What are the Commonly Asked Important Topics of Class 11th Syllabus for JEE Main?

by Asmita Kundu, August 21, 2020

Worried about what are the important topics of CBSE class 11 for JEE Main 2020? Here is insight to help you distinguish the crucial chapters from the subject like Physics, Chemistry and Maths

A student aspiring for admission in prominent engineering colleges have to secure high rank to qualify. It requires proper training and planned study schedule to allot needed time for preparation. 

In order to understand which topics to give more weightage lets understand the structure of JEE Main exam first. 

What is the Structure of JEE Main Examination?

This national level engineering exam is one of the prestigious exams conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA). The exam leads student to acquire a seat in the renowned colleges. The question pattern of JEE Mains includes topics from both class 11th and 12th syllabus, which is proportioned as 40: 60 ratio or vice versa. 

Therefore, it is crucial to give weightage to the important topics of CBSE class 11 for JEE Main 2020 to grasp the concepts better. 

Listed Below are Some of the Features of JEE Mains.

Number of Paper

There are usually three papers divided as paper: 1 B. Tech/B.E., Paper 2: B. Arch and paper 3: B. Planning

Marks Distribution

JEE Mains is of 300 marks which includes MCQs of the subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Each section weighs 25 marks where +4 marks are awarded for correctness and -1 for the wrong answer


A candidate who has cleared 12th with 75% exams and is from a recognised board can attempt JEE Mains exams. At the same time, ST/SC candidate requires a minimum of 65% to be eligible for the Mains


An aspirant gets around six attempts over three consecutive years.

Target  Colleges

NITs, GITs and other engineering colleges

Exam Duration

3 hours

Subject Wise Important Topics to Cover for JEE Mains

After learning about the pattern of the JEE Mains, a student should make a note of the problematic and more manageable topics. Moreover, it will help in allotting time for the chapters with high weightage. 

Written Below is the Subject wise division of crucial topics to help you know what are the important topics of class 11 for JEE Mains.

  • Physics

The branch of science which deals with motion, energy, force, gravitation, etc. covers a significant part in the JEE Main paper. It needs an in-depth studying of the concepts and theories. Class 11th syllabus thus stands tall in terms of strengthening the base of students preparing for JEE Mains.  

Almost all the topics are crucial for clearing the exam, but chapters which require more attention are :

  1. Kinematics

This section covers a wide range of topics like motion in a straight line, speed and time, motion time graph, scalar, vectors, uniformly accelerated motion, etc.

  1. Rotational Motion

It deals with the action and behaviour of motion. The sub-topics like the centre of mass of the two-particle system, torque, angular motion, radius of gyration, etc. needs detail studying.

  1. Thermodynamics

This is among the important topics of CBSE class 11 for JEE Main 2020, which needs a thorough reading and logical understanding. It includes topics like thermal equilibrium, laws of thermodynamics, Carnot energy and its efficiency, etc.

  1. Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

The function of magnets and current is explained briefly in the section. A class 11 student has to understand the theories like Biot- Savart Law, Ampere law, cyclotron, a force on a current-carrying conductor in a uniform magnetic field, current loop as a magnetic dipole, etc.

  1. Optics 

A JEE Main aspirant has to practice and grasp the concepts like reflection and refraction of light at plane and spherical surface, lens formula, deviation and derivation of light by a prism, etc.

  • Chemistry

With respect to Chemistry, the important topics of CBSE class 11 for JEE Main 2020 are divided into physical, organic and inorganic sections. JEE Main exam usually includes basic and direct Chemistry questions which make it a comparatively easier section. 

The critical chapters needed to revise are :

  1. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

This topic covers matters like Iconic and covalent bonding, quantum mechanical approach to covalent bonding, molecular orbit theory and ionic equilibrium.

  1. Gaseous State

In this part of Chemistry, a JEE Main aspirant needs to understand the concepts of state of matter. The questions related to the gaseous state is more crucial to revise. It includes topics like Boyle’s law, Charles Law, Dalton’s Law of partial pressure, Kinetic theory of gas, etc.

  1. Redox Reaction and Chemical Chemistry 

Topics like electronic concepts of oxidation and reduction, redox reaction, electrolytic and metallic conduction, electrochemical cells, emf of galvanic cells, etc. are asked in the exam. A JEE exam taker must assign extra time to prepare this topic.

  1. General Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry section of JEE Main exam cover a wide range of topics. This section needs a systematic analysis and understanding. Topics like nomenclature, hydrocarbons, compounds with halogen, oxygen, nitrogen, polymers and biomolecules are part of the JEE questions. 

  1. General Inorganic Chemistry

Similar to organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry deals with a vast syllabus. The JEE Main question paper, therefore, gives utmost value to this section. Some of the crucial topics are elements and periodicity, isolation of metals, hydrogen, block elements, coordination compounds and environmental chemistry. 

  • Maths

Maths can be regarded as the toughest yet scoring section of JEE Main examination. The JEE Mains important topics for class 11 Maths usually includes equations supported with proper reasoning.

Some of the significant portions needing extra preparation are :

  1. Complex Number and Quadratic Equations

The JEE Mains important topics for class 11 maths section include most questions from this chapter. Questions related to complex numbers, quadratic equations, theorem and formula are usually asked. Some of the critical topics related to it are complex numbers in the form of a+ib, argand diagram, modulus and argument of complex numbers, triangle inequality, roots and co-efficient, etc.

  1. Matrices and Determinants

Another chapter which carries more value in JEE exam is matrices and determinants. This section carries topics like matrices, determinants and matrices, adjoint and evaluation of inverse and square matrices and elementary transformations, etc.

  1. Sequences and Series

This section includes arithmetic and geometric progression, the relation between A.M and G.M, sum upto n terms of special series sn, sn2 and sn3, etc. Sequences and series carry proper weightage in JEE Main question paper. 

  1. Integral Calculus

Integral calculus chapter can be termed as the most complex and marks fetching section. It includes sub-topics like integral as an anti-derivative, fundamental integral regarding algebraic, trigonometric, exponential and logarithm, evaluation of define integrals, etc.

  1. Mathematical Reasoning

This section includes the theory section, which needs both reasoning and logical explanation. Topics like statements, logical operation, understanding of tautology, converse, contrapositive, parallel and perpendicular axis, etc. are a part of it.

Mentioned above are some of the important topics of CBSE class 11 for JEE Main 2020 to prepare for JEE Main exam, but a student must not restrict themselves to these chapters. There are many reference books and online portals to help JEE aspirant prepare the subjects better. 

Tips to Score Well in JEE Mains

By now you might have taken note of the important topics of CBSE class 11 for JEE Main 2020. If you are following a systematic approach, then here are some tips to help boost up your training. 

  • Practice and more practice! Regard this as your mantra and start preparing for your JEE exams promptly. 

  • Blindly mugging up the concepts will never help a student to clear a national level exam. Therefore, it is advisable to solve mock test papers and related questions by understanding the logic behind. 

  • Allot specific time to difficult topics and prepare accordingly. Drawing a timetable or making a list of the crucial chapters will help students significantly.

  • Nowadays, there are various online portals explicitly designed to help JEE Main aspirant. Portals, like Vedantu, provides JEE Main solutions and practice questions taught via live video sessions. 

  • Apart from preparation, a JEE Main aspirant should allocate time for meditation. The best way to study well is by remaining relaxed and focused. Therefore, they should try completing at least 8 hours sleep and stay hydrated.

Following the above mentioned tips, a JEE Main exam taker can efficiently secure a good ranking. Getting further insight into the course and details will help you achieve a seat in your dream engineering college. 

By now we are sure that your query on the topic important topics for JEE Main chapter wise class 11 has been solved. So, start preparing the earliest and keep your worries behind.

What are the Commonly Asked Important Topics of Class 11th Syllabus for JEE Main?