JEE Mains Dress Code 2020

by Preeti Bhardwaj, August 24, 2020

Brainstorming over every aspect of JEE Mains and spending months preparing and then revising the syllabus, again and again, is something every student does. But is there anything missing? Yes, the question of what to wear and carry to the exam hall remains.

JEE Mains dress code 2020 is a vital query. Fortunately, NTA has no such guidelines about what one should wear; instead, informal dress code for JEE Main 2020 states what you should not wear. 

What you Cannot Wear

While you can almost wear anything you deem comfortable, NTA asks you to avoid wearing the following items.

  • Any jewellery, be it rings, or chain is strictly prohibited. Clothing items that have metal attached are also not allowed. 

  • You cannot wear any sort of scarf, dupatta, muffler or cap to the exam. Glasses other than that prescribed by the doctor will also not be allowed in the examination hall.

  • You should not wear clothes that have several pockets as per JEE Main 2020 dress code. 

  • Fancy clips and hairpins are also prohibited.

What you Cannot Carry

  • Any electronic gadget, mobile phone, microphone, earphones, pager etc. are not allowed.

  • Handbags, purses are also prohibited. 

  • Any metallic items other than jewellery are also not allowed as per JEE Mains dress code 2020.

  • No paper, stationery, printed or written materials will be allowed inside the examination premises.

  • If you have any watch or electronic device that can also work as a calculator, then do not carry it.

  • Do not carry any instrument, geometry box or pencil box to the exam.

  • Calculators, Camera or tape recorder, are banned as well.

  • You cannot carry any eatables inside the premises.

Exceptions to the Guidelines

  • You can carry eatables only if you have diabetes. The eatables that you can bring in such circumstances are sugar tablets or fruits like banana, apple or orange along with a transparent water bottle. No packed food is allowed.

  • There is an exception for people who wear a Kara or carry Kirpan for religious purposes; they will be excused provided they report 1.5 hours before the gate closing time. If one fails to do so, they will not be allowed to sit for the exam.

  • Religious headwear is allowed, but burkhas and anything that covers the face and neck is not allowed in JEE Mains dress code 2020.

  • If you are sitting for B. Arch Paper 2 examination, then you can bring your Geometry box, Pencil, Pencil colours or Crayons and Eraser. However, you cannot bring Water Colour to the hall.

Some Extra Items to Avoid

Now that all the official guidelines are known there are certain aspects you should keep in mind as well. The dress code JEE Main 2020 is not just what is mentioned by the NTA. The checking during JEE Mains is very rigorous, and some items of clothing can make it extra time consuming for you.

So, when going for your exam, be very meticulous about what you wear. To help you further, here is a list of items you can avoid to save yourself from the extra tiresome checking.

  • Full sleeves are an excellent place to hide cheat-papers and thus if you wear them, then be ready to be questioned as they are technically against the JEE Mains dress code 2020.

  • Excessive loose or frilly clothes can be questionable, so avoid them as well. 

  • Clothes that have pompous buttons or huge brooch attached should be avoided wearing to JEE Mains.

Create your Own ‘JEE Mains Dress Code 2020’

2020 is a unique year because of the outbreak of Coronavirus. Just like our surrounding is adjusting and adapting, we too have to do the same. So, create your personalised dress code for JEE Mains. If it seems a bit tricky here is a general idea of things to carry and wear to the examination hall.

  1. Wear hygienic face shield. Though wearing a cap is prohibited the thin cover is transparent and thus it does not cause any problem. Safety is important; you can remove it before entering the premises of examination but can wear one to the venue.

  • Wear a pair of gloves as well. If necessary, you can leave them at the gate along with the other safety covers.

  • Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth properly.

  • Carry a hand sanitiser that has an alcohol content of more than 70%.

  • Wear comfortable clothes as all your mind should be on the examination. Preferably a half sleeve t-shirt and comfortable jeans or trousers as per the JEE Main dress code. 

Necessary Items to Bring

While the list of prohibited things seems endless, there are few items without which you would not be allowed to sit for the exam. Certain things are necessary to appear for the examination, but there are also one or two items that you might have missed.

To avoid the last-minute anxiety of forgetting something, you should pack all of these items the night before so that your mind is all clear for the examination. The things mentioned below are the essentials for JEE Mains dress code 2020.

  • Your JEE Mains admit card is by far the most essential.

  • Any of the following ID proofs, like PAN card, Aadhaar card or E-Aadhaar card (with the photograph), Driving licence and Passport must be carried to the venue.

  • One passport size photograph. It will be attached to the attendance sheet of the centre. Remember the photo should be the same as the one uploaded in the application form of JEE Mains.

  • If you are claiming the relaxation under the PwD category, then you have to bring the PwD certificate that a competent authority has issued.

You will not be permitted to sit for the examination if even one of these items is missing. Thus, it is advised to arrange your things a day before the test. You can also go to the examination venue a day before to check the route and timing so that you are not late for your exam.

Now that you know what is dress code for JEE Mains 2020, you are one step ahead of your peers. Share this information with your friends and let them know about what to wear and what not to wear for JEE Mains dress code 2020. Be prepared in all the aspects and ace your examinations this year. Study hard smart. Don’t let the surrounding situation discourage you. Take an adequate amount of rest and give your test with a fresh mind.

JEE Mains Dress Code 2020