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CBSE Class 7 History Worksheet Chapter 2 New Kings and Kingdoms - PDF

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CBSE Class 7 History Worksheet Chapter 2 New Kings and Kingdoms – Download Free PDFs with Solutions

History is an integral part of the learning process of a young child. The subject helps students understand the past, and how its bearings can be seen even in the present. The second chapter of the Class 7 History NCERT textbook is New Kings and Kingdoms. The chapter talks about the emergence of new dynasties in various parts of the Indian subcontinent between the 7th and 12th centuries.

The chapter begins by mentioning about the big landlords and chieftains known as samantas who rose to power in different regions of the Indian subcontinent. It contains detailed information on the warfare and dynastic politics that encapsulated India from the 7th to 12th century. In addition, the chapter also iterates on the administration of these kingdoms. For instance, rules adopted high-sounding titles to gain legitimacy and create an awe-strucking around their persona. The chapter then goes on to talk at length about land grants, warfare, especially in the city of Kanauj, the raid of Mahmud Ghazni, the kingdoms of South India, and finally about the splendid architectural marvels of South Indian temples.

History is an interesting subject; however, it can be tedious, comprehensive, and too detailed. The NCERT history book may not be enough for children to gain the knowledge they want, and to get into the crux of what the chapter is trying to say. It is such a context that some extra study materials come into the picture. Parents and teachers coupled with the students should ensure to incorporate additional academic assistance in the form of revision papers, extra questions, etc.

CBSE Class 7 History Worksheet Chapter 2 New Kings and Kingdoms - PDF will be uploaded soon

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Importance of Learning Class 7 History Chapter 2 Worksheet

The chapter – New Kings and Kingdoms – is incredibly important because it enables young minds to get into the details of our dynastic past.

  • The chapter introduces students to new concepts such as kingdoms, warfare, land grants, etc.

  • The chapter has information that is relevant for competitive examinations, which the student might appear in the future.

  • Students learn about several important dynasties of Indian history, such as the Rashtrakutas, Cholas, Palas, Gurjara Pratiharas, etc.

  • The Class 7 History Chapter 2 worksheet includes an assortment of maps, captivating images, and ‘interesting facts’ boxes that can pique the interest of young minds and help them gain knowledge faster.

Examples of Class 7 History Chapter 2 Worksheet Exercises 

1. Match the Following.

  1. Gurjara Pratiharas i) Western Deccan

  2. Rashtrakutas         ii) Bengal

  3. Palas                      iii) Gujarat and Rajasthan

  4. Cholas                   iv) Tamil Nadu


  • a-iii

  • b-i

  • c-ii

  • d-iv

Important Topics of History Chapter 2 New Kings and Kingdoms Class 7 

All the New Kings and Kingdoms Class 7 worksheet with answers cover the following topics:

  • Emergence of New Kingdoms 

  • How Dynasties Gained Powers

  • About the Rashtrakutas

  • Administration in the Kingdoms

  • Revenues and Taxes

  • Prashastis and Land grant

  • Achievements of Nagabhata

  • Development of Irrigation in Tamil Nadu

  • Warfare

  • Detailed overview of the Chola Dynasty

Learn Class 7 History Chapter 2 with PDFs Curated by Experts

Learning is now simplified with Vedantu’s Class 7 History Chapter 2 Questions and Answers PDFs. Curated by subject matter experts, the PDFs are all-encompassing study material packages that can help a child learn about the nitty-gritty of the various chapters of Class 7 NCERT history and enjoy the subject. 

  • The PDFs provide a unique insight to India’s history and make the subject interesting.

  • Equipped with various fun exercises, students learn to solve questions and answers for their boards from a very tender age.

  • Vedantu’s PDFs are precisely where learning meets fun. 

  • The content of the chapter on Emergence of New Kingdoms Class 7 has been formulated in accordance with the latest CBSE guidelines. 

  • The PDFs are regularly updated by Vedantu’s Subject Matter Experts.

Now, history does not have to be boring if you have academic PDFs by your side. From colourful pictures to animations to interesting facts and fascinating tales, Vedantu’s PDFs are equipped with resources that are surely going to have young minds hooked. Thus, click on the download button now and watch your child reach academic milestones.

FAQs on CBSE Class 7 History Worksheet Chapter 2 New Kings and Kingdoms - PDF

1. What were the achievements of the Chola Kingdom?

Some of the achievements of the Chola Kingdom of Tamil Nadu include development of irrigation works, introducing more advanced and successful agricultural methods, building colossal temples with distinct architectural styles, etc.

2. Who was Sultan Mahmud?

Sultan Mahmud was the ruler of Ghazni between 997 and 1030. He was known for engaging in constant warfare to extend his powers. He raided the Indian subcontinent almost every year, and his targets were wealthy Indian temples such as the Somnath Temple of Gujrat.

3. Who was Al-Beruni?

He was an entrusted scholar of Mahmud of Ghazni who travelled to India to write detailed accounts of the Indian subcontinent. His most famous contribution is Kitab-ul-Hind.