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CBSE Class 10 Maths Worksheet Chapter 2 Polynomials - PDF

Last updated date: 21st Feb 2024
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CBSE Class 10 Maths Worksheet Chapter 2 Polynomials - Download Free PDF With Solution

Algebra is not most people’s strong suit, let alone Maths. However, that is understandable as not everybody has the ability to grasp the theories and concepts of Mathematics in the blink of an eye. Before we begin, what is algebra? It is a mathematical branch of study that involves variables such as x, y and z along with mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to help represent problems through the means of arithmetical expressions.

Now, what are polynomials? A polynomial is one of the arithmetical expressions used in Maths that has indeterminates and coefficients and involves only the use of addition, subtraction, multiplication and non-negative integer exponentiation of variables. To sum it up in simple words, it's a combination of numbers, alphabets, and negative numbers to add, subtract and multiply them. In Polynomials for class 10, students will be learning this process precisely. They will learn what polynomials are, their uses and how to solve them easily.

A bunch of polynomials MCQ worksheets, Class 10 Polynomials test PDF, and polynomial practice questions worksheets will be provided to ensure that the students will score the best marks during their exams, as they are all created by the most reliable people in the field of mathematics, arithmetics and algebra.

CBSE Class 10 Maths Worksheet Chapter 2 Polynomials - PDF will be uploaded soon

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Important Topics of Class 10 Polynomials

These are the following topics you will be learning in polynomials for class 10 -

  • What are polynomials, and how to use them?

  • Polynomials and their types.

  • How to carry out the BODMAS rule with polynomials

  • Understanding the parts of a polynomial such as a degree, exponent, etc.

Benefits of Learning Polynomials in Class 10 Maths Worksheet

The polynomials Class 10 worksheet with answers PDF has a collection of exercises which promotes logic and reason in the minds of the students of class 10. The worksheets also carry a separate sheet of answers so that the students find it easier to solve problems and find out where they went wrong in order to not repeat the mistakes in the near future.

The worksheet also contains an extensive list of polynomial practice questions that provide enough assistance to the students by offering the frequently asked questions. This way, the students will be ready to face any type of question in their examinations, increasing their chances of scoring well.

These worksheets have been developed and carefully scrutinised by one of the best mathematicians, algebraists and maths tutors, providing the students with the best quality of worksheets for their practice sessions, ensuring they meet the students’ requirements.

Examples of Usage of Polynomials for Class 10

These are a few polynomials MCQ exercises’ examples :

  1. Choose the correct answer :

  • Solve 3x - 9.

  1. -3

  2. 3

  3. 3x

  4. 9

  • Solve 3x2 - 6x + x2 - 18.

  1. x = 3 and x2 = -6

  2. x = -3 and x2 = 6

  3. x = -3 and x2 = 6

  4. x = 3 and x2 = 6

  • The zeroes of the quadratic polynomial x2 + 99x + 127 are :

  1. Both positive

  2. Both negative

  3. One positive and one negative

  4. Both equal

  • If the discriminant of a quadratic polynomial, D > 0, then the polynomial has :

  1. Two real and equal roots

  2. Two real and unequal roots

  3. Imaginary roots

  4. No roots

  • If the graph of a polynomial intersects the x-axis at exactly two points, then :

  1. It can be a cubic or a quadratic polynomial

  2. It can not be a linear or a cubic polynomial

  3. It can be a quadratic polynomial only

  4. It can be a linear or a quadratic polynomial.

Interesting Facts About Polynomials For Class 10

  • A polynomial is an algebraic expression that contains variables and other components used to carry out mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction and multiplication. For example, x² + x - 6.

  • The division is not possible with variables.

  • Polynomials are of three types :

    • Monomial

    • Binomial

    • Trinomial

  • A monomial is an expression that contains only one term. ( -2xy)

  • A binomial is an expression containing two terms. ( 5x² + xy)

  • A trinomial is an expression consisting of three terms precisely. (-7xy + 3x + 20)

  • The subtraction of polynomials almost always results in another polynomial of the same degree

What does the PDF Consist of?

  • It is naturally accepted that technology has snaked its way into the everyday lives and activities of us humans.

  • It is widely acknowledged and included in the syllabuses and curricula of many schools and universities.

  • Students can now download the Polynomials Class 10 worksheet with answers PDF from Vedantu’s website for study and revision purposes.

  • In a PDF, one can create their own content, edit it, share and even save it so that it is easily accessible.

The class 10 polynomials test PDF and various other worksheets are also created and developed by the area specialists and experts associated with Vedantu and are available for free downloads. These worksheets contain the necessary material required to help students excel in their mathematical abilities as they advance to higher classes.

FAQs on CBSE Class 10 Maths Worksheet Chapter 2 Polynomials - PDF

1. What are the general four polynomials?

They are :

  • Zero polynomial

  • Linear polynomial

  • Quadratic polynomial

  • Cubic polynomial

2. How do you easily solve polynomials?

Any polynomial can be solved by the correct usage of basic algebraic and factorisation concepts, which includes setting the right-hand side as 0.

3. Can 8 be considered a polynomial?

Though not a polynomial, it can be written as one in the form of 8x0 or as 0x2 +0x + 8, which is representative of the polynomial expression. Hence, we can also consider 8 - a whole number - as a polynomial.