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CBSE Class 10 Social Science the Rise of Nationalism in Europe MCQ

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Practice Solving Class 10 Social Science the Rise of Nationalism in Europe MCQs

Class 10 Social Science covers the important history topics taught to students at the secondary level. Chapter 1 of Class 10 Social Science is about the rise of nationalism in Europe in the 19th Century. This chapter explains historical events that changed the course of history. To understand the topics and practice answering questions, download and solve The Rise of Nationalism in Europe MCQ.

The questions are framed by the Social Science experts of Vedantu by focusing on the topics included in this chapter. Before solving these questions, you must study this chapter well to cover all the topics mentioned below.

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CBSE Class 10 Social Science Chapter 1 the Rise Of Nationalism in Europe Topics

The first chapter of CBSE Class 10 Social Science explains the contemporary condition in Europe among the nation-states and the issues visualised by Frederic Sorrieu. This way of explaining the issues that the European states were facing perfectly depicts the historical era of the Western World. He also dreamed of making a new world of Social and Democratic Republics.

Here is the list of topics covered in this chapter.

  • An Introduction to the Rise of Nationalism in Europe

  • The Vision of a new world by Frederic Sorrieu

  • The French Revolution and its idea of the nation

  • The Making of Nationalism in Europe

  • The Age of Revolutions

  • The rise and making of Italy and Germany

  • Visualising what the nation stands for

  • Imperialism and nationalism

As we can see, this chapter is of utmost importance as it holds significant historical development and events happening in Europe. To understand the concepts and contexts of this chapter, complete studying one topic after the other chronologically. Prepare revision notes to simplify the historical anecdotes and take a step ahead.

Once you are done with your preparation, solve the exercise questions. Check your precise knowledge by downloading and solving MCQ of Rise of Nationalism in Europe.

Class 10 Social Science the Rise of Nationalism in Europe MCQs with Answers 

1. Which of the following countries witnessed the formation of the first nationalistic movement?

a. Italy

b. Germany

c. Greece

d. France

Answer: c. Greece

2. Who is considered as the father of Italian unification?

a. Victor Emmanuel II

b. Giuseppe Garibaldi

c. Camillo di Cavour

d. Giuseppe Mazzini

Answer: d. Giuseppe Mazzini

3. The unification of Germany was accomplished under the leadership of:

a. Wilhelm II

b. Otto von Bismarck

c. Friedrich Wilhelm IV

d. Kaiser Wilhelm I

Answer: b. Otto von Bismarck

4. The Austrian Empire was replaced by the dual monarchy of:

a. Austro-Hungarian Empire

b. German Empire

c. Ottoman Empire

d. Russian Empire

Answer: a. Austro-Hungarian Empire

5. The concept of ‘nation’ emerged in which century?

a. 17th century

b. 18th century

c. 19th century

d. 20th century

Answer: b. 18th century

6. Who founded the Young Italy movement?

a. Giuseppe Mazzini

b. Giuseppe Garibaldi

c. Camillo di Cavour

d. Victor Emmanuel II

Answer: a. Giuseppe Mazzini

7. The slogan ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’ emerged during which revolution?

a. American Revolution

b. French Revolution

c. Russian Revolution

d. Industrial Revolution

Answer: b. French Revolution

8. Who is considered as the father of German unification?

a. Otto von Bismarck

b. Kaiser Wilhelm I

c. Friedrich Wilhelm IV

d. Wilhelm II

Answer: b. Kaiser Wilhelm I

9. The Balkan region was the hotbed of nationalism because of its:

a. Ethnic diversity

b. Political stability

c. Economic prosperity

d. Religious homogeneity

Answer: a. Ethnic diversity

10. The Russian Revolution of 1917 resulted in the emergence of which country?

a. Soviet Union

b. Germany

c. Italy

d. United Kingdom

Answer: a. Soviet Union

11. The Irish nationalist movement was led by:

a. Charles Stewart Parnell

b. William Gladstone

c. Benjamin Disraeli

d. David Lloyd George

Answer: a. Charles Stewart Parnell

12. The principle of ‘Self-Determination’ was first applied in which treaty?

a. Treaty of Versailles

b. Treaty of Tordesillas

c. Treaty of Paris

d. Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

Answer: a. Treaty of Versailles

13. Which country did not experience a nationalist movement in the 19th century?

a. Italy

b. Germany

c. France

d. Spain

Answer: d. Spain

14. The Indian National Congress was founded in which year?

a. 1885

b. 1905

c. 1920

d. 1942

Answer: a. 1885

15. Who led the Indian National Congress during the Non-Cooperation Movement?

a. Mahatma Gandhi

b. Jawaharlal Nehru

c. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

d. Subhas Chandra Bose

Answer: a. Mahatma Gandhi

How Solving the Rise of Nationalism in Europe MCQs can Help?

Here is why Class 10 students prefer solving MCQs for Social Science Chapter 1.

Proper Revision

Multiple choice questions or MCQs are designed in such a way that only accurate knowledge can help you figure out the right answers. For this, you need to study and revise the chapter well. There is small and significant information given in this chapter. What you can do is jot down the significant historical information in points and memorise them thoroughly. Try recalling the right answer while solving the MCQs and take a step ahead in your preparation.

Understanding Context

Every chapter added to the Class 10 Social Science syllabus has immense importance. Solve MCQs of the relevant chapters to understand the context. Find out how significant the historical events are in making the present and future of a country. Remember we study history to learn from our past.

Learning how to Manage Time

Another reason for practising solving MCQs is to learn how to manage time and answer all the questions accurately. This goal can only be achieved if you practise solving MCQs more often. Download The Rise of Nationalism in Europe MCQ with answers and start solving after completely studying this chapter. Challenge your memory power by scoring more marks in this question section. It will also help you complete this section before time during the CBSE board exam.

Understanding Question Pattern

One of the best exam strategies that smart students develop is understanding the question pattern. The MCQ section asks precise questions and one can score full marks if he has completed studying the chapters thoroughly. By practising solving these questions, you can easily get accustomed to this question pattern and prepare for the final exam.

Increase your Confidence Level

Solving MCQs at home can help you develop more confidence in this subject. You can check your progress by answering these questions at home. Check which topics need more attention and revise the chapter accordingly. It will help you gain more confidence and sharpen your answering skills.

Download Social Science Chapter 1 Rise of Nationalism in Europe Class 10 MCQ PDF

Complete your study material for Class 10 Social Science Chapter 1 by adding this file. Seek correct answers from the solution given for all questions. Make notes while studying this chapter and prepare for the MCQ section of Social Science. Don’t miss studying any topic and follow the instructions given during the online tuition conducted by Vedantu.

FAQs on CBSE Class 10 Social Science the Rise of Nationalism in Europe MCQ

1. When can I solve The Rise Of Nationalism in Europe MCQs?

The experts suggest solving MCQs after completely studying the chapter. Study one topic at a time and make notes. Invest your study time efficiently and answer all the exercise questions. Resolve all doubts on time and then solve MCQs.

2. How can I check my preparation level for Chapter 1 The Rise Of Nationalism in Europe?

The best way to check your preparation for this chapter is to solve the list of MCQs framed by the subject experts. You can easily find out which topics need more attention. Fill the preparation gaps with more effort and become better.

3. How many options are there in The Rise of Nationalism in Europe MCQ with answers?

Each question has four options. Only one option among them is correct. You have to choose the right option to score full marks.