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CBSE Class 7 Civics Worksheet Chapter 6 Understanding Media - PDF


CBSE Class 7 Civics Worksheet Chapter 6 Understanding Media – Download Free PDFs with Solutions

Civics is an essential component of the overall syllabus of Class 7. A strong foothold on Civic enables young minds to become politically aware citizens in the future. The sixth chapter of the Class 7 SST NCERT book is titled ‘Understanding Media.’ The chapter encapsulates an in-depth overview of what media is and explains its various dimensions such as the impact of changing technology on media, how finance determines media, and how media itself can sway the opinion of the general public.

The chapter is extremely relevant in the current socio-political scenario, wherein Indian media has come under harsh scrutiny for its alleged biasness. As it is widely said that media is the fourth pillar of a democracy, the chapter will help students hone their political and civic sensibilities.

Civics is the avenue from where young minds enter into the wider discipline of Political Science. The subject is pivotal as it helps students understand their political rights and responsibilities as a citizen of democratic India. However, the concepts of Civics are challenging, and students may find them tough. It is in such a context that additional academic assistance above and beyond NCERT textbooks and exercises becomes crucial.

CBSE Class 7 Civics Understanding Media Worksheets - PDF will be Uploaded Soon

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Importance of Studying Class 7 Civics Chapter 6 Understanding Media

Synonymous to its name, the concerned chapter explains to students the nitty-gritty of Indian media, and how media is an extremely political tool. 

  • Young students who are always inundated with social media get an opportunity to dive into the deep end of what it is all about, particularly the socio-political dimensions of media.

  • The chapter enables students to firmly grasp the essence of Freedom of Speech and how media serves as its cradle.

  • Students also get to learn about censorship and different types of advertising.

Exercises on Class 7 Civics Chapter 6 Understanding Media 

1. Match the Following.

  1. Independent Media            i) Larger message for the society

  2. DefineCensorship Class 7   ii) Spread culture

  3. Mass Media                        iii) Restriction of sharing a piece of media to the public

  4. Social Advertising               iv) Media free from government control and corporate interested


  1. iv)

  2. iii)

  3. ii)

  4. i)

All the Understanding Media with Class 7 Worksheets with answers contain fun exercises like the one given above to make the learning process more fun for students.

Important Topics of Understanding Media

All the exercises on Understanding Media with Class 7 Worksheet with answers cover the following topics:

  • Media and Technology

  • Media and Money

  • Media and Democracy

  • Setting Agendas

  • Importance and Role of Media

  • Censorship

  • Advertising

  • Social Advertising

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FAQs on CBSE Class 7 Civics Worksheet Chapter 6 Understanding Media - PDF

1. Define Censorship.

Censorship can be defined as the prevention of the circulation of a particular piece of media to the public by the government. The Indian government from 1975 to 1977 had censored the media during the Emergency.

2. Define Broadcast.

Transmission by radio or television is known as broadcast.

3. What is the function of the Censorship Board?

The main function of the Censorship Board in India is to analyse and verify the suitability of particular pieces of media like movies, documentaries, etc. for public viewing.

4. Who invented the early prototype of the television?

John Loogie Baird.

5. What is Bundeli?

It is a an eight-page local newspaper that reports on Dalit issues, violence against women, and political corruption.