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English Grammar Class 6 Punctuation

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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English Grammar Class 6 - Download Free PDF with Solutions

Punctuation is one of the essential tools of English grammar. Punctuation refers to the symbols or signs used in writing to divide phrases and sentences. It tells where to pause while reading a piece of writing. 

This article will explore the importance of punctuation in English grammar and its usage in a sentence. So, let’s get started!!

English Grammar Class 6 Punctuation - PDF will be uploaded soon

Benefits of Learning Punctuation Class 6

  • The importance of punctuation in English grammar is above all. Punctuation marks are the silent intonation that tells us where to emphasise, question, pause, or stop while reading by using exclamation marks (‘!’), question marks (‘?’), comma (‘,’), or a period or full stop (‘.’).

  • Punctuation marks bring clarity to the sentence and make it precise. 

  • The punctuation syllabus for Class 6 is easy and short. If you want to learn and adapt proper sentence formation and develop excellently precise writing, then you need to learn the usage of different punctuation marks in a sentence. 

Examples of Punctuation 

Punctuation mark

Symbol of the punctuation mark

Example in sentences

Period or full stop


I love to play football.

I am a footballer.



Bob, my brother-in-law, is a doctor.

Ross, it was a pleasure to meet you.



What a fool I was!

Hurrah! We won the match.



What are you doing?

Where are you going?


Farhan’s father has been ill since last week.

My brother’s student has ranked in the board exam.



I have a blue-coloured pen.

I saw a blue-eyed girl yesterday.



I have lots of work tomorrow; however, I’ll make time to call you.

I have my exam tomorrow; I can’t attend the birthday party tonight.



I had two options: to keep working hard or give up.

I only like one non-veg item: Chicken soup.



My sister’s friend — Mala is coming to our house for dinner.

The winner of the match — Mrinal, is very happy with his performance.


“ ”

Soma said, “I am busy right now”.

Tamal said, “I run every morning”.


The boy opened the door…and saw…a mouse.

She entered the room...and saw…her father.



Daniel (last year’s winner) is expected to play well in tomorrow’s match.

Harry (Ron’s best friend) is a brilliant student.

Facts About Punctuation 

  • All the punctuation symbols must be placed parallelly. It means when the main clause is interrupted with a dash or a comma, it also needs to be interrupted by the same punctuation symbols at the end and beginning of the clause.

You can’t use a semicolon (;) to divide just a single item in a list.

  • Colons are placed at the end part of the main clause. When the sentence is completed, you can use a colon to add a restatement, elaboration, or list.

  • Semicolons can act as an alternative to the coordinating conjunction by connecting two related independent sentences or clauses in a compound sentence.

  • Apostrophes can’t be used in possessive pronouns like her, his, yours, whose, theirs.

  • Colons and semicolons are placed outside the quotation (“ ”) marks.

  • With Compound phrases, hyphens are widely used (seven-year-old, brother-in-law).

Important Topics of Class 6 English Grammar Chapter 22 Punctuation

In the Punctuation for Class 6, we will learn about the following things:

  • What is punctuation?

  • What are the different types of punctuation marks?

  • The usage of different types of punctuation marks.

Class 6 English Punctuation Free PDF Download

  • The Class 6 English grammar Chapter 22 Punctuation PDF is well-explained with many examples.

  • Professional educators at Vedantu have made the punctuation exercises for Class 6 students, which are very helpful for the kids.

We aim to change India’s education system by introducing short and interesting online tutorial videos. Our online tutorial video of Punctuation Class 6 is a standalone masterclass for learning punctuation in English grammar.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 6 Punctuation

1. How can I improve my sense of punctuation in a sentence?

To improve the sense of punctuation in the sentences, read different types of academic and fictional non-fictional writings.

2. How many punctuation symbols or marks are present in the English language?

There are 14 types of punctuation marks in English.

3. How many commas can I use in a sentence?

There is no limitation on using commas in a sentence, but it has to make sense.