the key areas in Diagrammatic Presentation you must focus on before Class 11 Economics Exams?

The key areas including Diagrammatic presentation you should focus on before you are going for Class 11 Economics exams are-

  1. Make sure you have practised pie charts, histograms, frequency graphs enough so that you can understand the concept of the graphs

  2. Always make a picture in your mind whenever you are attempting any question so that you can have an idea about how the charts should be done

  3. Make sure to practice sample papers as much as possible to understand the level of questions that can be there in your exams.

5.  What is the importance of  diagrammatic presentation?

An easy-to-follow diagram is easy to comprehend. A simplified representation can simplify a large amount of data. Data can be presented in a simple and effective way by using diagrams. You can represent large quantities of complex data in a way that makes sense. A simple and effective tool for presenting the information that any statistical data contains. Diagrams are usually attractive and impressive, and newspapers and magazines use them frequently to explain certain phenomena and facts related to data.