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How to Self-Study Maths for The JEE Mains And Advanced?

By Asmita KunduSeptember 23, 2020
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How Can I Crack JEE Through Self-Study?

With almost 10 lakh students appearing for the test every year, cracking JEE is not less of war within yourself that you must win. Gradually, the mode of preparation has made the students solely dependent on coaching classes and tuitions. However, they might not always be very affordable or might be a bit time-consuming for some. It is not always that you gain success in conventional ways. 

If you are asking yourself “how should I self-study Maths for the JEE Mains and Advanced” let us tell you- all you need is a bit of strategic approach and will power, and you can do wonders just through self-study. Mathematics is mainly practice. Once you get hold of the concept, all you need is to sharpen your skills by practising. 

Here is your answer to the question- “how should I self-study Maths for the JEE Mains and Advanced?”

IIT JEE Mains 5 Self-Study Tips

  1. Maintain a Timetable: You need to start this right from Class 11. Planned self-study is the only way you can cover the mammoth syllabus at the pace of coaching institutes. Although you are not joining one, you need to keep up with the other students to stand out in the competition. Just devote two hours of the day for Mathematics and you won’t get tensed asking yourself, “how can I crack JEE through self-study.”

  2. Know Your Exam Pattern: In order to make a full proof study plan, you need to know the importance of each topic and pattern of the JEE Mains and Advanced paper. You can look up into the website of the organizing body for correct information. While going through a topic, make it a habit of practising different patterns of problems i.e. single choice MCQs, multiple correct MCQs, matrix questions, integer answer type questions that you will find in your test.

  3. Procure Topic-Wise Books of Best Authors: To build a good grasp over concepts when you are aiming at self-study mathematics for IIT JEE Mains and Advanced, you need to have access to proper books to strengthen your core ideas and build your concepts.

In the initial days of learning new chapters, you must stick to the NCERT books. After you are clear with all the basics, you must switch over to other reference books. This will cover you up for your JEE Mains preparation. The leading online tutorial portals like Vedantu also have many useful study materials to offer you from time to time. A topic-wise study plan with the help of these resources can place you in a better position than any coaching centre would do with you. 

  1. Aim At Clearing Your Basics: Before moving onto the idea of solving unconventional problems, your query on ‘how should I self-study maths for the JEE Mains and Advanced’ is answered the day you master your basics. A good way to do that is to refer to theoretical books on mathematics. These books generally have all the formulae and theorems derived from the roots in order to clarify your basic concepts on a topic. It is just how a teacher explains the origin of a formula to a student. Once you are clear with the ideas, try to implement them on problems from books for JEE Advanced of higher difficulty level. The problems require huge concept and application skills. This will let you know whether you are thorough with the basics.

  2. Make Notes And Formulae Logbook: Just like you would do in any coaching class, keep a note of every important point covered in a chapter. Make it crisp and to the point. Also, maintain a formulae notebook. These will help you during quick revision before appearing for mock tests or revising for the final day.

  3. Self-Evaluate Yourself: As you gradually finish each topic, analyze your strengths and weaknesses by solving previous year papers. Jot down your progress and compare them to keep a record of your preparation. Once you are through with the complete syllabus, appear for as many mock tests as you can. Stick to the time allotted. This will not only help you build confidence, but also teach you time management. 

In Addition to The Above IIT JEE Mains 5 Self-Study Tips, Here Are Two More Tips for You

  • Take Online Help: There are many informative videos, test papers, mock tests, solutions and notes that are easily available for free over the internet. Make judicious use of technology for self-study. Do not forget to attend the last-minute live lesions conducted by the subject matter experts online. They have great suggestions to offer beyond just IIT JEE Mains 5 self-study tips. 

  • Be Your Own Mentor: Motivate yourself to stick to the timetable. Never give up because in self-study you are your own driving force. Do some yoga, sleep well, and have some constructive hobbies like painting, music etc.

Strong determination and perseverance have sent a man to the moon. This is just an exam. You just need to believe in yourself. 

So, did you get the answer to the question- how can I crack JEE through self-study? Now, get your arsenal stocked and start preparing. 

FAQs on How to Self-Study Maths for The JEE Mains And Advanced?

1. How to Know Your Shortcomings While Doing Maths Self-study For JEE Mains And Advanced?

Try to solve problems that have solutions. Once you are done solving the paper, look into the solutions and mark yourself, identifying your flaws.

2. Which Books Are The Best to Clarify Maths Basics?

You should always refer to NCERT Mathematics Class 11 and 12 textbooks to clear your basics in the subject.

3. How Will I Get Additional Help During JEE Mains Self-Study for Free?

You can get ample extra help from online resources during JEE Mains self-study. There are many videos and study materials that are available free of cost. You can also download free sample question papers online.

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