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NCERT Books for Class 9 Science Chapter 1

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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NCERT Books for Class 9 Science - Matter in Our Surroundings

Free NCERT Books download for Class 9 Science Chapter 1 - Matter in Our Surroundings on Vedantu. Students can download the NCERT Textbooks Solutions in PDF for Class 9 Science Chapter 1 - Matter in Our Surroundings. Register for Science tuition to clear your doubts and score more in your exams. Vedantu is a platform that provides free NCERT Solutions and other study materials for students. Maths Students who are looking for better solutions can download Class 9 Maths NCERT Solutions to help you to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Students can download it by visiting Vedantu’s website. On this page, students can download Class 9 Science Chapter-1 PDF solutions of the book. 

Importance of Class 9 Science Chapter 1 - Matter in Our Surroundings

Class 9 Chapter 1- Matter In Our Surroundings is an important chapter and forms the base of all the topics which will be further taught in the higher classes. If you analyze, the matter is everywhere and if you are comparing the topics with our real lives the chapter becomes very easy. The comparison gives you practical knowledge of certain topics. So being a science student you should look at the topics beside you at home, schools and you can find lots of similarities to what you have in the textbook. The chapter itself suggests that Matter in Our Surrounding  so if you look around one can get the practical explanations of the topics that are in the chapter.

NCERT solutions can be the best guide and help for the students to prepare the chapter. The solutions are prepared by experts having a deep knowledge of the subject. All the content is structured according to the latest syllabus so students can rely upon this solution without any second thoughts.

Vedantu’s NCERT solutions have all the information accurately and the explanation is very simple with the right format. Practicing through the NCERT solutions can be advantageous to the students. Sometimes you might know the chapter well but answering with proper content including all the important points is very important. For example, if it is a 2 mark question, you have to answer with two or three very  important points . At the same time, if it is 5 marks, then you have written all the points connected with the topic and also support the answers with the neat and a labelled diagram. Doing this can ensure a full score. So all these should be kept in mind while attempting the paper. 


Topics included in the Chapter 1 - Matter in Our Surroundings

The topics that are included in this chapter are:

1. Physical nature of matter.

2. Characteristics of particles of matter.

3. States of matter.

4. Can matter change its state?

5. Evaporation.

So these are the important topics in this chapter. If you properly analyze, you will come to realize that all the topics discussed in this chapter are basically found in our surroundings. As an example we can take the evaporation we always observe in the kitchen.  So basically one has to compare the lessons taught with the daily lives and you will find answers to many such topics. This is one of the best ways to study. Practical knowledge should be applied to connect the dots with the theory given in the chapter.



Matter is all around us. The student should learn to analyze the things around them and they can very well get the practical knowledge of all the topics. The matter is everywhere when you start to compare the things that you have in your surroundings and what you use you will get answers to all the questions and the chapter becomes very easy and interesting as well. Science is very interesting and all the chapters can be followed very easily if read with concentration.

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FAQs on NCERT Books for Class 9 Science Chapter 1

1. What are the benefits of going through the NCERT solutions?

The benefits of studying NCERT solutions are numerous. However, let us go through the basic ones in the following:

1. The solutions are very systematically given.

2. The complex answers are simplified making it easier for students to understand easily.

3. The language used is very simple so that any student can grasp it very easily.

4. These are prepared by experts having the subject knowledge in depth so students can confidently rely on the NCERT solutions.

5. Students can confidently rely on these solutions without any confusion and fear.

6. Practising all the exercises from the solution will give the students perfect exam preparation. 

2. What are the different characteristics explained in the chapter of the NCERT solutions?

The different characteristics explained are Shape, Intermolecular force, Volume, Rigidity of Fluidity, Intermolecular space and compressibility. These topics have to be clearly understood as the same topics they are going to study in more detail in the higher classes. So it becomes very important to study the fundamentals and to have clarity regarding the topics. When students get a grip of the fundamentals then understanding the advanced topics is not difficult at all. Students can clarify their doubts and get an accurate explanation in a simple way through the NCERT solution.

3. What are the total questions present in chapter 1 of class 9 science?

There are a total of 26 questions present in the chapter. If students learn to answer all these with the proper conceptual understanding then scoring full marks is not at all difficult. Learning to answer this question will give the thorough preparation of the chapter. Practice writing the answers as this will enhance your writing speed. You can also improve managing your time well when you practice writing. Writing always helps you to remember well.

4. Can students depend on the NCERT solutions for exam preparation?

Students can definitely  rely on the NCERT solutions for exam preparation. The solutions are according to the chapter from the textbook so they need not worry. All the minute points are well covered so we can conclude that if students are thorough with the solutions with all the exercise questions they can be assured to score well. Students should start early so that they are not under any kind of pressure at the last minute and also the syllabus will be systematically covered allowing enough revision time. Completion of the syllabus early will alway give positive results. If you want to score well then start an early preparation.

5. What is the general tip to prepare?

Vedantu has discussed a few tips for preparation below:

1. Make a study plan with the topics to be completed each day and follow it regularly.

2. A consistent study is very important to have accurate preparation.

3. Allot a specific time and place for everyday study.

4. Just don't memorize but understand and learn.

5. Practice writing the answers with proper content.

6. Solve the previous year question papers to develop time management skills.

7. Evaluate your progress after each chapter.

8. Have proper sleep and good health.

9. Be positive in mind and thoughts.

You can avail all the well-researched and good quality chapters, sample papers, syllabus on various topics from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application available on the play store.