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Should I Drop One Year or Not for the College Entrance Exams Like IIT JEE/NEET?

By Chandni WadhwaniAugust 02, 2022
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Competitive exams like IIT JEE, and NEET are crucial for students as these exams give them the opportunity for admission to reputed engineering and medical colleges in the country. This is an entry gate to a promising and successful career, so students take all measures to prepare themselves for the exams with a target of getting good scores and qualifications. In this competitive environment, scoring high marks and securing a good rank is extremely important to get admission to the college and the stream of your choice. Students must study hard and follow systematic approaches to prepare for these exams based on their capabilities.

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Dropping a Year for IIT/NEET- Is It Beneficial?

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Dropping a Year for JEE and  NEET- Is It Worth?

Students often drop a year to prepare for JEE and appear for the exam. The logic behind this decision is that they want to fully concentrate on their studies for the JEE exam, which is somehow highly challenging, along with preparing for the 12th board exam. Students must focus on getting good marks both in board exams and JEE, which is not an easy task at all. The preparation for JEE is quite different and more demanding than the board exam, so you must devote more time to JEE preparation. Considering all these points, many students decide to drop a year for the JEE exam and focus on passing the board exam successfully. They keep an entire year for the preparation of JEE only, which they think would help them score good ranks in JEE. It is a common question that should I drop one year for JEE?

The best answer lies with you only. You can attempt JEE without dropping a year if you are confident of scoring good marks in board exams and well prepared for JEE. Often, students do not want to waste a year and lag behind their friends. But if you feel you need more time for preparation for JEE, a drop year will allow you opportunities to study as per your schedule and may bring better results in JEE. It is de-motivating if you cannot crack the exam for the first time, so dropping a year and preparing for JEE with more focus and concentration is better.

The NEET exam is the entrance test for admission to medical colleges in India. This exam is also challenging and requires a lot of study and preparation. It may not be possible for all students to prepare well for NEET while studying for the 12th board exam. Taking a drop year is usually worth it for NEET, as it helps students devote more time and follow an organized study schedule to prepare for the exam.

Appearing for Both JEE and NEET

Admission to medical and engineering courses requires qualifying in competitive and challenging entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, and NEET. Students must put in a lot of hard work and prepare with complete dedication and motivation if they want to crack the entrance exams for engineering and medical courses. If you are wondering, “Can I give both NEET and JEE?” the answer is yes. Many students appear for JEE and NEET if they fulfill the eligibility criteria. But as per experts’ opinion, it is better to focus on one exam and prepare to score good marks. This would allow you to be admitted to the top college of your choice to pursue studies of your interest. The chance of securing a good rank is greater if you concentrate on one exam than on both. However, numerous instances exist where students crack both exams with good scores

IIT JEE and NEET: Which is Better?

IIT JEE is the entrance exam for top engineering colleges, and NEET is the standard medical entrance test for medical aspirants. There is no direct answer to the question of IIT and NEET. Which one is better? Both the exams are essential from the candidate’s point of view, so it's tough to compare the two examinations. One difference is that JEE carries more weight in Mathematics, and NEET has more weight in Biology. There are also differences in the subject-wise marks distribution and the exam pattern. Many students find IIT JEE to be more challenging as it involves a two-step process to qualify. On the other hand, the number of medical seats is limited compared to available engineering seats, making the competition tougher to secure a seat for medical.


Students aspiring to study engineering or medical courses need to put in a lot of hard work to crack the entrance exams that allow them to pursue their desired field of education. The entrance exams are highly competitive and require a systematic, positive, and consistent approach to preparation. The students are the best judge of their competencies and capabilities, so they have to decide how much time and effort they need to devote to the preparation for these exams. It is always desirable to crack the exam on the first attempt, but if a year drop makes you more confident and motivated to handle the exam in a better way, it is worth doing it.

FAQs on Should I Drop One Year or Not for the College Entrance Exams Like IIT JEE/NEET?

1. Why do students drop a year to appear in the JEE exam?

Many students feel it is not easy to score high marks in the 12th board and JEE in the same year. So they keep one year dedicated to preparing for the JEE exam exclusively.

2. Which subjects carry more weightage than the others in JEE and NEET exams?

JEE is the entrance exam for engineering, and NEET is an entrance exam for medical courses. The score achieved in Mathematics in JEE and the score obtained in Biology in NEET play a crucial role in determining the final score and rank of the candidate, especially during tie-breakers.

3. How does a year drop help students prepare for JEE or NEET?

A thorough study, paper-solving, and revision with a strict schedule are required to score good marks in JEE or NEET. Devoting one whole year just to prepare for NEET/JEE helps students stay focused and rank well in the entrance exams.

4. Is it advisable to appear for JEE and NEET in the same year?

Focusing on a single exam of interest is better to ensure good rank and admission to top colleges. However, many students successfully made it through JEE and NEET in a single year. Hence, it depends on the individual’s preparation strategy and hard work.

5. Do droppers appearing for the JEE/NEET exam have some advantage over others?

Droppers of JEE or NEET preparing for another round of the exam are more relaxed and focused, making them more confident to crack the exam. They are familiar with the exam pattern, and going through most syllabus topics is equivalent to revising them. Hence, exam anxiety affects them less.

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