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English Grammar for Class 6 Paragraph Writing

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Class 6 Paragraph Writing English Grammar - Importance of English Grammar for Class 6 Students

English Grammar for Class 6 Paragraph Writing is basically the study of grammar to excel in the English language. Thus, the students must take English Grammar as one of the core subjects quite seriously. Also, students who are further attempting to study for masters and higher education in the English language must not fuss with this subject at their basic levels. In these classes, learning effective grammar will take a student on a long career development path.

In this article, we will be studying Class 6 Paragraph Writing English Grammar and we will be notifying you about the topics that are included in the Class 6 th English Grammar Syllabus 2023-24. Students must note that we are discussing the general syllabus for Class 6 Paragraph Writing English Grammar, you must once cross-check with your own respective school’s or board’s syllabus for 2023-24.

English Grammar for Class 6 Paragraph Writing Download Free PDF

In today’s lesson, we will discuss the important topic of grammar, “paragraph writing”.  A paragraph refers to a short passage or a passage of a text which consists of at least one or two sentences. The sentences in the paragraphs are related to each other. A paragraph is a standalone section of writing that discusses a single subject or argument. Although they are not needed by the orthographic norms of any language with a writing system, paragraphs are a common way to structure lengthy prose passages. Practice questions and solved examples are given throughout the article for better understanding and concept clarity. Let’s begin the journey on this great topic.




  • A paragraph is a small piece of writing regarding a particular topic. 

  • It consists of a group of related sentences that focuses on a single topic. 

  • A paragraph gives an idea about a fact, title, or incident. 

  • It includes almost all the major occurrences or points related to that fact.

Paragraph Writing

Paragraph Writing


How to Write a Paragraph?

How to Write a Paragraph?

  • A paragraph should deal with only one topic and that has to be established.

  • Every sentence in the paragraph should be concerning that topic under focus.

  • After writing the paragraph, we should review and recheck all the errors.

  • One of the easiest methods to write clearly and consistently is to start each paragraph with a topic sentence. 

  • The purpose of a topic sentence is to introduce the subject of the paragraph so that the reader knows exactly what to expect next. 

  • Typically, a topic phrase is limited to one main theme. The remainder of the paragraph then expands on that notion by providing arguments for and illustrations of it. 

  • One ought to be able to guess what kind of material will follow the main sentence after reading it. 

  • If the rest of the paragraph doesn't deliver on the "promise" of the topic phrase, the paragraph won't have enough development or coherence.


Paragraph Topic: Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

In my city, summer vacations start around April or mid-April and end around the start of July month. The children who come from far take rest because they don’t have to go to school for those couple of days and spend time with their family and relatives. Teachers don’t fail to assign some minimal assignments so that the students don’t completely get out of practice regarding their studies. Kids are encouraged to go outdoors and play some sports like cricket, and soccer in the evenings and read more books that help improve their reading skills and watch television, play mobile games with little restriction. Teachers don’t fail to ask students to write an essay or present a speech on how they spent their holidays once they meet again after the school reopens in July.

Paragraph Topic: Friendship


A friend in need is a friend indeed, that is the definition of a true friendship. A friend is someone who will never leave you during your hardships, success, struggles, and failure. We can choose our friends based on our liking. Friends always care, share and support each other. They feel joyful when we are happy, and during sorrowful times, they also share sadness with us. True friendship is all about sharing things, making mistakes, fighting, but again forgiving, and hugging to support each other. Friendship is an essential aspect of a happy life. Whenever you are in worry or feeling down, a little talk with a friend throws out all your problems.

Difficult Words with  Meanings














In this chapter, we started with the definition of a paragraph. A paragraph is a brief section of writing that has at least one or two sentences. Paragraphs are essential in writing because they provide a structure for organising your ideas in a logical order. Having a clear paragraph structure makes it easier to guide the reader through your writing. The following four elements—unity, coherence, a topic sentence, and proper development—should always be present in an effective paragraph. For a paragraph to be cohesive, it must be totally devoted to the one subject, problem, or position that is being discussed. Practice questions, answers, and the meaning of the difficult words have been discussed in the end. 

Practice Questions

1. Write a paragraph about Deforestation.

2. Write a paragraph about Cleanliness.


1. Paragraph Topic: Deforestation


Deforestation can be defined as the action of cutting down trees for human needs. It can occur in patches or acres of land. This land may be required for building or generating income for the country by setting up firms, industries and different factories. Even building apartments and roads require large-scale cutting down of trees for the construction process. Deforestation must be followed by afforestation for a healthier environment. Afforestation is the opposite of deforestation. We can prevent harmful outcomes by practising afforestation at twice the rate of deforestation.

2. Paragraph Topic: Cleanliness.


The word “cleanliness” refers to maintaining good health and keeping away dirt, litter, and practising both environmental and personal hygiene. Once learned, this habit stays with us till we die, and on our way, our teachers, elders, guides, mentors, and even strangers add some extra value to this virtue. After practising cleanliness, we will notice some drastic changes in us, too, like we will be much healthier and more fit, and we will not run out of energy while doing demanding jobs. In addition to these physical benefits, we will also achieve peace of mind, adding to our mental health and our concentration level will also increase. We will also help spread positive thoughts and vibes wherever we go. This is the habit to be cultivated among all young minds.

NCERT Solutions - Class 6 Paragraph Writing Grammar Solution

NCERT Solutions for English Grammar serves as a comprehensive solution book for the students of Class 6 Paragraph Writing who are willing to expertise in the English Grammar subject.

The Class 6th English Grammar syllabus is comprehensively mentioned in this NCERT Solutions. Exhaustive Class 6 Grammar topics are present in the NCERT Solutions. Also, this is to ensure that students from any board can refer to the NCERT Solutions for English Grammar Class 6 Paragraph Writing.