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Your Complete Guide to Preparation for JEE Mains 2024 - Phase 1

By Srija MahalanobishDecember 07, 2023
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How to Prepare for JEE Mains 2024? Effective Tips for JEE Mains Phase 1

If you are an aspiring JEE candidate, you must be aware that the National Testing Agency (NTA) will be conducting JEE Main 2024 in two sessions. The first session will be held from 24th January to 1st February and the second session from 1st April to 15th April 2024. In case you are unable to score enough in one phase of the exam, you need not worry since you can hope to improve your scores in the second phase. 

With limited time available, having a well-defined strategy for JEE Mains 2024 is crucial to maximise your benefits. Understanding how to prepare and plan effectively for JEE Main 2024 enhances your skills and learning techniques. If you're unsure about the best approach, read on to discover a comprehensive and highly effective preparation plan for JEE Main 2024.

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JEE Mains 2022 Phase 1 Preparation Plan

JEE Mains Important Information

To crack an exam like JEE Main requires proper planning, dedication, determination and an appropriate approach. Undoubtedly, JEE Mains is one of the toughest entrance exams. However, thousands of students excel every year with flying colours and make it to their dream college. You too can be among the toppers with the preparation for JEE Mains 2024.

To begin with, it is important that you are familiar with the latest dates and JEE Mains important information for 2024. As mentioned earlier, the JEE Main 2024 exam will be conducted in two sessions, January and April. The syllabus will remain unchanged despite the reduction in Classes 11 and 12 syllabi by CBSE Board and other state boards. Make sure you leave no chapters untouched while preparing for the exam. This is important because the best score of all the attempts a candidate makes will be taken into consideration while deciding their rank in JEE Main 2024. Take a look at the below table to be sure that you haven’t missed the latest dates.


Dates for Session 1 - June 2024

Dates for Session 2 - July 2024

JEE Main registration process

1 November to 1 December 2024

2 February 2024 - 2 March 2024

Last Date for JEE Main application 2024

4 December 2023

2 February 2024 - 2 March 2024

Last date to pay exam fee

4 December 2024

02 March 2024

Correction dates for JEE Main of session 1

December 6 to 8, 2023

Yet to be announced NTA

Release of admit card

January 20, 2024

03 days before date of the Examination

JEE Main 2024 examination date

24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, January to 1 February 2024

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 April 2024

Provisional answer key release date

February 2024

Yet to be announced by NTA

JEE Main answer key challenge date

February 2024

Yet to be announced by NTA

Release of final JEE Main 2024 answer key

February 2024

April 2024

JEE Main 2024 Result

February 2024

Aprill 2024

Here are a few easy yet important JEE Main 2024 preparation strategies for phase one.

1. Know Your Syllabus Well

The first thing to do after you have found out the dates of the exam is to know what chapters and topics need to be covered in the syllabus of JEE Mains 2024. You can check NTA’s website to find the detailed syllabus. Chalk out the subject-wise important chapters and topics and then create a proper study plan. Moreover, your NCERT science books should be your primary source for study. Make sure you refrain from the selective study. To be on the safe side and feel confident about your preparation, you need to be familiar with all topics. 

2. Understand the Exam Pattern

The next step is to know about the marking scheme, language, exam pattern and weightage of all the subjects to be studied for JEE Mains 2024. Only then can you form an effective study plan for JEE Mains. Check out the below table for a brief but clear understanding of the JEE Mains 2024 exam pattern. 


Paper 1 (B.Tech/B.E.)

Paper 2A (B.Arch)

Paper 2B (B.Plan)

Mode of Exam


Online (Mathematics and Aptitude) and offline (Drawing test)


Duration of exam

3 hours (180 minutes)

3 hours (180 minutes)

3 hours (180 minutes)

Number of Sections

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Drawing, Mathematics and Aptitude

Mathematics, Aptitude and Planning

Questions Type

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Mathematics and Aptitude: MCQ

Drawing: Questions to assess sketching and drawing skills

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Number of Questions




Total Marks




Languages Available

Assamese, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu in addition to Hindi, English and Gujarati

Assamese, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu in addition to Hindi, English and Gujarati

Assamese, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu in addition to Hindi, English and Gujarati

JEE Mains 2024 Marking scheme

+4 marks for the correct answer

 -1 mark for the incorrect answer

No deduction for unattempted questions

+4 marks for the correct answer

 -1 mark for the incorrect answer

No deduction for unattempted questions

+4 marks for the correct answer

 -1 mark for the incorrect answer

No deduction for unattempted questions

3. Get Hold of the Best Books

Every exam comes with its set of best books that are the key to success. Similarly, for this engineering entrance exam too, there are prescribed and popular books and online study materials for JEE Mains available. These books and study materials are created in accordance with the latest syllabus and requirements of the exam. Your primary goal would be to study the concepts and topics covered in these books sufficiently. As long as you know your subject in and out, you can hope to be among the top scorers. 

4. Regular Study Is Important

Many aspiring candidates for JEE Mains start preparing for the exam as early as Class 11. However, it is never too late to meet your goal. The only mantra here is to study regularly and dedicatedly. Read your chapters carefully, make a list of the formulae and solve questions and numerical as much as possible. Take bit by bit but it is essential that you sit with your study materials every day. 

5. Solve Papers to Test Your Knowledge

Now that you have gone through the books thoroughly, the next step is to test your knowledge and understanding. This can only be made possible through a rigorous and diligent solving of sample JEE Mains papers, JEE Mains mock test series and previous years’ questions from JEE Mains. These will help you evaluate how much you need to study. It will also help you understand the kind of questions asked in previous years, the difficulty level of questions, topics with weightage, etc.

6. Time Management with Revision

Keeps sufficient time for revision! It is an important and unavoidable aspect of succeeding in any test. Time management is equally important. Knowing your answers isn’t enough. You should be able to put them on the paper within the allotted time. Speed and accuracy should be your constant companion if you want to do well. The only way to achieve that is to time yourself while you solve JEE Mains important questions, mock test papers, sample papers and previous years’ question papers. With Vedantu’s JEE Mains revision notes, you can give your revision an extra edge and glance through all important areas before the exam. 

Additional Tips!

Here are a few more things to keep in mind while you engross yourself in the preparation for JEE Mains 2024

  • Make a timetable for study. Dedicate time for each subject, followed by a thorough revision.

  • Eat well and sleep sufficiently. A healthy body and mind are an absolute necessity.

  • Be confident about your preparation! Tell yourself “I can do it”.

  •  Clear your fundamentals. Take up the tougher topics first and then finish the easier ones.

  • Avoid silly mistakes. These take away a lot of marks.

  • Analyse previous years’ papers and identify the topics with higher weightage.

  • Listen to your teachers/mentors. Follow their guidelines diligently.

  • Try to stay away from other distractions such as social media.

  • Do take short and sufficient breaks in between study hours. Your mind needs to be fresh from time to time to absorb more information. 

Work Hard but Work Smart!

We hope these simple tips on how to prepare for JEE Mains 2024 will prove helpful for you in acing the exam. You need to be consistent in your approach to ensure these plans and preparation tips work towards your best outcome. For more information and access to a pool of study resources and blogs, do visit Vedantu's website and our JEE Mains and Advanced 2024 pages. 

FAQs on Your Complete Guide to Preparation for JEE Mains 2024 - Phase 1

1. What is Phase 1 in the context of preparing for JEE Mains 2024?

Phase 1 refers to the initial stage of your preparation for JEE Mains 2024. It's the starting point where you lay the foundation for more focused and in-depth study later on.

2. How can I make the most out of Phase 1 in my JEE Mains 2024 preparation?

During Phase 1, concentrate on building a strong understanding of fundamental concepts. Focus on key subjects, practice basic problem-solving, and establish a study routine that suits your pace.

3. Are there specific topics or subjects that I should prioritise in Phase 1 for JEE Mains 2024?

Yes, prioritise the core subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Emphasise foundational topics that form the basis for more advanced concepts you'll encounter in later phases of your preparation.

4. What study techniques are recommended during Phase 1 of JEE Mains 2024 preparation?

In Phase 1, employ active learning methods such as regular self-assessment, solving sample problems, and reviewing basic concepts. Use study materials that provide a clear understanding of fundamental principles.

5. How does Phase 1 set the tone for the rest of my JEE Mains 2024 preparation?

Phase 1 acts as a crucial building block. It shapes your understanding of core concepts and establishes a disciplined study routine. Success in Phase 1 lays a strong foundation for the more intensive and focused phases to come in your JEE Mains 2024 preparation.

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