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Study Plan for Droppers to Crack JEE Main and Advanced

By Chandni WadhwaniJuly 29, 2022
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5 Must Follow Tips and Tricks for Droppers to Crack JEE Main and Advanced

JEE Main and Advanced are one of the toughest entrance exams in India for admission to engineering courses. Students prepare very hard to pass the exam, but many do not qualify in the first attempt. Many students also drop an entire year to prepare for the exam so they can crack it in the first attempt. Some students opt to reappear in the JEE exam when they fail to secure the desired rank at the first chance. Students who have not qualified and want to achieve the desired score in JEE need to make an extra effort and follow an improved plan of action to make the repeat attempt successful.

Numerous factors are involved in not achieving the desired rank, so students need to analyse the deficiencies and work upon them. Those who prepare for an entire year also need to follow smart study plans and procedures to score desired marks in the JEE Main and Advance Exam. In this article, we will provide some guidance regarding the study plan of JEE droppers to help them crack JEE Main and Advance successfully.

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Study Plan for Droppers to Crack JEE Main and JEE Advanced |Top 5 Smart Tips

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5 Effective Tips and IIT JEE Study Plan for Droppers to Ace JEE Main and Advanced

JEE droppers can get enough time to prepare for the next exam with full involvement. Students appearing for the second time possess experience regarding the exam pattern, which is an added advantage. JEE droppers should wisely prepare their study plan and use the best time and learning resources. Following are some preparation tips for the droppers to crack the exam.

  1. Make an Organised Study Plan

Following a realistic and effective IIT JEE study plan for droppers is very important, considering the topics that need to be covered. If you find some topics are given more weightage, consistently, for previous years, try to make your knowledge base strong on those topics. If you have already appeared for the JEE, you have a fair idea of which topics you need to focus on for better understanding. Most of the questions in IIT JEE are concept based so you need to devote more time to clarify the basic concepts. Making short notes and taking references from different study materials will help you understand the concepts. 

  1. Build a Strong Base

Devote the initial months of preparation to build a strong base on various topics covered under the IIT JEE syllabus. Studying and completing the entire syllabus will help build a strong foundation. A one-year dropper plan for IIT JEE will be fruitful only with the knowledge of basics, so you need to allocate a major part of your time in this process. Making short notes during the study will help you remember and understand the concepts you have learnt. 

  1. Revision of Topics

After completing the syllabus, take topics one by one and revise them. It’s time to clear your doubts and take the help of reference study materials to form a better understanding of the concepts. Make a subject-wise plan as there are three different subjects that require different approaches. The revision method will also vary according to the subjects and required level of understanding.

  1. Practice Brings Perfection

The remaining time should be dedicated to practice, problem-solving and mock tests. A successful dropper’s study plan for JEE must put full emphasis on practising with previous question papers that give a clear idea about the depth of knowledge and the areas that need more focus. You can download previous years’ question papers with solved solutions to get a thorough idea of exam patterns and appropriate answers.

The mock test is crucial to sharpen your knowledge and develop time-management skills. You can evaluate the mock test results to understand how far away you are from the desired target. More practice and problem-solving can improve your shortcomings and reduce the gap between your actual and desired goals.

  1. Let Your Brain Reboot

An dispensable and important aspect of any preparation is to let your brain reboot. And how do you do that? By taking sufficient time to rest, relax and refresh your mind. Studying day in and out without recreation or breaks won’t fetch the best outcome if you do not allow yourself to sleep or rest for at least 5-6 hours daily. Indulge in your hobbies or take some time out to listen to music or meditate.


The most important factor to cracking highly competitive examinations like JEE Main and JEE Advanced is to be passionate and confident about achieving your goal. There is no written formula to crack the exam, but patience, a positive attitude, and a consistent approach to study will surely bring positive results. A dropper has the advantage of having a better idea about its strengths and weaknesses and can drive efforts in those directions to bring improvement. You should be open to receiving guidance from mentors to enrich your knowledge base and evaluate your progress with regular test assessments.

FAQs on Study Plan for Droppers to Crack JEE Main and Advanced

1. Who are considered droppers in the JEE exam?

There are two categories of droppers. The first category is those who appeared for the JEE exam but did not qualify and are willing to attempt next year. Thes second category of students take a gap of one year after the 12th board and prepare to give the JEE Main after one year.

2. How do group studies help in JEE exam preparation?

Group study can be quite beneficial as one can learn much through exchange of ideas, suggestions and discussions with friends.

3. What is the importance of a JEE mock test?

Mock tests are an important tool for exam preparation as it makes you habituated to the exam patterns, develops time management skills, and highlights the weak areas that need improvement.

4. Why do students drop one year to appear in the JEE exam?

Many students feel it is not easy to score high marks in both 12th boards and JEE in the same year so they keep one year dedicated to only preparing for the JEE Exam.

5. Do the students appearing for the second time have some advantage over others?

One big advantage that students appearing for the second time have over others is that they have already experienced the feel of the exam so they are way more confident and focused.

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