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IIT Coaching for Droppers - Courses, Benefits and More

By GokulnathJune 21, 2023
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IIT JEE is an exam that demands time, attention, and dedication to crack, and not everyone can clear the test on the first go. It is only natural that many aspirants will fall under the droppers category in such an examination and that should not deter their motivation or ambition to walk it off and move forward in their desired path.

It must be kept in mind that most IITians are droppers and they bring excellent and valuable skills and results to the table if given the opportunity.

To get that one seat in top Engineering college, Vedantu has brought Aakrosh 1-Yr JEE (Main+Adv.) for Repeaters 2023-2024. Don't stop your preparation and access the best online course.

Click here to access one of the best courses for IIT JEE droppers in 2023. Read ahead to know more about droppers’ course and the benefits of it.
Details on IIT Coaching for Droppers - Keep Aiming and Achieving! Also Read: Know How Dropper Batch Can Start Preparing for IIT JEE

Dropper Course for JEE 2023

Vedantu’s dropper course for JEE 2023 is possibly the best immediate approach for aspirants who had less luck clearing the IIT JEE test. Enrolling in this course will definitely restart students’ preparation for the upcoming JEE exam with the required vigour and drive, with all the necessary materials needed to crack the test.

Things You Can Expect From This Course

The following are the features that you’ll be guaranteed in this dropper course for JEE 2023:

  • Classes by our top Master Teachers

  • Live Doubt-Solving by Class Teachers

  • Live Quizzes and Leaderboard

  • Most Exam-appropriate Test Series with Solutions

Do Droppers Get into IIT?

With the percentage of droppers in IIT ranging between 50% and 60%, it is only normal that most IITians will have been droppers at some point. Failing to clear a test in this huge game only breeds motivation and triggers aspirants to push themselves. The success rate of droppers in IIT JEE is pretty high. Droppers studying in coaching centres for a year after failing to crack the IIT JEE once show a rate greater than 60-70 per cent, which may seem shocking but is almost an absolute fact. This is generally because the level of preparation is high and the fear of a second failure is higher. However, there’s nothing to fear with Vedantu’s dropper course for JEE 2023. Our experts have taken it upon themselves to make sure all students get benefitted from this course and give their best performances in the upcoming tests, breaking records and securing high ranks in the exam to reach further heights.

So yes, droppers have a high chance of success after a full year’s preparation for IIT JEE and they can easily secure great scores and ranks after studying the appropriate materials and practising the test prep sets.


It is not always easy to gather the drive and inspiration needed to push past barriers in life and IIT JEE is a dream for many Science students in Classes 11 and 12. Therefore, aspirants should not let go of their wish to get enrolled in their dream colleges. Vedantu is here to help students out in chalking their exam plans and providing best-in-class study materials and expert guidance so that they may clear their upcoming exams with absolute ease.

It is our firm belief that students who will enrol in our repeaters’ course for IIT JEE 2023 will have a way higher chance of cracking the exam and getting admission to their desired universities. We hope the information provided here will shed some light on the vast possibilities that JEE droppers bring and the wonderful path ahead of them. We also hope that Vedantu’s IIT coaching for droppers will help them achieve their goals without complexities and barriers.

FAQs on IIT Coaching for Droppers - Courses, Benefits and More

1. Why should I take up the dropper course for IIT JEE 2023 by Vedantu?

Vedantu’s dropper course for JEE 2023 will help you achieve your dream scores in the upcoming JEE exam since the materials provided are top-class and the guidance you will get will be of paramount aid in cracking this test.

2. What are the best features of Vedantu’s dropper course for JEE 2023?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose our course to clear the next JEE exam. The following are the most prominent features displayed by Vedantu’s dropper course for IIT JEE:

  • Classes by our top Master Teachers

  • Live Doubt-Solving by Class Teachers

  • Live Quizzes and Leaderboard

  • Most Exam-appropriate Test Series with Solutions

3. What can I expect from the test series in Vedantu’s dropper course for JEE 2023?

Students will sit for the topic-wise test every two weeks and a phase test shall be conducted in the middle of the syllabus. After the completion of the syllabus, students will sit for 10 complete practice tests, clearing which will give them the confidence to sit for the actual test and they can expect to score great marks if their preparation and test results are on point.

4. Should droppers take another chance at IIT JEE?

Absolutely! Droppers are the ones who will make the best academicians and industry experts, with all the experience they will have gathered and the time they will have spent studying the course syllabus intricately. They will definitely have a better chance of clearing the test next time since they already have some experience with the original test and preparing for one full year, properly, will ensure great performance in the exam. It will be easier for droppers to secure better marks and ranks in the next exam, given they have completed the syllabus on time and have practised well.

5. Will study materials be provided for students in this dropper course?

Yes, all students will be provided PDF copies of expert-curated study materials in line with the syllabus. However, only Ai Live Plus and Live PRO students will get hard copies of these materials delivered to their addresses.   

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