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Use of Technology in the Home

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Technology in Daily Life

We are surrounded by technology throughout our daily activities. At every step, we use technology but it seems so obvious that we don’t think about or discuss it. Technology always helps us and becomes our friend. From waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night, we depend on technology. Read the article below to know more about technology at home.

Morning Shows the Day

At the breakfast table, when we take a bite of crunchy toast, do we think about the gadget that helps to make the same? It is the toaster that your mother uses to make your breakfast. It is an appliance that uses technology to serve you the item of your choice.





After that, you become ready for school and take a shower in warm water during winter. You feel fresh having a nice hot shower in the winter morning but do you know about the geyser? It is the gadget that makes the cold water hot for you. As you go to school in the car or bus, you should think about the technology that makes vehicles run smoothly on the road and help you to reach school quickly.

Work and Studies From Home

Even when the schools were closed due to the pandemic, you didn’t have to worry about missing your classes. You could continue with your studies online through a laptop or mobile phone, which is a great wonder of technology. By sitting at home, you could see your teachers giving you lessons and communicating with you. There was no restriction on time and locations.

The Power of Mobile Phones

Just think about what a mobile phone can do. It has the power to give you all types of facilities just at your fingertips. You can talk to your friends, relatives, and others at a far distance through your mobile phone and even can see them through video calls. You can connect to someone across the country or in any part of the world in a few seconds.

The mobile phone not only helps us to communicate, but we can also take photos and make videos with it, listen to music and play games also. When you travel by car, there is a Google map on your father’s mobile phone that guides you to reach your destination. It’s such an amazing technology that makes our daily activities so enjoyable.

Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

Trending Laptops or Desktops

Your father or mother works on a computer or laptop at home to manage their office work, attend meetings, and send and receive messages using email which is delivered instantaneously to any part of the world. What an amazing technology it is! If you want some information or require some pictures, you can get it on your computer through the internet connection. You can download images on the computer and get them printed on paper using the printer connected to the computer. So you can make your assignments more attractive and colourful than the teachers would like very much.





The Home Appliances

Again at home, we can see a lot of machines and equipment that run using different technology. You will be astonished when you keep on counting all items used in a day. We put dirty clothes in the washing machine and it washes and dries clothes on its own without any manual work. The microwave oven in the kitchen helps the food served hot in a few minutes. It is also used to bake your favourite cakes and cookies.

During hot summer days, when you feel very exhausted, you can switch on the air conditioner. The air conditioner blows cool air that makes you feel comfortable. The rooms are kept clean and dust-free using the vacuum cleaner. There are many more pieces of equipment at home to add up to the list.

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

Online Shopping

And, what about shopping? We can visit shops to buy the items but what if you can’t make it? No problem! We have a lot of options for online shopping where we can select the items of our choice and place orders for delivery. Within hours or days, all items are delivered to our doorstep. If you want to buy a dress, school supplies or maybe purchase gifts for someone, place an order on any website delivering that product, choose the item and they will hand it to you at your home. It’s that easy!

Technology Follows Us

It is essential to understand that technology is employed in every part of our life. Our daily lives and technology move hand in hand. In education, office, travel, entertainment, health, or leisure activities, technology becomes an unavoidable component. If we think deeply, we will realise how the involvement of technology makes our daily life better, easier and faster. Technology makes us feel comfortable, happy, and satisfied.

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FAQs on Use of Technology in the Home

1. How does technology facilitate work from home?

We can work on computers from home to manage office work, attend or conduct meetings, and send and receive messages using email, which is delivered instantaneously.  Email and video calls allow us to arrange meetings and transfer documents, whereas wireless technology enables you to meet our colleagues or employees anywhere and anytime. Using mobile phones, laptops and computers with wireless internet access implies that our employees are always accessible and can work for or with you wherever they are.

2. How does technology make us satisfied and comfortable?

The technological tools and appliances help to make our work easy and fast, saving a lot of time and effort. This makes our lives comfortable and convenient. Also, technology has given us access to several health and wellness resources. This makes it easier than ever to strengthen and practice skills like appreciation, awareness,  and emotion regulation online. You can also use apps to do everything including tracking your mood to practising therapeutic breathing to building resilience.