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English Grammar Class 7 Determiners - PDF

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Download Free PDF with Solutions of English Grammar for Class 7 - Determiners

A determiner is a word that describes, limits, or ‘determines’ something about a noun or a pronoun that it precedes. Determines comprise several classes of words, including pronouns and adjectives. They, basically, determine the noun by imbibing in it some additional information. The chapter determiners for Class 7 is an important topic in English grammar as it illustrates whether a noun refers to a general or specific object, person, place, etc. In simple words, determiners indicate how many things a noun refers to. 

There are several types of determiners, such as possessive determiners, qualitative determiners, demonstrative determiners, and so forth. Learning determiners is an integral part of improving the overall communication skills of young minds, and therefore some ancillary assistance goes a long way. It is noteworthy to highlight that the 6th chapter of the Class 7 English grammar NCERT textbooks is on determiners.

English Grammar Class 7 Determiners - PDF will be uploaded soon

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Importance of Learning Determiners for Class 7 Students

Determiner is an essential topic in Class 7 English grammar. Students should regularly practice Class 7 English grammar solutions on determiners to enhance their writing skills.

  • Determiners work along with verbs, personal pronouns and nouns, to provide meaning to a sentence, and to give more context to what is being said.

  • Determiners introduce a noun or noun phrase, and clarify the whereabouts of the noun used in a sentence.

  • Determiners are crucial for the proper structuring of sentences in the English language.

Examples of Determiners to Understand the Topic Better

The Class 7 English grammar solutions and exercises on determiners include examples such as

  • Lisa has a new friend – ‘a’ is the determiner.

  • The cat is adorable – ‘the’ is  the determiner.

  • Let us go to your place – ‘your’ is the determiner.

  • Lisa had read many books last year – ‘had’ is the determiner.

  • I cannot join you  today, I have another event to attend – ‘another’ is the determiner.

It is essential to remember that there are different types of determiners, and what a determiner specifies depends upon its type. Thus, while practising the Class 7 English grammar Chapter 6 solutions and exercises, it is essential that the child understands the types of determiners, their distinguishing features, and how to use them in sentence structuring. 

Interesting Facts About Determiners 

  • There are several types of determiners in the English language – articles, demonstrative determiners, possessive determiners, quantifiers, distributive determiners, and numbers.

  • Both ‘a’ and ‘an’ are indefinite determiners because they do not point out any particular person, thing, or place. 

  • ‘The’ is a definite determiner because it points towards a specific person, thing, or place.

  • Determiners are also known as noun markers.

  • Distributive determiners are used to reference a group of elements related to a group of people or things. For example, she ate half the pudding. 

Combining interesting facts with the Class 7 English grammar Chapter 6 solutions on determiners is a good way to make learning more fun and exciting for young minds.

Importance Topics of Determiners for Class 7 Students

The Class 7 English grammar chapter on determiners coupled with solutions and exercises are based on the following topics:

  • Understanding determiners

  • Types of determines

  • Uses of determiners

  • Rules of using determiners

  • Additional information on determiners

Advantages of Learning Determiners Exercises for Class 7 CBSE with Answers from Vedantu’s PDFs

There should be no limit to a child’s learning. As such, taking help from additional sources such as the English grammar PDFs of Vedantu enables young minds to expand their horizons and widen their warehouse of knowledge. Crafted and curated by subject matter experts, the Class 7 English grammar book solutions by Vedantu are the one-stop destination for every child who wants to excel in their linguistic skills. 

  • Vedantu’s PDFs are accessible online via web application or their Google Playstore App.

  • They are free to download with a click of the mouse.

  • The determiner exercises for CBSE Class 7 English with answers are regularly updated.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 7 Determiners - PDF

1. What is a possessive determiner?

A possessive determiner is used to talk about possessions, and is followed by a noun that it modifies in a sentence.

Example: ‘my’, ‘your’, ‘its’’, and so forth.

2. What is a demonstrative determiner?

Demonstrative determiners are used to point out something, especially when there is already a reference in the statement on what is being discussed. For instance, she used ‘those’ yellow card boxes.

3. What is the main difference between a determiner and an adjective?

Although both adjectives and determiners can modify a noun, the former can be graded and the latter cannot, and this is where the difference lies.