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JEE Advanced 2024 Math Syllabus: Important Topics, Weightage & Preparation Tips

By Swagata SarkarDecember 03, 2023
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Every year, the National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the JEE for giving admissions to the top engineering colleges of India. JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2024 are considered among the most difficult & toughest competitive exams. Students who are willing to get admission into the most prestigious engineering colleges in India must create smart strategies to score well in these exams.

The syllabus for JEE is vast. The questions in these exams are designed to test the conceptual and analytical abilities in Physics, Chemistry, and Math. The applicants need to know details about the important topics, weightage, as well as difficulty level of questions.

As we are nearing JEE Advanced 2024, to help students, below, we are explaining the important chapters of JEE Advanced 2024 Math Syllabus.
Most Important Chapters for JEE Advanced 2022 Math Preparation
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IIT JEE Advanced 2024 Math - Important Chapters

Mathematics chapters demand a clear understanding of the concepts & formulas. The following are the most important Math chapters for JEE Advanced 2024. Have a look:

  1. 3 Dimensional Geometry

  2. Integrals

  3. Conic section

  4. Functions

  5. Complex Number

  6. Vector Algebra

  7. Continuity and Derivability

  8. Limits

  9. Matrices and Determinants

  10. Parabola

  11. Differential Equation

  12. Circle

  13. Probability 

  14. Area under curves

  15. Sequences and series

  16. Application of Derivatives

  17. Permutations and combination

  18. Calculus

  19. Straight Lines

  20. Quadratic Equation

  21. Binomial Theorem & M. I

  22. Set & Relation

  23. Properties of Triangle

Mathematics Chapter-wise Weightage in JEE Advanced 2024

To help students prepare smartly, here we have provided the JEE Advanced 2024 Math Topic–wise weightage. The table below will give you a brief idea of the important topics students need to focus on for the Math exam.

IIT JEE Advanced 2024 - Math Syllabus

The authority has already released the JEE Advanced Math Syllabus 2024 and the chapters covered in Math are essentially focused on the conceptual application of formulas, theorems, and derivations. This section in the question paper requires dedicated study hours and frequent practice.

The students need to clear all the key concepts and doubts before the exam. As per the notification released by the conducting authority, the syllabus for JEE Advanced Math 2024 is the same as last year.


  • Complex Numbers

  • Quadratic Equations

  • Sequence and Series

  • Logarithms

  • Permutation and Combination

  • Binomial Theorem

  • Matrices and Determinants

  • Probability


  • Trigonometric Functions

  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions


  • Properties of Vectors

Differential Calculus  

  • Functions

  • Limits and Continuity

  • Derivatives

Integral Calculus

  • Integration

  • Application of Integration

  • Differential Equations

Analytical Geometry    

  • 3 Dimensional Geometry  

  • 2 Dimensional Geometry

Preparation Tips for Important Topics 

Mathematics is the simplest subject if once understood properly. All you have to do is to clear the concepts, understand the logic behind formulas and apply it while solving a problem. The more you practice, the more you become perfect.

Here are the topic-wise preparation tips for Math that will help you in JEE Advanced 2022 exams:


This section covers around 40% of the JEE Mathematics, so invest enough time. Algebra is considered one of the most interesting topics in JEE exam. Some of the major areas that students should cover are: 

  • Delve into Quadratic and Theory of Equations.

  • Understand the occurrence of symmetric sums in equations.

  • Learn the conversion of functions into graphs.

  • Master vertical and horizontal shifts, along with the transformation of equations.

  • Revise Complex Numbers, Binomial Theorem, Permutation and Combination, and Probability collectively.

  • Utilize complex numbers to solve coordinate geometry problems.

  • Apply De Moivre's theorem in trigonometric challenges.

  • In Probability and statistics, focus on learning theorems and their correct application.


Learn the important formulas. Create notes into four parts - Basic Formulae, Trigonometric Equations, Inverse And Solution of Triangles. Practice them as much as possible. Some of the essential areas of this section are trigonometric ratios and trigonometric functions. To clear the exam, students should have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of trigonometry.

Vector & Geometry

The questions in these sections are asked in different styles. It is vital to practice different types of questions to clear the topic.


It is the largest section of Math and is considered one of the important key topics for JEE Advanced 2024 preparation. It has two main sections - Differential and Integral Calculus along with the fundamental theorem of calculus. Students should be clear about the standard limits, differentiation formulae, and standard integration results. These are the most scoring topics. Just hone your skills in formulas and tricks. Learn theoretical requirements for Continuity and Differentiability as well as Definite Integration.

Coordinate Geometry

Another necessary constituent of the Math section in JEE Advanced 2022 is Coordinate Geometry. It is an easy and scorable section where you study shapes and curves on a graph. However, major topics that you need to cover in this section are Straight Line, hyperbola, parabola, ellipse, and circle. Most of the questions are asked using the topics of Straight Lines and Circles.

JEE Advanced Preparation Tips

JEE Advanced is difficult to crack, but with the right strategy, time management, and dedication, students can crack it in one go.

  • Take practice tests and work on sample papers; they help you see how well you're prepared.

  • Review your subjects regularly.

  • Cover the entire syllabus and make sure you understand everything. Avoid learning new things in the last week before the exam.

  • Create a study plan and stick to it.

  • Remember, managing your time well is crucial.


JEE Advanced 2024 stands as a pivotal gateway for aspirants seeking admission to prestigious IIT institutions. Eligibility for the exam is granted to those who qualify for JEE Main. Success demands a rigorous study routine and consistent revision. It's not just a test; it's an opportunity to secure a place in renowned IITs. Aspirants must recognise the gravity of their preparations, ensuring thorough understanding and frequent revisitation of topics. Striving for excellence in JEE Advanced 2024 opens doors to a promising academic journey, making diligent study habits and perseverance imperative for achieving success in this crucial examination.

FAQs on JEE Advanced 2024 Math Syllabus: Important Topics, Weightage & Preparation Tips

1. How many units are there in the JEE Advanced 2024 Math syllabus?

The JEE Advanced Math Syllabus 2024 contains these units - Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, and Vectors.

2.  Is the Math section easy in JEE Advanced?

For most students, it is a tricky section due to lots of calculations. To score well, students should practice as much as possible.

3. Is the class 11 syllabus important for JEE?

Class 11 syllabus acts like a foundation for JEE aspirants. It helps you crack JEE Advanced 2024.

4. What are the key topics in the JEE Advanced 2024 Math syllabus that I should focus on?

Concentrate on crucial topics like Algebra, Calculus, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, and Mathematical Reasoning. These hold significant weightage and are essential for a well-rounded preparation.

5. How can I effectively prepare for Math in JEE Advanced 2024?

Prioritise regular practice, solving sample problems, and revising fundamental concepts. Focus on mastering the high-weightage topics while incorporating a strategic study plan. Seek clarification for any doubts promptly and stay consistent with your preparation routine. 

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