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Is It Worth Taking a Drop for NEET to Secure an MBBS Seat?

By Priya DasAugust 05, 2022
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Should I Drop a Year for NEET? - Yes or No?

Look, we understand that you dream of securing an MBBS seat in a reputed college, and often this question. Moreover, this dilemma has occurred to you ‘Should I drop a year for NEET?  or Should I not?’  ‘Is taking a drop worth it for NEET?’

We say, YES. It is worth taking a drop for your NEET preparation in order to secure an MBBS seat. In this blog, we are precisely going to discuss and answer this question - Is it Worth Taking a Drop for NEET to Secure an MBBS Seat? We will also try to back up with some legit reasons for our answer. Further, we will also discuss some disadvantages of dropping a year for NEET and know how many students drop out for NEET every year. 

Let us get started with the advantages proving why dropping a year is a good option for NEET. Also, if you are a student who is taking a year drop in NEET you can avail the Aakrosh 1 Year NEET for repeaters classes, it will be a world-class experience in the journey of your medical study.

Is it Worth Taking a Drop for NEET to Secure an MBBS Seat? - Let The Truth Be Revealed!
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Is Dropping a Year a Good Option for NEET? - Check out the Advantages

Already, we have answered the question “Is Dropping a Year a Good Option for NEET?” Yes! But, here we are presenting some legit reasons for the same in the form of advantages. 

The Advantages of Taking a Drop for NEET

  1. Worry Free Studies 

All around the year in Class 12, the students either think about class assignments, class tests, board exams, or board results. So, when can they study in a carefree manner for their NEET? So, after Class 12, taking a year break from all tensions and only focusing on the bull’s eye (i.e., your pre-medical entrances) can be done. 

  1. Learning, Revising, and Making Notes - All on the Same Day

When NEET aspirants go to coaching classes along with school, they hardly get the time to do their own study, let alone make notes. The students probably just do their classes, come back home, revise and go to sleep exhausting themselves. 

But, taking a gap will help them attend their coaching classes where they can understand the concepts well. So, when they come back home, make notes and just revise once, they will eventually be able to recollect the whole concept. Thereafter, they can even go for their second and third rounds of revision.

  1. Ample Time to Practice 

Taking a drop will help the students to practise sample question papers and a lot of questions at home. On the other hand, juggling Class 12 and NEET preparation would make it challenging for them to find time for mere revision. 

  1. Escalating Your Chance to Increase 100-125 Marks at Least

Taking a chance and dropping a year can really improve your marks by at least 100-125. Suppose, you got 400-500 marks, you can easily reach the 500-600 range with a year drop, which is quite an opportunity.

  1. Makes You Visualise Yourself and Gives Strength to Your Capabilities

Success or No Succes, dropping a year will help you to get your visions clearer, on what you want in your life, how you want in your life, and what is the possible way to approach it.

You will get to know your capabilities and will not doubt yourself in making any decision in life. 

After all these reasons, we hope your dilemma of ‘Should I drop a year for NEET?’ gets resolved to an extent. However, now let’s turn the other side of the coin and consider all the disadvantages of taking a year drop for NEET. In the next section, we will be discussing the disadvantages of dropping a year for NEET, so that you can consider all the factors and make a decision for yourself.

Disadvantages of Dropping a Year for NEET

Everything has its pros and cons, and so the same with dropping a year for NEET. Consider these cons below before you take any decision:

  1. Does Not Guarantee Selection

Students should be made aware that taking a year drop does not guarantee any selection. The only chance of getting selected is to work hard. There is no substitute for this. Students must consider dropping a year only when they know they can work hard.

  1. Only Warrior

You might see your friends either getting good colleges or going into other different courses; thus dropping for a year can lead to loneliness and feeling of being a sole warrior. In these situations, consider your family and real friends who uplift you and know your goal. 

  1. Might Regret Your Decision

Dropping will make you a sole warrior, while on the other side of the world, you will see your friends going to colleges and making new friends, enjoying their life. All of these might distract you and push you towards the lane of regrets, but hold on buddy! You know why you took a year drop, so keep your focus constant on your goal. 

  1. Your Confidence Level Might Drop - Refill It Time and Again!

Time and again you will see your confidence level dropping. So, you will have to boost it up, by always confirming your goal, and staying motivated.

Taking a Year Drop for NEET - How Do I Stay Motivated? 

Here are a few tips which will help you in staying motivated and calm:

  1. Fix your study plan, do not overdo it. 

  2. Reward yourself with literally anything, like a good chai break with your family after a day’s study. This will help you get refreshed and charged up for next.

  3. Listen to podcasts for motivation.

  4. Hit motivational tracks. 

  5. Talk with your favourite people.

  6. Share your thoughts with someone, or at least write them down. 

  7. Give yourself time and understand yourself.

  8. Do exercises, it will keep you mentally fit as well. 

So, what did you decide? To take a drop or not to take a drop? Whatever it may be, try to stay consistent and confident in your decision. And know why you did it. We have shared a great deal about all the possibilities and consequences, and now the decision rests upon you. 

Remember: Weigh each and every factor before taking a drop, but whatever you do decide, there is no turning back. And in any case, hard work has no substitutes. 

FAQs on Is It Worth Taking a Drop for NEET to Secure an MBBS Seat?

1. How many students take a drop for NEETevery year?

As per the NTA data, on average 2 lakh students drop out a year for NEET every year. 

2. Is it normal to take drop years for NEET?

Absolutely! NEET does not have any limit on the number of chances. Moreover, the upper age limit for taking the NEET exam has also been waived off. So, medical aspirants have ample opportunities to qualify for NEET. While a gap of 2 years is said to be quite legit before you sit for the medical examination. 

3. Is it okay to take a 4 years drop for NEET?

If you are sure about your career path and believe in yourself, then a 4 years gap is quite OK for NEET.

4. Can a dropper be an AIR 1?

Yes, in fact in the past, many rank holders were droppers previously. 

5. Will a 1-year drop affect the placement?

No, this is a rumour. All will depend on your hard work. Study hard and prepare yourself accordingly to achieve your desired rank and college.

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