Vedantu's Eklavya Batch 2021

by Vineet Dwivedi February 16, 2021

Vedantu’s EKLAVYA

“A Guru Mantra to Ace JEE Advanced”

IITs & ISMs are calling you! To get into your dream college you will have to clear the JEE-ADVANCED exam. Students who have already cracked JEE-Mains must be planning on How to prepare for JEE Advanced?

So,, Vedantu has brought you ‘EKLAVYA’ a one-stop solution for all JEE aspirants. It is a dedicated course to enhance your preparation for JEE Advanced. It strengthens student-teacher relationships, which involves understanding the student's psyche and elevating their bar of accepting bigger challenges.

Highlights of Vedantu’s EKLAVYA Batch

  • Immensely experienced MasterTeachers (IIT’ians).

  • Mock tests, quizzes & revision notes.

  • Tips & tricks to solve equations.

  • Before Exam GURU Mantra.

  • One-on-one Personalised Interaction for Dedicated Students.

As you know that the continuation of the JEE-Main attempts has been started. Now to avail the benefits of this advantageous time- gap between JEE-Main & JEE-Advanced all aspirants plan strategically. And To complement this planning Vedantu has come up with EKlavya 2.0 batch curated by India’s Top-mentors to exceed your preparation potentials. Know more

Course Details

  • 70 Live Sessions on JEE-ADVANCED Important Topics & Question Discussion.

  • 3000+ Pre-Class questions.

  • 6 JEE-Mains Tests

  • 18 JEE-Advanced Tests.

  • Doubts-Clearing Sessions.

  • Experts Session with Our Master Teacher- Anand Prakash Sir.

Eklavya: Vision

“One Bow, One Guru Mantra to Target One Goal- JEE-ADVANCED”

VEDANTU EKLAVYA Batch- 2021 is all set to walk you through an effective preparation for JEE Advanced. In this batch, our squad of teachers, headed by our master teacher Mr. Anand Prakash, will guide JEE aspirants to get a useful insight into the most challenging topics and the various types of questions covered in the JEE-ADVANCED 2021 syllabus.

Eklavya: Goal

“Delivering Quality Education To Every Deserving Student”

Vedantu has always stood tall to help every deserving child access quality education to shape the young minds and bring a revolution in the field of education in our country. Thus, to fulfill your dream of cracking IIT, the EKLAVYA batch program has been designed to be free of cost.

EKLAVYA: Learning Outcomes

  • You’ll assess your strengths and weaknesses in the subjects and get exposure to compete with your peers.

  • Learning through the latest exam material based on current guidelines curated by the very best experts.

  • Enhanced aptitude skills in non-routine subject learning.

  • Introduction to a competitive environment in our topper’s ambience.

  • Training by our experts in non-routine maths.

What Makes EKLAVYA Program Special?

“Decades-long Master Teacher Experience and their Personalised Approach”

  1. Befriend Our Master Teachers: Breaking all the traditional practices of teaching where you’ll feel free to ask anything and learn out of the box ways to solve the problems.

  2. Conquering Doubts-Clearing Strategy: Strategizing a Master-Plan to prioritize the topics & concepts to be learned and revised, so as to revamp the fundamentals and address your doubts.

  3. Mind-Maps to Save Your Time-Lapse: Mapping and routing to connect the various concepts within a topic to save your time and energy for the JEE Advanced preparation.

  4. Catering at 360-Degree: Covering all need to help JEE aspirants both academically & non-academically to maintain their consistency on the track.

  5. Guru Mantra for Success: Specialised session by our Master-Teachers on How to attempt the JEE-ADVANCED exam for the best results.

  6. Personalized Interactive Support: Prove us your dedication level and we’ll arrange one-to-one personal interaction with our Master Teachers regularly for you.

  7. Improving Your Weak Areas: Specialised academic content formulated by our Master-Teachers having decades of experience to strengthen your problem areas in the syllabus.

How to Get Enrolled for EKLAVYA Batch-2021?

Step 1: Fill the form to register (

Step 2: Join the Telegram group [Group Link -]

This is the EKLAVYA program in a nut-shell, and there is a lot more to it. A thorough revision of the important topics for JEE Advanced 2021, along with all the tips and tricks to effective problem-solving will be shared in the course of this program, by our Master Teachers. So join the Eklavya Batch 2020-21 and get the best guidance for JEE Advanced preparations, to achieve your target score in the exam.