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English Grammar Class 2 Comprehension

Last updated date: 24th Apr 2024
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English Grammar Class 2 Comprehension - Download Free PDF with Solution

A second-age grader is frequently regarded as the start of their official schooling. Therefore, teaching English comprehension for Class 2 is needed when pupils start to learn how to comprehend what they read. There are various methods to improve comprehension. When applying different techniques, patience and ongoing guidance are required. Stories might be entertaining ways to improve comprehension. 

When working with kids, remember to provide guided practice and strategy modelling. Reduce your guidance as they develop their skills. The objective is to have kids employ the techniques on their own. Worksheets for reading comprehension concentrate on particular subjects, such as a texts "primary concept versus details," sequencing, and story aspects (characters, setting, plot).

English Grammar Class 2 Comprehension - PDF will be uploaded soon

Importance of Comprehension for Class 2

Reading comprehension skills are required for children to comprehend what they read and learn how to read. A youngster who struggles with reading comprehension will probably continue to struggle in subsequent grades. In the second grade, students start to enhance their reading comprehension skills. 

In the second grade, students should be taught how to decode words and determine if a text is persuasive. They must evaluate the book's arguments and analysis. The purpose of comprehension for Class 2 pdf worksheets is to assist pupils in improving their literacy and strategic thinking abilities. Their self-assurance and rate of learning all improve.

Example of An Unseen Passage for Class 2 with Answers

There are more than 4000 species of spiders known to date. Spiders have two body segments and eight legs. They typically consume insects. Spiders use the web they create at various locations to catch prey. The eggs of black ants make an excellent meal for house spiders. Jungle spiders are particular eaters of frogs and small birds.


1. How many different species of spiders have been identified to date?

2. What do jungle spiders eat?

3. Can a spider eat other insects?

4. What does a home spider eat?

5. Find a synonym of swallow from the given passage. 


1. More than 40,000 species of spiders have been identified.

2. Jungle spiders consume frogs and tiny birds.

3. Yes.

4. A home spider generally feeds on insects.

5. Consume is the synonym of swallow from the given passage. 

What does the PDF Consist of, and How Does It Help?

Children cannot understand the meaning of what they read without comprehension. Children's comprehension of the text is improved by applying comprehension techniques, encouraging them to interact with the text and become active readers. 

Use Vedantu’s free, printable activities to practise and enhance your kids' writing, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Each worksheet consists of a brief fiction or nonfiction story, followed by a few questions and a vocabulary-building exercise for each section.


When reading, students must recognize the text's key theme and express it in their own words. The kids can easily sort through the material provided for the unseen passage for Class 2 by Vedantu to identify what is crucial and what is not. 

In the example comprehension in our worksheets, we summarise the text's most crucial details in easier terms while using the fewest number of words possible. We have also elaborated on the tactics the students should use to get to the narrative's conclusion.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 2 Comprehension

1. What is Reading Comprehension?

The term comprehension describes the capacity to comprehend written language. Unlike the capacity to recognize words, it is different. Recognizing words without understanding what they mean does not achieve comprehension, which is the aim or objective of reading. Consider a scenario when a teacher assigns a text for a student to read. The youngster can read the entire chapter, but when asked to explain what was read, they cannot do so. What is read gains meaning when it is understood. Reading comprehension remains sustainable when words on a page are more than letters and sounds. Reading is joyful, entertaining, and educational when it is understood. 

2. What are some tips to improve reading comprehension skills?

The following simple yet useful advice will aid in the procedure of reading: 

  • Make reading enjoyable by reading aloud.

  • Ask yourself the important "WH" Questions.

3. What are the three crucial components of comprehension?

The ability to decode, read fluently, and correctly use language are essential for comprehension.