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CBSE Class 10 English Worksheet Chapter 1 A Letter To God - PDF

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CBSE Class 10 English Worksheet Chapter 1 A Letter To God - Download Free PDF

The story A letter to God is written by G.L. Fuentes and it depicts the unquestionable faith in God. The story starts with describing a dedicated farmer named Lencho. He was very hopeful for a good yield but a massive storm destroyed all his harvest. To know the summary of Letter to God, keep reading.

CBSE Class 10 English Worksheet Chapter 1 A Letter To God - PDF will be uploaded soon.

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Summary of Letter to God

Lencho had a very strong faith in God and was sure that God would support him in his bad time if he wrote a letter to God. He wrote a letter asking for 1000 pesos. Lencho went to the post office to send this letter to God.

When the postman of the post office finds Lencho’s letter addressing God, he laughs about his blind faith in God. He also showed the letter to the postmaster who first found it funny too but later he was motivated to help the farmer.

The postmaster asked the other employees of the post office to help the poor farmer with money. He even contributed a part of his salary to help Lencho, he was able to collect only 70 pesos. 

Finding the money in the envelope Lencho was not at all amazed by it, rather he got angry thinking why God didn’t send more money as he requested. He again wrote a letter to God and asked not to send the rest of the money through a letter. He doubted that the employees of the post office had stolen the rest of the money.

Benefits of A Letter To God Worksheet

The worksheet of the story “A letter to God” has beautifully covered all the important aspects of the text. All questions on the worksheet have been answered briefly with simple words so that students can easily remember all the answers. 

The story shows the extreme faith of the poor farmer in the almighty and it doesn’t make an individual stupid. Rather, it makes him more lovable and innocent. But the poor farmer has no faith in humanity and that’s why he doubted the post-office employees who actually help him anonymously.

Examples of A Letter To God  

Here are some of the questions and answers that can be asked in the worksheet of the story: 

1. To whom does the poor farmer have faith?

Ans: The poor farmer Lench has faith in the almighty or God. 

2. Why did the postmaster of the post office send money to the farmer?

Ans: The farmer Lencho’s letter to God asking for money had moved the postmaster to help him with money and he wanted to keep the innocent farmer’s faith in God. That’s why the postmaster sent money to the poor farmer.

What does the PDF Consist of?

  • You can refer to the PDF for the Summary of Letter to God section which is brief and easy to remember.  

  • The questions and answers part of the PDF have covered all the important questions from the story. 

  • You can download the free PDF by clicking the link below.

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FAQs on CBSE Class 10 English Worksheet Chapter 1 A Letter To God - PDF

1. What was Lencho's pride and possession?

According to the story of “A letter to God”, the pride and possession of Lencho was his great belief in the almighty and his harvest.

2. Describe Lencho's qualities in light of his faith in god.

The farmer named Lencho has great faith in the almighty. He believes that God will help him in his bad times if he writes to God about his condition. He is a very innocent and extreme believer in God that he wrote a letter to God asking for money and sent it to the post office with an address of God.

3. What was Lencho's reaction after getting the letter?

After getting the letter, Lencho was not at all surprised or amazed, rather he was disappointed and angry as God (according to him) sent him only 70 pesos instead of the one thousand pesos that he had asked for from God.