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How To Start Preparing For IIT JEE From Class 10 + 2 Year Study Plan?

By Aparajita DasSeptember 26, 2020
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How Can I Start Preparing for my IIT from Class 10?

Competitive exams are an excellent method of challenging oneself and building a future of bigger and better opportunities. However, preparing for these competitive examinations might not be as easy as it may seem to be. It takes a constructive plan to turn dreams into reality. Now, when it comes to IIT JEE, one of the popular competitive exams held in India, for engineering, you need to prepare in the best way possible to stay ahead in the game and get a good ranking. It’s a common query “how to prepare for IIT JEE from class 10.” Several types of research have stated that over 11-12 lakh students register for this exam and aspire to enroll themselves in the best engineering colleges of the country. This clearly states that the competition is stiff and only allows thousands out of lakhs who qualify in the exam. 

Are you tense thinking “how can I start preparing for my IIT from class 10?” Worry not. Here’s a study plan to help you prepare for IIT JEE. 

How to start preparing for IIT JEE from class 10?

If you are wondering how to start preparing for IIT JEE from class 10, we will recommend you start your preparation from class 10. The exam pressure would seem inevitable to you. It could also be a ‘do or die’ situation for many. Most importantly, being in class 10 and preparing for JEE IIT can also be nerve-wracking, especially, because the syllabus is completely based on the syllabi of classes 11 and 12. However, there is no need to be too hard on yourself and rather concentrate on the approaches which would push you towards your goal. Once you are done with class 10 you can move ahead and start preparing yourself with the two-year study plan that has been mentioned below.

How to start and choose books for JEE preparation in Class 10th?

Regardless of how excited you are to prepare for JEE IIT, you should formulate a strategy of how to start and choose books for JEE preparation in Class 10th. Never start studying with books that are tough for your class. You can start by shortlisting the concepts which you find as important and mark them as a priority to practice. This will be your first step in answering how can I start preparing for my IIT from class 10. In the second step, you can find out question papers with common concepts and start practising them. Such concepts have a high probability of being repeated in the exam. Once you are done find out questions and concepts that are important. It is necessary that you also practice, related questions, and memorize the concepts appropriately. There are lots of great resources that you may find on the internet which will help you with a structured learning experience. However, you should also be careful to choose the online platforms and study resources that work the best for you. 

How to prepare for IIT JEE from class 10? 

In the first stage of how to prepare for IIT JEE from class 10, you must divide all the subjects based on your interest, and then further divide each part of the subject to study within a certain time frame. Once you set a particular time frame in which you complete a portion of a subject, then you would start gaining confidence and you would be easily halfway through your preparation. You should apply the same method of studying for all the subjects in the first year of the plan which is in class 11. 

Once you have been promoted, follow the same pattern of preparation in class 12. Always, start studying the subjects that you find difficult to deal with. In this way, you will be able to become more prepared which ultimately will improve your chances of qualifying in the IIT JEE.

FAQs on How To Start Preparing For IIT JEE From Class 10 + 2 Year Study Plan?

1. How will I prepare for JEE IIT without coaching?

Answer: If you are self-reliant and appreciate self-education or for that matter do not have the circumstances of receiving coaching for the preparation of JEE IIT, then you need not worry. All you require is a constructive plan and a whole bunch of efforts. Start by cracking the important concepts and understand the pattern of the question paper. Take the help of the best JEE books available both online and offline and finally, learn to manage time effectively.

2. What are the things to consider before IIT JEE preparation?

Answer: Even before the preparation, you need to understand the structure of the examination. The main paper is an objective type test which is conducted both online and offline. There are a total of 90 questions with 30 questions in each section. The complete exam is of 360 marks where each section carries 120 marks. Further, to crack JEE IIT, students must know, while preparing or finding common questions, that exam pattern changes every year. The questions are based on 11th and 12th syllabi with an advanced level of difficulty. 

3. How to crack IIT JEE?

Answer: If you are preparing for any subject or studying a particular theory then it is obvious that you would come up with several questions. If you do not have any question it may also be that you haven’t understood the concept clearly or do not tend to have a curious mind which might put you at the back of the race. To succeed, it is essential to question every concept, solve problems using multiple techniques, manage time effectively, and have a constructive revision plan. Go ahead and take chances in mock tests where you will be able to evaluate yourself. Lastly, do not choose the wrong reference book and make the preparation process difficult and confusing. Remember, our choices determine our future.

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