Most Important Chapters for JEE Mains 2020

by Preeti Bhardwaj, August 24, 2020

Knowing the most important chapters for JEE Mains 2020 will help you frame an effective study plan. Pay more attention to what has more weightage in the paper; these strategies will only make your preparation easier and less time consuming as well.

JEE Mains question paper is divided into three parts- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Each carries 100 marks, making the total 300. If the following important chapters for JEE mains is practised thoroughly, success will be yours.

Important Chapters for JEE Mains 2020 of Physics

When studying for Physics, try to focus on the concepts more. Most questions from physics are concept based in JEE Mains. Practice numerical questions as well because they are also prevalent in the test paper. 

All the numerical are crucial. You should not skip any even if they are not from the chapters mentioned below.

Some of the Essential Chapters are: 

  • Electrodynamics

Relevant sub-topics from electrodynamics are Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Electromagnetic Induction, Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism, Electromagnetic Waves and Alternating Currents.

  • Mechanics

Mechanics have many essential sub-topics that you should cover. They are Work, Energy and Power, Laws of Motion, Kinematics, Motion, Properties of solids and liquids and Gravitation.

  • Thermodynamics and Heat

The sub-topics from Thermodynamics are Heat Transfer, Kinetic Theory of gases and Thermodynamics itself.

  • Optics

Ray Optics, Optical Instruments, Geometrical Optics and Wave Optics are the relevant sub-topics under most important chapters for JEE Mains 2020.

  • Modern Physics

The sub-topics Dual Nature of Matter, Atoms, Nuclei and Radiation are essential from this chapter.

  • Other Important Chapters

Simple Harmonic Motion, Rotational Motion, Rotational Dynamics, Dimensional Analysis, Physics & Measurement, Communication System and Electronic Devices.

Most Important Chapters for JEE Mains of Chemistry

Chemistry is further divided into three parts - Organic chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. They occupy 45%, 35% and 20% of the Chemistry section respectively. Organic Chemistry may seem complicated, but it contains the highest number of questions, so practice it well.

The equations from all the chapters are important as well as their numerical. Do not overlook any sum and solve as many as you can. Practice every numerical from the most important chapters for JEE Mains 2020 thoroughly as well.

Most Important Chapters:

  • Chemical Bonding

Ionic Bonding, Covalent Bonding, Bond Characteristics, Hybridization, VSPER Theory, Molecular Orbital Theory, Covalent Character in Ionic Bonds (Fajan’s Rule), Metallic and Hydrogen Bonding are the sub-topics that you need to prepare.

  • Electrochemistry

Electrolysis and Electrolytic Cell, Deniell Cell, Arrhenius Theory of Electrolytic Dissociation, Nernst Equation, Faradays Laws of Electrolysis, Electrolytic Conductance, Concentration Cells, Electrochemical Series, Applications of Electrolysis, Kohlrausch’s Law, Batteries and Electrode Potential.

  • Salt Analysis

Every aspect of Salt Analysis is crucial as it is one of the most important chapters for JEE Mains 2020.

  • Coordination Compound

Learn about the application of Coordination Compounds along with these sub-topics- Bonding in Metal Carbonyls, Crystal Field Theory, Isomerism, Nomenclature, Valence Bond Theory and Werner’s Theory.

  • Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry

Some aspects of Chemical Thermodynamics are similar to that of Physics. Thus, this is one of the important chapters for JEE Main 2020, and you should not miss it.

  • d-Block and p-Block Elements

Among all the sets of elements, d-block and p-block elements are essential for JEE Mains.

  • Organic Chemistry

Mentioning a handful of the Organic Chemistry chapters will be doing injustice to the JEE Mains question paper. There is no pre-determined set of questions, and sometimes they are a combination of two chapters from Organic Chemistry. Thus, the entire Organic Chemistry syllabus is important.

JEE Main 2020 Important Chapters of Mathematics

The mathematics section gives equal importance to all chapters; there is a question from almost every chapter in this section. Practice every problem of all chapters in the syllabus in details and keep practising the formulae. Maths is the most scoring part of JEE Mains, take advantage of it.

If you still want to know which chapters you should practice more than others. Here are the most important chapters for JEE Mains 2020 of Mathematics.  

  • Vectors and 3D

Parallel Lines, Projection of Line, Theory of 3D Plane, Theory of 3D Straight Line, Shortest Distance-two Non-Intersecting Lines, and Theory of Sphere are some major sub-topics of Vector and 3D.

  • Conic Section

Straight Lines, Circle, Parabola, Ellipse, and Hyperbola. Ellipse and Hyperbola are a bit tricky, and you should pay special attention to these two sub-topics more.

  • Differential Calculus

There are numerous formulae related to Differential Calculus. Write all the formulae in a single sheet and learn them before solving any questions. Practise daily to improve both your learning and application of the formulae.

  • Integral Calculus

Though Integral Calculus is tough, it becomes considerably easier once you have practised Differential Calculus. Many of the formulae are related to that of Differential Calculus. These two Calculus chapters are of great importance among the JEE Mains important chapters 2020.

  • Sequences and Series

Sequences and Series are a staple in many entrance exams. Though this chapter may seem easy, the questions are very tricky in the JEE Mains paper. 

  • Binomial Theorem and M.I.

Binomial Theorem is an exciting topic if appropriately understood. Ask your teacher to clear your doubts so that you can venture into practice question papers.

  • Probability

Probability is an equally important chapter. Keep your concept clear as you will not get the same level of questions as you have solved in your board exams. 

  • Permutation Combination

Fundamental Principle of Counting, Permutations as an Arrangement, Combinations as Selections, P(n,r) and C(n,r), and Application of Permutation and Combination are the topics you need to cover.

  • Circles

Circles mainly consist of the studies of this simple shape. If you want to shortlist the topics you need to revise more, Circles ought to have a place in it.

  • Trigonometric Equation

Just like the Calculus, Trigonometric Equation also plays a significant role in the JEE Mains. Learn the trigonometric table by heart. It too can be considered the most important chapter of JEE Mains 2020.

Solve more and more sums and practice every formula. You should have all the critical formulae at the tip of your fingers before sitting for the exams. 

Above mentioned chapters are important, but that does not mean they are the only ones one should study. Questions from other chapters will also come, and you should be prepared for that as well. The level of importance can be different, but every chapter mentioned in the syllabus needs to be studied.

Practise your maths daily, solve numerical from every chapter and of course practise the chemical equations regularly. A steady pace of learning will help you in the end.

The most important chapters for JEE Mains 2020 list will guide you through your entire preparation. The rest is up to how you incorporate it in your study plan. Though preparing the above-mentioned chapters is essential, you should also prepare the rest of the chapters from the syllabus thoroughly. Once done with the general studies, then you can put extra effort into the above-mentioned chapters.

Most Important Chapters for JEE Mains 2020