Important Questions for CBSE Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha

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CBSE Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Important Questions - Free PDF Download

Bal Ram Katha is a book containing various chapters of stories about Ram and his family and all of the stories that children grow up hearing. About Ram, we know about the Ramayana, but the Bal Ram Katha propagates a lot more stories about the god so that students get a fair idea of Hindu culture and its history and significance. In a country like India, where culture takes centre-stage in every aspect of life, it is important to know these stories.

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Class 6 Bal Ram Katha Important Questions - Free PDF Download

When the time for exams gets closer, it’s difficult to prioritise what all we need to study or revise first. Understanding this, Vedantu has compiled the list of important questions for class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha which students can use to figure out how best to go about preparations. These important questions for class 6 Hindi Bal Ram katha are from all the chapters in this book and they will majorly help students understand how the book should be studied. We have also listed the chapters of Bal Ram Katha so that students can be clearer about the book in general.

CBSE Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Important Questions

There are a total of 12 chapters in the Bal Ram Katha book for class 6 Hindi, and in the end of the book, there are some useful exercises as well.

The Following Are the Chapters in the Vasant Book

  • Chapter 1: Awadhpuri Mein Ram

  • Chapter 2: Jungle Aur Janakpur

  • Chapter 3: Do Vardaan

  • Chapter 4: Ram Ka Van-Gaman

  • Chapter 5: Chitrakoot Mein Bharat

  • Chapter 6: Dandak Van Mein Das Varsh

  • Chapter 7: Sone Ka Hiran

  • Chapter 8: Sita Ki Khoj

  • Chapter 9: Ram Aur Sugriv

  • Chapter 10: Lanka Mein Hanuman

  • Chapter 11: Lanka Vijay

  • Chapter 12: Ram Ka Rajyabhishek

The Following is an Explanation of the Most Significant Chapters of the Bal Ram Katha:

Awadhpuri Mein Ram (Chapter 1): This chapter first talks about Dashrath, the king of Ayodhya, and his sorrow over not having had any children. After performing a ceremony, the fire god blessed him and his wives with four children, Rama, Lakshman, Shatrughan and Bharat. The story talks about how the princes grew up together and touches upon the idea of marrying them to someone. For this, another ceremony was to be performed, but it couldn’t be because of demons that were in its way, who could only be killed by Rama, who went to kill them alongside his brother Lakshman.

Jungle Aur Janakpur (Chapter 2): This chapter begins when Rama and Lakshman are accompanied by the Maharishi along the Saryu river, till a place called Sadur. After resting at an Ashram overnight, they crossed the Ganga on a boat while the Maharishi told the princes about Tadka Forest, and Rama killed Tadka, the demon. While performing a ceremony in the forest, demons came to attack but the princes fended them off. After this, the three went to meet King Janaka, who was impressed by Rama’s archery skills. King Janaka’s daughters married into King Dasharath’s family.

Do Vardaan (Chapter 3): King Dasharath, in this story, is fully prepared to crown Rama the king in his place, and the coronation was planned to take place while Rama’s brothers were away in another town. Kaikeyi believed that Rama would expel Bharat from the land, and this thought was unbearable. She remembered the two boons that Dasharath had promised fulfilment for her. After luring Dasharath to the Kopbhavan to see her in despair, she used one boon to exile Rama for 14 years, and the second boon to crown Bharat the king in place of Rama.

Ram Ka Van-Gaman (Chapter 4): While the whole city of Ayodhya was excited about Rama;s coronation, no one knew what would happen instead. Dasharath had fallen sick at hearing his wife speak this way, and upon seeing Rama he could not tell him the truth, even after regaining consciousness after fainting. Kaikeyi broke the news to Rama and he left that day for the forest with Sita and Lakshman. Dashrath renounced his title, but died a few days later. Bharat was crowned king so that the throne would not remain empty.

Chitrakoot Mein Bharat (Chapter 5): Bharat is in another town, unaware of the happenings in Ayodhya. When he arrives back home, he is told of his father’s death, and instantly asks about Rama. Shatrughan finds out about his father as well. When asked to take the throne, Bharat instead went to bring Rama back from the forest who refused to disobey his father. Eventually, Bharat became king, but did not go back to Ayodhya, and followed the same ascetic path as his father before he died.

Dandak Van Mein Das Varsh (Chapter 6): People from Ayodhya would keep coming to Rama, so he moved to Dandak forest for the next 10 years. Lakshman built a hut in the forest where the three lived. One day, Ravana’s sister came to Rama and Lakshman to marry either of them, and Lakshman cut her nose off. After the revenge demons of Ravana were killed by Rama, while Rama went to chase a golden deer for Sita, while asking Lakshman to keep her safe.

Sone Ka Hiran (Chapter 10): Lakshman went after Rama into the forest, knowing that something was wrong. He left a “Lakshman Rekha” and in the meantime, Ravana came in the form of Lakshman and abducted her. He took her straight to his palace in Lanka, and told her either she’d marry him or cry forever. She cried all the time taking Rama’s name.

Lanka Vijay (Chapter 11): Rama’s vanarsena took to arms and went across the sea to reach Lanka to save Sita. Ravana’s younger brother was kicked out of Lanka and he went to help Rama in exchange for the throne of Lanka after Ravana died. A terrible war with many deaths on both sides took place and Lakshman lost consciousness. Hanuman got Sanjeevani Booti to regain Lakshman’s consciousness. Ravana was killed by Rama’s arrow and Sita was brought to safety.

Ram Ka Rajyabhishek (Chapter 12): Rama arrived in Ayodhya exactly 14 years after his exile was complete, and hanuman was sent beforehand to inform Bharat of the same. Rama and Sita put on their royal clothes and entered Ayodhya while Deepotsav was celebrated (today’s Deepavali). The next day, Rama was rightfully crowned the king.

Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Extra Questions

The back of each chapter in Hindi has several questions which students may answer. Aside from these questions at the back of each chapter, the class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha extra questions will be helpful for students as well.

Here is a List of Some of the Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Extra Questions or Important Questions.

  • Why was King Dasharath upset?

  • Where was Bharat during the preparations of Rama’s coronation?

  • What was the condition in Ayodhya when Rama was leaving for his exile?

  • Elaborate on what happened when Rama and Bharat met after king Dasharath died.

  • What did angry Sita say to Lakshman before she was abducted?

  • Who broke Jatayu’s wings and why?

  • What reason did Lakshman give Rama for leaving Sita alone even when he asked him not to?

  • Who was the nicest demon in Lanka?

  • How many days did the bridge take to build?

  • When did Bharat return the kingdom of Ayodhya to Rama?

  • What did Bharat do when he found out Rama was returning?

Benefits of Class 6 Bal Ram Katha Important Questions

There are several benefits of the important questions for class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha which have been provided by Vedantu for all students. The benefits of the same are as follows:

  • The Vedantu important questions are very well researched and verified, leaving little to no doubt that these questions will come in the Hindi class 6 final exam.

  • The important questions are in PDF so they can be downloaded and printed for the most comfortable use of the student.

  • These important questions are framed in such a way that the answers will match the answers which the CBSE board warrants in the examinations.

  • These important questions for class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha come along with the answers for the same, thus they will be quite handy.

  • The solutions have been divided chapter-wise even though the chapters are continuous. This way, it’s easier for students to refer to a certain question or chapter in particular order.


Bal Ram Katha is a continuous story from chapter 1 to chapter 12, which tells the entire life story of Rama and his family, including his wife, his three brothers and his father, mother and step-mothers. The important questions for class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha is important to ensure that one has properly understood the stories about Rama and can answer the questions related to the same during the exam.

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