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Google Coding for Kids

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Code with Google

Nowadays, coding has become an important part of education. Many schools have it separately included in their curriculum according to the new education system. The new education policy in India also mentioned the importance of coding and artificial intelligence and advised having a compulsory and separate class from Class 6 onwards. 



We can see many courses related to coding on many online platforms. Recently there is a free coding class for kids by Google which is easily accessible to anyone. Let’s have a look at coding in detail.

Why Coding?  

Programming helps children learn to problem-solve. Google coding app helps better to understand this concept. Computer programming gives kids a challenge and helps them develop resilience.  Coding teaches children how to think. Children expand their creativity when they learn how to code.  

Computer Programming in Future

Computer Programming in Future

Computer programming is the future and any kid learns it free of cost. 

Teaching Coding To Kids

Have you ever wondered at what age can anyone start coding? The answer is 7! You must also know that at the early age of 7 to 12, children can also start their career with Google coding, and also it is the perfect age to spark an interest in coding as well. 

What is Google Coding?  

Google has created a set of online courses related to coding, which help to communicate with computers and Google engineers. Google developers provide this training.


Google Mail

Google Mail

Code with Google

A group of individuals thinks that coding is difficult and too expensive to complete relevant courses. Not necessary; there are free learning or reasonable-cost platforms for your child to learn to code. 

Students get to learn coding by playing games and utilizing drag-and-drop coding blocks similar to Legos to comprehend the foundations of programming rather than having to memorize difficult syntax. Learning Scratch is an excellent starting point for learning more complex languages like HTML, CSS, and Java.

Free Coding Classes for Kids By Google: Google Student Program

Anyone can instruct students in Computer Science using the open curriculum called CS First. Children learn collaboration and fundamental computer science principles as they develop their own projects in this course, which is intended for students aged 9 to 14 of all interests and levels of experience. With simple-to-follow lesson plans, tutorials, activities, and resources, educators set the standard.

Learning Coding

Learning Coding

Teaching Coding to Kids

With FunTech, there is an easy and innovative way to learn to code especially for kids. It’s like gaming for them without any more complications or confusion. Teaching coding by using the Google coding app, free coding resources for kids, sample programs, guides, and much more make it a pleasant experience for children willing to learn to code. 



Any student, of any age, can learn to code without cost from the various online platforms, and google coding is one of them. Children learn to swiftly rectify mistakes and attempt things again in different ways through coding. Children who learn to code are also better able to persevere through challenges and work toward solutions. This approach to problem-solving.

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FAQs on Google Coding for Kids

1. What can we do with Google code? 

Google Code will introduce you to open source and give you the opportunity to become part of the open source community by working on a real-world software project. Google code can be utilized in many ways, which is a brief numerical code that is occasionally given to your phone or email address, to finish an action like password recovery. This extra security measure makes sure that only you (or another person with permission to use your Google account) can enter.

2. Is Google coding free? How can it be useful?

Yes, Google coding is free for everyone irrespective of age, gender, or origin of country. Any student, of any age, can learn to code without cost with the fun coding app for beginners. 

An annual international programming contest called Google Code-in (GCI), which was run by Google LLC, gave high school students the chance to complete assignments set by a variety of collaborating open source groups.

Learning to code is crucial because it develops critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative thinking abilities. Another talent that is prized in the workplace is coding.