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English Grammar Class 7 The Verb Special Finite Verbs

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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English Grammar Verbs for Class 7 – Download Free PDFs with Solutions

To put it simply, the verb definition for Class 7 states that it is a word which expresses some action, feeling, or existence. It informs us what the subject is doing. The purpose of verbs is to denote the noun's condition and quality, express possession, and depict action. There are several types of verbs with their own usage rules. For instance, verbs can be intransitive or transitive and have tenses and voices. Verbs are a vital aspect of sentence formation and form a foundational English language component. 

Learning verbs for Class 7 students is an integral part of their overall English grammar and is crucial in scoring good marks in examinations. It would not be erroneous to opine that having a firm grasp of verbs is the first step towards excelling in English communication for young minds. However, in today's day and age, solely sticking to NCERT textbooks and exercises is not enough. Students have to expand their horizons via ancillary study materials.

English Grammar Class 7 The Verb Special Finite Verbs - PDF will be uploaded soon

Benefits of Learning Verbs for Class 7 Students

The 8th chapter of the Class 7 English grammar book is on verbs, special finite verbs for Class 7. A finite verb acts as a main verb in any sentence. It is the root word that drives the rest of the statement. Finite verbs have different forms, out of which 24 forms are known as special finite verbs.

  • A firm grasp on verbs enables young minds to dovetail into the more advanced elements of English grammar. 

  • Verbs allow children to communicate about different events in their lives.

  • Practising verb exercises for Class 7 students is essential because they will need the knowledge for years to come as the relevance of verbs increases in higher classes.

  • Communication is impossible without verbs.

Important Topics of Verbs Special Finite Verbs for Class 7 Students

Some of the essential topics of verbs special finite verbs for Class 7 students include:

  • Understanding Verbs

  • Transitive Verbs

  • Intransitive Verbs

  • Forms of Verbs

  • Finite and Nonfinite Verbs

  • Special Finite Verbs 

  • Functions of Special Finite Verbs

All the exercises on CBSE Class 7 English grammar verbs solutions given in the PDF file will encompass the above mentioned topics. 

Examples of Class 7 English Grammar Verbs 

  • Ritu is sitting. (Here, sitting is the verb)

  • She goes to the gym. (Here, gym is the verb)

  • She couldn't pass the test. (Here, couldn't is the special finite verb)

  • The boys play in the park after school. (Here, play is the verb)

  • The pen costs ten rupees. (Here, costs is the verb)

The verb exercises for Class 7 with answers created by our expert teachers include simple and relatable examples like the ones stated above. Examples are an excellent way for children to learn new concepts. 

Interesting Facts About Verbs for Class 7 Student

  • Almost every verb can work as a finite verb as long as it has three qualities – a subject, an agreement with the statement, and a tense.

  • A sentence is incomplete without a finite verb.

  • The 24 special finite verbs in English grammar can be suffixed with the contracted form of not, that is (n't). For example, couldn't, shouldn't, doesn't, etc.

  • A verb has four principal parts.

Combining interesting facts with exercises on CBSE class 7 English grammar verbs solutions is a great way to make learning fun for young kids. 

Benefits of Class 7 Verbs Free PDF Download

The subject matter experts of Vedantu have curated the best in class PDFs to help young minds with English grammar. The PDFs by Vedantu include exercises on CBSE Class 7 English grammar verbs solutions, sample questions, revision notes, verb exercise for class 7, etc. 

  • Students can access Vedantu’s PDFs from the comfort of their homes

  • The PDFs are optimized for both mobile and desktop viewing to ensure a seamless learning process for young minds

  • The English PDFs prepared by Vedantu’s subject matter experts include elaborate guides on grammar rules

  • The latest CBSE curriculum is used to draft the PDFs

  • Lastly, the PDFs are written in a simple and legible yet interesting format so that young minds can find the topic easy but intriguing.

So, download Vedantu's PDFs now and watch your child become fluent and adept in English grammar. The subject experts at Vedantu have discussed all the tricks and tips of verbs with utmost care. You will also be able to access solved exercises and simple explanations in the PDF file to help clear your doubts and ensure good retention of concepts. Click on the ‘Download PDF option’ and enjoy learning both online and offline.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 7 The Verb Special Finite Verbs

1. What is an intransitive verb?

An intransitive verb is a verb that gives complete action without being accompanied by a direct object.

2. What is an auxiliary verb?

Assisting the primary verb in expressing its mood, tense, voice, etc., an auxiliary verb helps the main verb.

3. What are the three types of verbs?

The three types of verbs are action verbs, linking verbs, and auxiliary verbs.