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CBSE Science MCQ on Electricity Class 10

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Giver Proper Emphasis on Solving More MCQs On Electricity Class 10

CBSE question paper is based on at least 50% of the total marks on boards. So, it’s important to practice all of the MCQs from a particular chapter to secure more marks on your boards. The key to mastering the concepts in science is practising more MCQ on Electricity Class 10.

MCQ pattern of the question paper is much more efficient in case of checking your capability to understand a subject as well as score full marks in upcoming examinations. Just proper planning on how to solve MCQs as well as knowing the types of questions that can be asked can help in cracking all the MCQs from the chapter.

Go through this article to know more about the topics of the Electricity chapter of Class 10 science and how to prepare the concepts better for the final examination.

Topics you Should Cover in Class 10 Science Electricity Chapter

Preparing MCQs in the chapter on electricity is much easier with knowing all the facts of the chapter. Here is the list of the topics you should master before you start solving the practice sets of MCQ on Electricity Class 10 PDF.

  • Electric Current and Circuit

  • Electric Potential and Potential Difference

  • Circuit Diagram

  • Ohm’s Law

  • Factors on which Resistance Depends

  • Resistant of a system of resistors

  • Heating Effect of Electric Current

  • Electric Power

MCQs on Electricity Class 10 Science with Answers 

1. Which of the following materials is a good conductor of electricity?

a) Wood

b) Glass

c) Copper

d) Plastic

Answer: c) Copper

2. What is the unit of electric current?

a) Ampere

b) Volt

c) Ohm

d) Joule

Answer: a) Ampere

3. Which device is used to measure the potential difference between two points in an electric circuit?

a) Ammeter

b) Voltmeter

c) Galvanometer

d) Rheostat

Answer: b) Voltmeter

4. Which of the following is a source of direct current?

a) Solar cell

b) Alternator

c) Generator

d) Transformer

Answer: a) Solar cell

5. Which law states that the current flowing through a conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference across its ends?

a) Ohm’s law

b) Kirchhoff’s law

c) Faraday’s law

d) Coulomb’s law

Answer: a) Ohm’s law

6. Which of the following materials is used to make the filament of an electric bulb?

a) Copper

b) Aluminium

c) Tungsten

d) Iron

Answer: c) Tungsten

7. What is the unit of electric power?

a) Watt

b) Joule

c) Ampere

d) Volt

Answer: a) Watt

8. Which of the following is a type of electric circuit?

a) Open circuit

b) Closed circuit

c) Series circuit

d) All of the above

Answer: d) All of the above

9. Which of the following is the resistance of a superconductor?

a) Zero

b) Infinite

c) 1 ohm

d) 10 ohm

Answer: a) Zero

10. Which of the following devices converts electrical energy into mechanical energy?

a) Generator

b) Motor

c) Transformer

d) Inductor

Answer: b) Motor

11. What is the SI unit of electric resistance?

a) Ampere

b) Ohm

c) Watt

d) Joule

Answer: b) Ohm

12. Which type of circuit has only one path for the current to flow?

a) Parallel circuit

b) Series circuit

c) Combination circuit

d) Open circuit

Answer: b) Series circuit

13. Which of the following is a safety device used in electric circuits to prevent damage due to excess current?

a) Fuse

b) Diode

c) Capacitor

d) Transistor

Answer: a) Fuse

14. Which of the following is used to step up or step down the voltage in an electric circuit?

a) Transformer

b) Inductor

c) Capacitor

d) Resistor

Answer: a) Transformer

15. Which of the following materials is a good insulator of electricity?

a) Copper

b) Aluminium

c) Glass

d) Silver

Answer: c) Glass

Importance of Solving MCQs CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 12 Electricity

  • Makes you Confident on Concepts

Once you start studying the concepts, there will be doubts on your own about the concepts you are getting or you may have some questions on why you should study this chapter or its concepts, that’s where the idea of solving MCQs comes in. Start writing the questions you have in mind from the very beginning of the chapter so that you can clarify your doubts and have clear concepts on the topics of the chapter.

  • Achieve Full Marks

Speed and accuracy in answering all the MCQs will help you secure all the marks from the chapter in the final examination. Unlike descriptive questions, MCQs do not need explanation and there is no way a part of the total mark on a question will be cut if your answer is right.

Solving MCQs requires no time at all. So by practice, you can attempt to solve every MCQ quickly and have time to form your answer paper with other descriptive questions perfectly.

  • Best Way to Check Preparedness for the Exam

After you finish up the chapter, solving several practice sets on Class 10 Science Chapter 12 Electricity will give you an idea of which stage of preparation you are in. With a broader analysis of the result of the practice, you will know your weaker portions and knowledge gaps on the topics. You can identify them yourself and go through the chapter once again to revise the topics. Revisioning one thing, again and again, will make you more confident that, until examination, you will know that whatever comes in the question paper, you will be able to solve it.

Things to Keep in Mind While Solving MCQs on Class 10 Science Chapter 12

  • Know the Type of Questions

MCQs are of mainly three types, stand-alone, concept-based, and case-based. By following the textbook exercise and several articles online on Electricity Class 10 MCQ with answers by different tutors of Vedantu, you will be able to know about the types of questions that are important.

  • Seek Expert’s Help

When you are in search of MCQ on Electricity Class 10 CBSE, apart from guidance from your school teachers, you can go for online tuition classes from experts on the subject matter. Tutoring methodologies of different tutors can make you understand complex theories easily in no time.

  • Download PDFs

Though the NCERT textbook is the main reference of Class 10 Science, you can always go looking for several articles available online by our subject matter experts. Sometimes classes focusing on just a sub-topic of the chapter are more efficient than the classes covering all of the chapters. Download those class notes of the classes to go through them easily before examinations.

Solve MCQs with Proper Preparation in Class 10 Science Chapter 12 

Cracking all the MCQs on the final examination is very important to score better marks. By practising MCQ on Electricity Class 10 CBSE daily with proper planning and confidence, you will be able to achieve your academic goal for sure. As the recent question pattern of CBSE is focused on objective-type questions, solving MCQs became a mandatory part of the examination.

FAQs on CBSE Science MCQ on Electricity Class 10

1. How to prepare MCQs of Class 10 Science Electricity in a short time?

If you start writing down all the possible questions that can be set up from the topics and sub-topics of them while you are studying, you can go through them before your examination briefly. This will take less time than finding MCQs with answers here and there.

2. Can I make suggestions on the MCQs of the Electricity chapter?

Yes. If you go through the previous years’ question papers to look for questions coming from the chapter you will know the types and can make your own questions.

However, don’t try to follow only suggestions to prepare MCQs as there can be unknown questions based on the concepts in the final examination.

3. Where to look for MCQ on Electricity Class 10 PDF?

Visit Vedantu’s website and search for MCQs with answers set up by our master teachers on the subject. You can download PDFs for free.