Last Minute Preparation Tips and Tricks to Score High in JEE Main

by Sagar Mankar, July 8, 2020

The JEE entrance exam is quite famous for being one of the top entry-level examinations for engineering institutes. The entrance exam is conducted in two parts as JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The cutoffs for this examination are quite difficult to reach and that is what makes this a high-level qualifier exam you can use to get into technical institutions of bigger standards and opportunities. Most of the students may incline to panic quite close to your exam dates. That is why we are here providing you with some exciting and lightning-quick tips on preparing for your JEE Main exam at the last possible minute. 

Make sure to be filled up with your materials long before your examination, or else you cannot take all that vast amount of knowledge into your head at the last moment. What we are providing here shall not be effective unless you have kept up with all your study material. As it is also your first step into clearing this exam with a good rank, you might want to give serious consideration to this. Go through these quick tips and tricks to be stress-free and confident during the last few days before the exam.

Main Things to Consider

Here are the last minute preparation tips for JEE Main you need to consider before taking your exam.

  • Go Through Your Material Beforehand:

As said before, nothing would benefit you if you already don’t know your complete material thoroughly. Do your work beforehand and make sure to leave no pending topics to procrastinate on. Some students can put some topics for studying until the last day, and this behavior can cause you to lose your chance at cracking JEE Main. It is important that you leave nothing for last-minute learning and only leave revision as your available option.

  • Revise What You Have Gone Through:

The more number of times you have gone through a topic, the more chance it will have to stay in your mind and hence take revision seriously. Revisions can also offer you a certain amount of comfort knowing you know these topics already and even if you don’t, you can mark them for taking up right after. Go through your materials until you are thorough on all the subjects.

  • Stay Away From New Topics:

Taking new topics to study just days before your examination is a terrible idea. It can make you forget old topics you have already covered and instill confusion in you; that is the last thing you need this close to your exam date. In case you discover a new topic this close to your exam, you can drop that and concentrate on what you have learned so far more and try to get the maximum benefit from them.

  • Mock Tests Are Helpful:

To make sure about your comprehensive skills and time management efforts you need to put in, taking mock tests is a good option. They assess your knowledge and provide a rough idea of how the exam will be and can greatly help you familiarise yourself with the JEE Main entrance exam. You will also know what kind of questions to avoid and which to attend for sure.

  • Taking Breaks Is Important:

As much as your exams are important to you, it is of utmost importance that you keep your mental and physical health in good condition. Take sufficient breaks in between studying and walk around for a bit moving your body, or lie down and rest for a bit. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Don’t stay in a position for too long, and stare at something green after spending long hours in front of a screen.

  • Don’t Miss Out On Sleep:

For your age range, a good sleep up to 8 hours every night is a must, or else you will wake up even more groggy and tired than the day before. This can cause fatigue and also lack of concentration in your topics. Missing out on sleep can also affect your digestion and can cause stomach problems.

  • Make Sure Your Essentials Are Ready:

All the essential things for your examination should be arranged if not the last day, most preferably by at least 2 or 3 days before the exam starts. This helps you relax a bit, not having to run after these technicalities at the last moment, and it will keep your mind clear and sharp. Essentials include your ID, Hall Ticket, pen, pencil, etc. and such as what is specified in the instructions.

  • Eat Healthily:

Avoid having junk food and fast food just days before your examination. In case of any stomach problems going to a hospital on such short notice can be difficult and would also waste a good amount of time you could focus on studying. Healthy food will also keep you more awake and gives you more strength.

  • Don’t Overdo It:

No matter the level of examination or your aims, nothing is worth ruining your health over. Taking hours and hours for studying is pushing yourself too hard, and there is no way that scenario can end well for you. It will harm you during the time of the exam and so take care of yourself first and don’t get caught up in all the tension and stress associated with the competition. 

  • Self-confidence Is Key:

Fear of failure will also stop you right in your tracks and with self-doubt being your companion, you shall not get anywhere. Believe in your capacity and abilities first. Don’t listen to any negative criticism that comes your way. There are just two possibilities no matter what happens, at the end of the day staying mentally fit and in good health is all that matters.

Exam Hall Tips

The atmosphere and surroundings can seem strange and unfamiliar, but worry not all the students there are going through this the same as you and hence take a deep breath to calm down and drink some water if needed. Once you are in the hall and have your question paper, take your well-deserved minutes to skim through the questions and don’t let difficult ones take your concentration away from you. 

Answer all the easy questions first and leave the hard ones if necessary. Don’t lose time on a question by fixating on it and also replenish yourself with water to keep up your health. Looking at other students performing on the exam can distract you; hence, pay attention only to your questions and mark a question to be reviewed later in case you are sure you know it but not getting it at the moment. 

After completing the test, you can go through your answers once again if you have some time left so that even if you have missed something, it can catch your eye.

Bottom Line

Exams are indeed a very tough and exciting time to go through and you have to be tremendously prepared for these highly competitive ones, but always make sure that you know nothing matters above your health. All the best of luck to you to have a safe, stress-free, and good exam.

Last Minute Preparation Tips and Tricks to Score High in JEE Main