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1-Year Strategic Roadmap for JEE and NEET 2023 for Droppers

By Manasvi GuptaAugust 07, 2022
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1-Year Study Plan for NEET and JEE 2023

This blog will be very helpful for the 11th moving to 12th students who are preparing for the JEE 2023 or NEET 2023 exams, and even for the JEE droppers and NEET droppers who are planning to give their second attempt of JEE & NEET. 

Aspirants will get a detailed block strategy, revision plan, and some JEE and NEET 2023 predictions by experts to give you an idea of what you can expect in your upcoming exams. You will also get to know which dropper courses for NEET 2023 and JEE 2023 are suitable for you. 
1 Year Preparation Strategy for NEET 2023 and IIT JEE 2023|Vedantu
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JEE and NEET 2023: Expected Dates 

Remember reading: “things are nearer than they appear”? But for JEE and NEET 2023 aspirants, exams are nearer than they realise! Know the expected dates for the exams, predicted by experts after analysing previous years’ trends.

  • JEE Main 2023 first attempt: Most likely by March end or April starting, which is soon after the Class 12 board exams.

  • JEE Main 2023 second attempt: Expected by April end or May starting (tentative). 

  • NEET 2023: More likely by May end, but moderate chances are for June starting as well.

Roadmap for JEE and NEET 2023 

Here is a tabular overview of the 1-Year strategic roadmap for JEE & NEET 2023 preparation, which is covered in detail in this article.

August - mid-December

Block Strategy



February - March

Board Preparation

March Onwards

Full Focus on NEET/JEE 2023

NEET and JEE 2023 Preparation Strategy: What to Do in a Year?

If you want to know, “can I crack NEET 2023 if I start now?” or want a 1-year study plan for IIT JEE PDF, read the below points, which are relevant to all the students preparing for different competitive exams.

  • Try to complete the entire syllabus for your respective exam by November, or maximum by December.

  • Focus on current ongoing topics first; do not worry about the topics left behind. You can cover them later.

  • Segregate topics into broad chunks or blocks and follow a dedicated schedule.

  • Make fresh handwritten notes and do not rely solely on PDFs or your previous notes.

Class-wise Time Allotment 

JEE 2023 aspirants, who are preparing for the exam in a year, are recommended to devote 80 per cent of their preparation time to Class 12 topics and the remaining to Class 11 topics. You can increase or decrease this division by five per cent maximum.

Block Strategy

A team of experts brainstormed and came up with a segregation technique for the entire NEET and JEE 2023 syllabus. They divided it into blocks after considering several factors, and have allotted a deadline to complete them. You can always merge the topics as per your preference.

(i) Block 1 - You should complete it latest by August 2022.




Class 11

Kinematics and Relative + Thermo, KTG

Mole Concept, Structure of Atom, States of Matter

Sets and Functions

Class 12

Modern Physics

Solid States, Solutions, Electro, Chemical Kinetics

Relations and Functions

(ii) Block 2  - You should complete it latest by September 2022.




Class 11

Gravitation + Heat Transfer + NLM + WRE

P-block (G 13, 14), s block

Algebra (Linear + Binomial, P&C)

Class 12

Electrostatistics + Current Electricity

P-block (G 15 to 18), d and f block, and Metallurgy

Algebra (Vectors + 3D)

(iii) Block 3 - You should complete it latest by October 2022. Keep in mind your midterm exams as well!




Class 11

CoM, Collision + Rotation 

Thermo + GOC

Coordinate Geometry

Class 12

Magnetic Effects + EMI

Coordination, Haloalkanes, Haloarenes


(iv) Block 4 - You should complete it latest by October 2022. Keep in mind your midterm exams as well!




Class 11

Oscillations + Waves

Hydrocarbons + Redox


Class 12

Ray Optics + Wave Optics

Alcohols, Phenols, Ethers and Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acid

Vector 3D

(v) Block 5 - You should complete it latest by mid- December 2022.




Class 11

Fluids + Units

Equilibrium + Environmental Chemistry

Statistics and Probability

Class 12


Biomolecules, Polymers, Chemistry in Everyday Life

LPP and Probability

Revision Strategy

After completing your entire syllabus block-wise as given above, it's time for revision in the remaining months. 

  • Focus on revision chapters from December to January midweek. Vedantu offers separate special revision classes for JEE and NEET, based on students’ needs.

  • Practice revision question bank. Remember, it is completely different from your regular chapter/topic-wise assignments.

  • Take a mock test every 3-4 weeks. These mock tests must be based on a part of the syllabus, half or complete syllabus, but not chapter-wise.

  • Practice an ample number of previous years’ question papers of different levels, like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, AIIMS, etc.

  • Gradually, start preparing more for your board exams simultaneously.

Assignments and Mock Tests

If you complete your syllabus by December, as expected of every NEET/JEE aspirant, you get one and a half months left to solve as many assignments as you can. But how should you go about it?

  • Try to solve a minimum of 50 to 100+ questions from each chapter when you are also preparing that chapter, i.e from August till December.

  • When you’ve reached the revision phase, increase your number of questions from each chapter to 100 to 200+.

  • Till December, when you are still in your preparation phase, experts recommend giving a mock test every 3 weeks. Remember to always time yourself to get a better hold of the exam pattern.

Join Preparation Courses

We have dedicated one-year batches for JEE 2023 and NEET 2023 preparation. Students are highly advised to join their preferred platform. But if you want to join us, you must know these features.

  • In-class doubt solving, feedback, and interaction.

  • You get extensive class notes, assignments, fortnightly tests, and revision test series.

  • Full-syllabus revision with access to Vedantu’s TATVA study material.

  • Access to all study materials till your exam is conducted.


Now that you have read the 1-year study plan for NEET 2023 and the 1-year study plan for IIT JEE PDF, we hope we have helped ease your preparation and helped you create a personalised strategic roadmap as per your individual needs. Additionally, for more assistance from the country’s NEET and JEE experts, enrol in Vedantu’s courses today. 

All the best!

FAQs on 1-Year Strategic Roadmap for JEE and NEET 2023 for Droppers

1. Is it worth taking a drop for JEE 2023?

If you are not satisfied with your JEE Main 2022 result and haven’t prepared much for JEE Advanced, then take a drop year and start working from scratch. But first analyse what branches you can get in which NITs or IIITs with your JEE Main score, as dedicating another year to rigorous 10-hour study per day is not feasible for everyone.

2. When should I start preparing for NEET 2023?

Students who are sure they want to sit for the NEET exam should start their preparation as early as possible, majorly as soon as they enter their 11th standard. However, if you are not so sure, starting in Class 12 or even after 12th boards will still fetch you a decent rank based on your hard work. However, remember that the earlier you start preparing, the better will be your chances of scoring higher. This is because you will get ample time for revision and mock tests.

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